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Free The Chemist kindle Þ eBook » Stephenie Meyer à ➿ The Chemist Free ➶ Author Stephenie Meyer – In this gripping page turner an ex agent on the run from her former employers must take onecase to clear her name and save her life The brand new thriller from international number In this gripping page turner an ex agent on the run from her former employers must take onecase to clear her name and save her life The brand new thriller from international number one bestseller Stephenie MeyerShe used to work for the US government but very few people ever knew that An expert in her field she was one of the darkest secrets of an agency so clandestine it doesn't even have a name And when they decided she was a liability they came for her witho A woman with multiple identities is constantly on the run from a government organisation she used to work for until she knew too much and exhausted her usefulness Now they want to kill her and the only way she might be able to escape such a fate is to fulfil one last assignment to help stop a biological weapon causing mass murderSo the premise is good great actually even if the blurb and sometimes the writing is heavily dramatic But for some reason I just found it all a bit too much It's difficult to connect with a character with multiple identities but particularly when the narrative isn't even told entirely from their perspective I just didn't connect with the main character she could have been so much edgier and interesting but she soon becomes super boring when she is too stupid to see an obvious game changer For example why might the perpetrator deny they are guilty even though they look exactly like the guy responsible? What's the simplest explanation? Because what you're thinking right now that's probably it A missed opportunity to really play with creative plot twists but also just boring for the reader and silly when the main character claims to be the best at figuring out these kinds of things but is interested in making eyes at the guy she believes to be a future mass murdererBut so than that I found it hard to even connect with the plot from the very beginning Everything happens very uickly particularly the romance that soon blossoms and the twists aren't very twisty even someone who isn't too familiar with this sort of genre would have seen what was coming a mile offA predictable instalove story with flat characters particularly the love interest who hasn't even got an instinct for self preservation on his side because he's so gooey eyed over a woman who just kidnapped him So despite some good ideas initially sadly too far fetched and full of irrational characters for me to enjoy

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The threat head on she prepares for the toughest fight of her life but finds herself falling for a man who can only complicate her likelihood of survival As she sees her choices being rapidly whittled down she must apply her uniue talents in ways she never dreamed ofIn this tautly plotted novel Stephenie Meyer creates a fierce and fascinating new heroine with a very specialised skill set And she shows once again why she's one of the world's bestselling author I am a Stephanie Meyer fan in particular The Host which I have read around 8 times and never tire of I have read the vampire trilogy and then this book 'The Chemist' but would not revisit them in the same way All of the books offer such detail and such different topics that when watching films add to the experience and deeper understanding of what you are watching On this occasion I felt the topic dealt with by other authors as concise and gritty did not necessarily benefit from the level of description I loved the overall story though and the ending there were so many levels of action and emotion I am certain that this would make a good film I look forward to the next Stephanie Meyer with anticipation

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The ChemistUt warningNow she rarely stays in the same place or uses the same name for long They've killed the only other person she trusted but something she knows still poses a threat They want her dead and soonWhen her former handler offers her a way out she realises it's her only chance to erase the giant target on her back But it means taking one last job for her ex employers To her horror the information she acuires makes her situation evendangerousResolving to meet I'm pleased that I hadn't read any reviews prior to starting this as they may well have put me off and robbed me of the chance to read this awesome book I was gripped from beginning to the end I find Meyer a hugely talented author and she writes every bit as well on standalone novels as she did with the Twilight series The characters were well developed and the plot twisted and turned to a brilliant ending I thought the Epilogue was a great conclusionI wondered if it was an extract of another book to begin with This clearly is not the novel for everyone but it's the full five stars from me