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read doc ´ Wide Sargasso Sea ☆ Paperback ✓ danpashley Ü ✭ [PDF] ✪ Wide Sargasso Sea By Jean Rhys ✺ – Wide Sargasso Sea a masterpiece of modern fiction was Jean Rhys’s return to the literary center stage She had a startling early career and was known for hXual relations that it can literally drive a woman out of her mindA new introduction by the award winning Edwidge Danticat author most recently of Claire of the Sea Light expresses the enduring importance of this work Drawing on her own Caribbean background she illuminates the setting’s impact on Rhys and her astonishing wo I've always been convinced I've read Jane Eyre I've even rated it here I also thought I had at some point in my life seen a film adaptation But the further I ventured into this retelling of Charlotte Bronte's novel the I found myself doubting the veracity of this assumption Finally I had to own up to never having read Jane Eyre This came as a bit of a shock as it always does when we discover we have invented a memory No doubt I once fibbed not wanting to embarrass myself as being poorly read and the fib became a monument a monument I've even garnished with four starred flowers And if you've never read Jane Eyre this novel is sometimes confusing It may even be confused It begins with Antoinette a young Creole girl whose family on her white father's side have a dubious history of slave holding Slavery has recently been abolished and there's much anger in the air The racism theme in this novel is for the most part artfully dramatised especially perhaps the close bond between racism and misogyny As if you can't have one without the other Women too can be misogynistic if they've been browbeaten and brainwashed Part one culminating with the eruption of the violence simmering throughout is all beautifully observed and compelling Then we begin part two and I found myself reading three pages which were going completely over my head I retraced my footsteps and found a footnote The note at the back of the book informed me the book was now being narrated by Antoinette's new husband Should a novel need this kind of note I recently watched a documentary about Rhys' editor and learned that the first part of this book was added afterwards at her suggestion Which means Rhys composed the novel in a completely different key And I'm afraid this shows I kept feeling Rhys didn't have full control over her material As if the new beginning had skewed and jarred what followed To my mind the editor should have gone further and told her to now write the entire novel from Antoinette's point of view The husband narrative never entirely convincing what baddie portrays himself as a baddie might have been interesting had Rhys sought to undermine Antoinette's truth with his truth created a battle of two unreliable narrators But he's a reliable narrator too reliable there essentially to establish facts It struck me as a laziness in Rhys that having changed the beginning she left what follows untouched And all the best bits of the husband's narrative are when he sounds exactly like Antoinette That Rhys eventually dumps him for part three and returns to Antoinette does make you wonder why he was ever there in the first place She also very clumsily adds a brief third voice in part three which confirmed to me that she gave far thought to crafting her sentences than she did to structure It would have demanded a refined artistry but my feeling was Rhys could have and should have channelled all the information we learn through the husband through Antoinette What redeems the architectural flaws is how well Rhys writes and how much of interest she has to say about her subject matter It's sad if this as the cover proclaims is her masterpiece because my feeling is she was than capable of writing a better novel The average rating for this is 358 and that's pretty much how I felt And I haven't read this three times as this site declares But I have now read it Jane Eyre will follow soon

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Wide Sargasso Sea a masterpiece of modern fiction was Jean Rhys’s return to the literary center stage She had a startling early career and was known for her extraordinary prose and haunting women characters With Wide Sargasso Sea her last and best selling novel she ingeniously brings into light one of fiction’s most fasci In short incoherent overpraised rubbish I have read my share of classics over the years Some of them were boring some outside the area of my interest but never had I come across one that was so dreadfully bad and at the same time so critically acclaimedI simply can't comprehend how this jumble of disjointed sentences can be seriously called a masterpiece The story was almost impossible to follow Had I not read Jane Eyre I'd be lost in this book completely The characters' motivations and even actions were hard to understand their personalities were non existent And apparently Bertha went mad because Rochester didn't give her enough loving and cheated on her with a servant girl once Awful beyond beliefReading challenge #27 1 of 2

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Wide Sargasso SeaNating characters the madwoman in the attic from Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre This mesmerizing work introduces us to Antoinette Cosway a sensual and protected young woman who is Wide Sargasso PDFEPUBsold into marriage to the prideful Mr Rochester Rhys portrays Cosway amidst a society so driven by hatred so skewed in its se 5 erratic ecstatic and hypnotic stars 4th Favorite Read of 2017 Tie This book is such a wonderful dark counterpoint to Jane Eyre I was inspired to write a poem rather than a review and I hope you enjoy itAntoinetteAntoinette by day Bertha by twilightThe white cockroach of CoulibriBold BeautifulMad and Fiery as HadesDaughter of slaveowner philanderer villainMired in mayombe and voodooand the saints of the dark godesseson the isle of JamaicaNineteen lovers or was it ninety nineNo mattersome are real but all are imaginedas her body was built for lustprimitive and yielding to whites and blacksRochester so refined and elegantnever to be hers but used againand again and again and againuntil her loins are as red as the flames she breathesOpium on the ship journey to misty EnglandLocked in an attic with alcoholic Gracecoming heart to heart with her nemesisso plain and fair is the little Jane EyreDamnation Anger Lust MadnessA fire to disfigure her one true loveRochester you bastard to hell I will send youMy name is Antoinette Bertha CoswayThe White Cockroach