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PDF Ý BOOK Calm Before the Storm ↠ DANPASHLEY õ ➽ [Reading] ➿ Calm Before the Storm: Desert Storm Diaries & Other Stories By Marlin Fitzwater ➲ – Danpashley.co.uk Calm Before the Storm Desert Storm Diaries and Other Stories In August 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and President George HW Bush'Or making monumental decisions as well as a snapshot of his own personal experience in the White House Fitzwater was a member of the nine person group including the Vice President and Secretaries of State and Defense who met with the President almost daily to plan and direct the War The book in fact begins at his family's farm and takes us on Fitzwater's journey to the White House brilliantly painting a picture of what helped produce his rich powers of observation and storytelling Anecdotes connected to other historic events and figures that resonated strongly with the author complement the overall themes and message of the book and include Barbara Bush Boris Yeltsin Margaret Thatcher the Panama invasion Lech Walesa Mikhail Gorbachev the hostages in the Middle East the infamous no new taxes and muchReflections on President Reagan's penchant for practical jokes Sophia Loren popping into Fitzwater's office to say hello his first encounter with Barbara Bush the horse's ass tiepin worn during a press Conference fashion emergencies Nancy Reagan's grace and so many other engaging stories will leave readers wishing forandDedicated to the memory of George and Ba

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Calm Before the Storm Desert Storm Diaries and Other Stories In August 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and President George HW Bush's press secretary started a diary That compilation of private notes memos and briefings from the Persian Gulf Crisis to the resulting Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm serve as the backdrop of a story that is as much about presidential leadership and American principles as it is about those pivotal moments in history Marlin Fitzwater is one of the longest serving White House press secretaries serving under both Presidents HW Bush and Ronald Reagan for ten years 1983 93 His front row seat to some of America's most defining moments provides an intimate look at what transpired inside the White House in the wake of Saddam Hussein's audacious moves to control a portion of the world's oil reserves and substantial coastline on the Persian Gulf Fitzwater's diary entries give a play by play of the events from the press briefings to deployment of troops all interspersed with personal accounts of his interactions with President Bush and world leaders offering insight to the states of mind of the powerful people responsible f

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Calm Before the Storm Desert Storm Diaries & Other StoriesRbara Bush the book closes with a series of remembrances of President Bush written by some of his National Security staff and other senior officers all of whom expressed their thoughts and feelings through short essays The memoir is sure to leave readers feeling a renewed sense of patriotism as well as a keen respect for those who bear the weight of upholding the American dream The contrasts between today's press briefings and communication with media as well as overall public discourse as compared to Fitzwater's time in the White House are stark and are sure to make people sit back and wonder how the staggering changes evolved News correspondents other former press secretaries senior White House officials and historians have lauded the book The foreword is provided by Kenneth T Walsh White House news correspondent and historian Fitzwater has many published works and private releases to his credit He was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal in 1992 and is the founder of Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge New Hampshire He and his wife Melinda have two adult children and live in Maryland on the Chesapeake B