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read epub ✓ The Viscount and the Vixen è Kindle Edition ↠ danpashley ☆ ➳ The Viscount and the Vixen Read ➻ Author Lorraine Heath – El vizconde Locksley había visto cómo se cumplía la premisa en el caso de su padre tras la muerte de su adorada esOdría resultar de lo más conveniente por supuesto siempre ue no se filtrara ningún sentimiento inconvenienteLa desesperación había empujado a Portia a acceder a casarse con un demente El acuerdo le ofrecería la protección ue necesitaba Al menos eso pensaba hasta ue el inuietantemente atractivo hijo del marués leyó la letra peueña del contrato ¡y decidió ocupar el lugar de su padreDe repente la tran The Viscount and the Vixen is the third book I've read by Lorraine Heath and I've said it once and I'll say it again Lorraine Heath is an automatic one click author for me her books are bundles of angst filled romance and once you start reading one you immediately become overcome with so many feels that by the time you're done you're just a puddle of emotion Speaking of puddles and emotions that exactly how I feel right nowPortia and Locksley's story is one shrouded in mystery on one hand you have Portia who is obviously hiding something and while it's somewhat obvious the details of her secret are what really got me as the reader Then there's Locksley once an adventurer but because of the unpredictability of his father's health and his finances he has decided to stay closer to home and play a active role in his families mine When Portia arrives on Locksley's doorstep ready to marry his father he is immediately weary of what his sees as a gold digging woman but something else that catches him unaware is his strong attraction to her while she seems completely unaffected Portia's plans are ruined when Locksley offers to marry her instead of his father but refusing is out of the uestion Her marriage to a lord guarantees the safety and security she so badly needs With her head nestled in the nook of his shoulder she relished the beat of his heart wondering if it were possible that he might unlock it just a little bit Ladies and gentleman Heath has proved that just because it's an historical romance does not mean the heroine is a virgin better yet even if she isn't a virgin does not mean that she has never had an orgasm Yes the myth has been shattered Please carry onPortia and Locksley's relationship literally blew up the pages apart from the scorching hot sex scenes the chemistry between them is what sold this couple for me Yes there were times I felt that the forgiveness came too easily and would've preferred grovelling but overall this story gripped me from the very start and I'm so happy that this isn't the end of the series Every time I think I can love you no than I do you say or do something that proves me wrong and I find myself loving a little deeply

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El vizconde Locksley había visto cómo se cumplía la premisa en el caso de su padre tras la muerte de su adorada esposa Pero cuando su progenitor decidió desposar a la cazafortunas de cabellos de fuego Portia Gadstone Locke se sintió obligado a tomar medidas drásticas para impedir ue esa mujer de impresionante belleza se aprovechara de su padre Y un matrimonio cuya única finalidad fuera el placer mutuo p I thought I could do this one because I enjoy Heath's writing but my personal dislike issues got in the way Not a fan of secret trying to pass off as hero's baby angst insta lust or first chapter starting off like this Leaning forward he dug his elbows into his thighs “I’m simply striving to determine why a woman as young and lovely as yourself would be willing to lie on her back so a man as shriveled as my father can slide on top of her”“Locke” his father bellowed “You’ve gone too far Get the hell out”“It’s uite all right my lord” she said calmly never taking her challenging gaze from Locke’s not flinching not blushing not so much as arching a thinly shaped eyebrow at him “I don’t see that your father’s preferred position for coupling is really any of your concern Perhaps he will take me standing while coming in at me from behind Or on my knees Or upside down But I assure you he will not be shriveled” Then she slowly lowered those damned whiskey eyes to his lap and he cursed his cock’s betrayal With startling detail images of him with her in all those positions had flown through his mind He’d grown so hard and aching that he couldn’t have gotten up and walked out if he wanted In a contemporary would love this heroine's response in historical just not what I am personally looking for

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The Viscount and the VixenUila y sobre todo segura unión ue Portia había planeado había sido transformada en otra rebosante de traviesas tentaciones y abierta a la posibilidad de ue le rompieran el corazón Porue a medida ue iba enamorándose de su endemoniadamente seductor marido sus oscuros secretos empezaron a aflorar amenazando con destrozarlos a ambos a no ser ue Locke fuera capaz de arriesgarlo todo y abrir su corazón al amor What a wonderful conclusion for HellionsPortia is such a good match for Locke He needed for somebody to shake him up To pull him by his hair from a depression that had accompanied him all his life And Portia was just perfect for that roleI loved how she lied but didn't lie completly Every lie had some truth in it Also sometime she didn't lie at all but said the truth in such way that Locke could interpret it however he wished and often wrongly LOLI loved how she and the Maruess were in synchrony It was almost uncanny Love their conversation And loved how Ms Heath extracted bit by bit information about his loved wife And also how that helped Locke understand better his father and his love of his wife and his suffering after loosing herLocke was a bit arrogant at the beginning but his love for his father endeared him to me What starts a a bad case of lust slowly becomes love It was masterfully done bit by bitI don't know if I want to read the Maruess' story I already know how it ends badly And I don't want to cry buckets from the very beginning