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Ebook Ò Taken Five Fates #2 240 pages ´ Amy mckinley ´ ❰EPUB❯ ✼ Taken (Five Fates #2) Author Amy McKinley – Danpashley.co.uk Forged through a childhood trauma and cursed by the Fates Layla vows never to be at another’s mercy With determination and training she evolves into a deadly weaponOme an unconscious tool for death and destruction threatening not only the gods but her familyEntrenched in clan turmoil Thaull’s life hangs at a precipice He’s faced with a condition known only to his kind the soul divide If not dealt with his soul will rip in half and he will turn into an unstoppable ice cold killing machine As he hunts the traitor within his I love Greek mythology and all the different versions this one in particular caught my eye right from the blurb I also want to say I think the cover is gorgeousThe only thing that I struggled with was the complexity of the storyline it was a brilliant plot brilliant story yet I would advise you to read the first book in the series which unfortunately I did not do Saying that I loved this book loved the characters and dived in head first reading thisIt took me a mere few hours to read as I was obsessed I was sad when the book ended I can not wait to read I will definitely go back and read book one of the series as I thoroughly enjoyed itI love that Taken is action packed filled with blood sweat tears and loveI love Layla and Thaull's story it's very well written kudos to Ms McKinley45 stars from me#2OCCAB

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Forged through a childhood trauma and cursed by the Fates Layla vows never to be at another’s mercy With determination and training she evolves into a deadly weapon and uiets her inner demons until the prophecy activates shattering her peace The gods who want her dead converge and the hunt to end her life truly begins The skills that Layla honed for protection bec Actual Rating 35Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for honest review Mythology meets modern paranormal romanceYep I hadn't read the first book so when I began reading Taken I was surprised to find some of the characters were well known mythological beings instead of made up ones It added a sort of nostalgic feeling for me since I read a lot of mythology in high schoolThis book is about Layla a tough blacksmith who prefers to be left alone Along with her sisters Layla has been cursed since birth and the prophecy shadowing her life is about to take effect no matter how hard she tries to fight itThaull though I'm not sure how to pronounce that name is living a similarly doomed life He is being consumed by darkness as his soul begins to slip away But he finds hope when fate shows him a vision of Layla He knows he must go to her but fears she may be his undoing if not his saviorThe characters are multi layered and there are a lot of them The story is also uite complex with different worlds and creatures inhabiting them I found myself having trouble keeping up This was my fault entirely as I have not read the first book of the series From reading other reviews I assumed this could be read as a stand alone or out of order Now I realize it wasn't the best ideaI became confused at times trying to understand who everyone was and what their roles were And I did have to re read a few scenes to really understand them especially when Thaull first visits Layla About half way through the book I began to enjoy it a bit My only real critiue is with the romance There is a lot of emphasis on the action the prophecies the secondary characters and descriptions of the locations etc I wanted on the romance side Even if the book is not centered around romance if there is going to be a romantic angle I think it should be done thoroughly Thaull and Layla's very first time together isn't even included It's skimmed over I would have liked to see one on one time with our couple to make their romance believable The ending however was pretty enjoyableIn closing This was a good read with a uniue storyline and very well thought out characters I am trying to decide if I should go back and read the first book before going forward It may save me some confusion in the long run 35 sunsFull review on blog

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Taken Five Fates #2Phantom Warrior clan he worsens A fragile thread of hope remains The love of a female freely given can save him Through a premonition of an alluring demigoddess he gambles his very existence in the chance she will be his salvation ‬‬‬‬She will go dark from her curse He will go numb from his To survive Layla must risk trusting another or become another‬‬ I thoroughly enjoyed Layla and Thaull's story It played nicely into the plot already established in the first book Hidden Can totally be read on it's own but the first book definitely enhances the experience I loved that Layla was tough and willing to fight for what she wanted but that she still struggles with fears left over from a childhood trauma It was also intriguing to see how the curse played out for Layla vs Jade from the first book I liked seeing how the two sisters differed Overall engaging story and I'm looking forward to reading the third book