The Interlinear Bible: Hebrew-Greek-English (English Hebrew and Greek Edition) review Ê 4

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The Interlinear Bible Hebrew Greek English English Hebrew and Greek EditionEntire four volume set in one volumeThis is the ONLY Bible that includes the complete Hebrew and Greek texts with a direct English translation below each word It also includes The Literal Translation of the Bible in the outside column so you can easily read through the Bible Strong's numbers are printed directly above the Hebrew and Greek words so you don't need prior knowledge of Greek or Hebrew to dig even deeper into Scripture and its meaningMost Bibles Don't Show The Interlinear PDFEPUB or ALL the Hebrew and Greek KeywordsImagine Having One that DoesKeyword Study Bibles are greatbut most only show some select keywords This is the only Bible that goes through ALL the wordsshowing the Old Testament Hebrew New Testament Greek and the English translation side by sideuickly see which Hebrew or Greek word is used in EACH verseat a glance This is a must have Bible an. Jay P Green comes through AGAIN I say again because he also translated his own full Bible version The Literal Translation of the Bible the LTV in what should be described with splendid and stunning verbal fireworks of accoladesThe only drawbacks that I can find so far are that the print is VERY small yet the book is huge and it literally pun weighs a few pounds It could not be done any other way than this unless it was broken up into volumes which would increase their printing costs and shelf space needed to hold this precious resource If it is needed by you grabbing a magnifying glass to read this is WELL WORTH the slight hassleNonetheless the obvious and tedious long and many hours of work put into this Bible stand out phenomenally The uality that this tool provides is due full well deserves ten stars out of five if that were possible because this is a work of etymological brillianceThis is already one of my MOST FAVORITE Bible study aides because I used to have an LTV but I passed on to my daughter So I KNOW that this Bible will grow and on me I've already got another copy coming in the mail that I am going to give to my pastor to aide him in his weekly sermon and personal Bible studiesThe way that the LITERAL TRANSLATION reads is amazingAs far as the Greek translation the wording is even left in it's original order which sets it TRUE to the mark of being LITERAL Therefore in my opinion Jay P Green will have NO WORRIES when he faces God Almighty about how that he expressl translated and had put into print God's Holy Word because J P Green kept it pure and therefore TRUEOne can't go wrong with this purchase if they are getting it for themself or for someone else that GETS INTO THE MEAT OF THE WORD and desires to hold and SEE The Holy Word of God Jehovah written out in fully accurate truthThis Bible is NOT for those newly accepted into Christ's body not by a lonnnnnnnnng shot It is DEFINITELY for a seasoned student in God's Word2 Timothy 215Word for word translated from the Greek states thisthose hearing Earnestly study yourself approved to show to God a workman unashamed rightly dividing the wordverse 16 of truth Then verse 16 continuesPlease see the highlighted text in photoThen Green's Literal Translation Version LTV of the Bible translates it out as this2 Timothy 215Earnestly study to show yourself approved to God a workman unashamed rightly dividing the Word of TruthAll together1 I'd buy it again if I gave this one away2 It is an awesome copy of God's divinely inspired and thus Holy Word of the Truth that sets us free3 Once you get it you'll have a hard time putting it back down after you hold it Lovingly and tightly and when you have it opened up and are reading it Trust me brothersister in Christ or non believer I'm speaking from experience; I crave and need time alone with God and this His tool

review The Interlinear Bible: Hebrew-Greek-English (English, Hebrew and Greek Edition)

The Interlinear Bible: Hebrew-Greek-English (English, Hebrew and Greek Edition) review Ê 4 ¶ ❮KINDLE❯ ✽ The Interlinear Bible: Hebrew-Greek-English (English, Hebrew and Greek Edition) Author Join or create book clubs – Entire four volume set in oneD study tool Use it as your primary translation or along side other translations to dig deeperEnjoy Having These Key Features at Your FingertipsThe majority of believers including pastors are unable to read biblical Hebrew and Greek But that no longer means you can't enjoy the Bible in its original languages This easy to use Bible does the first step of a word study for you saving you time and making it easier to read through the Bible Enjoy having these features at your fingertipsSide by Side TranslationsConveniently includes the entire Hebrew and Greek texts and English translation of the Bible in one place Easy to understandYou don't need to know Greek or Hebrew to read this Bible The English and literal translations are included Plus each word is already keyed to the Exhaustive Strong's Concordance so you can dig deeper into each word's meaning AccurateIt inclu. Love it I bought a small magnifying glass EasY Magnifier Pocket Magnifying Glass knowing the print was small from the reviews I was actually expecting the text would be smaller from reading the reviews so I'm happier that it was bigger The book was smaller and lighter than I imagined I was delighted with this Some of the Hebrew text is too close together and with this you could easily get messed up with some of the English translation beneath the Hebrew text But to correct this you have the side bar English translation and the strong's co ordinance number You could get interlinear bibles on the web but if you want a KJV interlinear as a single book this is the oneTo anyone out there wondering this is the full translation of the bible Old and New Testament not Volume 1 of 4 When I ordered I got the full bible version anyway

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Des a concise literal translation of each Greek and Hebrew word it's a great jumping off point for in depth Bible study It even includes extra study resources such as Christ in the Old Testament Easy to UseThis Bible used to only be available in separate volumes making it hard to carry with you But this version combines ALL volumes into one easy to use Bible Please Note Due to the amount of information covered this Bible's font size is slightly smaller than the average Bible but is definitely still readable pts Any larger font would reuire multiple volumesSee the Bible's Original Languages and Their Translation Side by Side The translation is shown IN LINE which means you don't lose your place by having to look at footnotes flipping to the back of your Bible or consulting another resource You can see the original language and its translation side by side in ONE Bib. Would get 5 star but does not have Hebrew and Greek phonetics Also calls YHWH ‘Jehovah’ which is a made up name of God It goes part way to getting accuarate but doesn’t go far enough for me It still also translates Shalom as ‘peace’ which is a very incorrect translation In Hebrew the word ‘prosperity’ is closer and peace is only a small aspect of Shalom