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The Empress Reader º 402 pages ê Danpashley º ➵ [Reading] ➷ The Empress By Laura Martínez-Belli ➪ – It’s 1863 Napoleon III has installed a foreign monarch in Mexico to suash the current regime Maximilian von Habsburg of Austria accepts the emperor’s crown But it is his wife From the throne As Carlota grows increasingly maddeningly defenseless both her own fate and that of the empire are at stakeA sweeping historical novel of forbidden love dangerous secrets courtly intrigue and treachery The Empress passionately reimagines the tragic romance and ill fated reign of the most unforgettable royal couple of nineteenth century Europe during the last throes of the Second Empir I understand that historical accuracy and fiction are hard to combine especially when you’re trying to stick to a timeline and out thoughts into historical characters heads But this was boring I struggled to get through it When compared to books like Sisi that attempt to do the same it was a downright disappointment I feel like if the author had tried to bend the timelinescharacters a little outside their historical knowledge it A have been a much better book The thoughts and historical actions just didn’t like up The descriptions background and characters were all well written and overall it was enjoyable but it wasn’t entertaining unless you enjoy reading history textbooks It read like someone tried to shove a history textbook into a novel

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And decorating the palaceBut Carlota bears a guilty secret Trapped in a loveless marriage she’s thrown herself into a reckless affair Desire has blinded Carlota to its conseuences for it has left her vulnerable to her sole trusted confidante Carlota’s devious lady in waiting has political beliefs of her own and they are strong enough to cause her to betray the empress and join a plot to depose her The Empress is a story about a time of turbulence in Mexico and one of the solutions was to instate an European monarchy to give structure to Mexico and her citizens The novel follows several viewpoints from both European and Mexican civilians and royalty Martinex Belli did a wonderful job of laying down a detailed well researched base I felt like I could be in Mexico with all the characters and see the country side in my mind's eye While fiction the historical events were obviously well researched and kept as accurate as it could be It was very easy to start caring about the characters as they were all three dimensional with emotions conflict and growthOne little thing that bothered me was the jumping back and forth in the timeline It always took me a few pages to realize what was going on and which part of the timeline I was currently reading I can see why it was done that way to add to the suspense of the story line but even with that there were uestions that never really got answered in my opinion I think it could've easily been written as one solid timelineI would recommend it for any historical fiction reader It is during the Victorian reign of England and Leopold I of Belgium The majority of the story does take place in Mexico

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The Empress It’s 1863 Napoleon III has installed a foreign monarch in Mexico to suash the current regime Maximilian von Habsburg of Austria accepts the emperor’s crown But it is his wife the brilliant and ambitious Princess Charlotte who throws herself passionately into the role Known to the people as Empress Carlota she rules deftly from behind the scenes while her husband contents himself with philandering I am a huge fan of historical fiction so I was excited to read this one and it definitely didn't disappoint The Empress is a sweeping historical fiction based on the life of Carlota The Empress of Mexico Through this novel we we learn the history of Princess Charlotte of Belgium who marry's Maximilian von Habsburg the Archduke of Austriaat just 17 and how she becomes Carlota The EmpressNapolean III wants to instil a Monarchy in Mexico after taking control of the country and Maximilian is pushed to take up this post Charlotte is struggling in a loveless marriage and feeling isolated and frustrated and she believes the move to Mexico will be the the fresh start for herself and her husband With the ambitious Charlotte's encouragement Maximilian and Charlotte embark on the voyage to Mexico and are placed on the throne They would now be known as Maximilian and Carlota Emperor and Empress of MexicoLife in Mexico becomes a constant frustration for Carlota Her husband is constantly away dealing with trivial matters and rumours swirl that she is unable to bare children while her husband seems to prefer the company of menUnrest is swirling around them and Napolean III refuses to hear Carlota's pleas for help as it is she who is fighting to keep the monarchy alive in Mexico and trying to do what she believes is right for the Mexican people What follows is a tragic story of betrayal by those closed to the Empress We feel this amazingly strong and resilient woman lose her grip on reality as those around her seek to destroy her and all that she holds dearThe author does a spectacular job of entwining historical facts and timelines into the story and whilst at times I got a little confused by so many different characters appearing throughout the story this was from my own lack of knowledge of this period in timeI thoroughly enjoyed this book and it has left me wanting to learn about The Empress Carlota and her life