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Italic Handwriting Series Book A reader ñ read ☆ barbara getty Å [Read] ➲ Italic Handwriting Series Book A By Barbara Getty – This is the first of a seven book series K 6th grade providing instruction in italic handwriting It is designed for the beginning student of haThis is the first of a seven book series K 6th grade providing instruction in italic handwriting It is designed for the beginning student of handwriting and is recommended for preschool kindergarten andor early first grade The twenty six lowercase letters and the twenty six capitals are introduced one letter per page Letters are arranged in the order of lowercase families Italic handwriting is the most traditional style still in use Originally developed in Italy in the 1500s to be an extremely clear easy to read and write style it spread and became a dominant form of handwriting until the 1700s when the simple clear style was rejected in favor of elaborate almost Rococo styles that emphasized elegance over communication and legibilityThe difficulty in reading documents written in the various loopy cursives as they are commonly called was a problem from the beginning and later systems trying to correct the problem by introducing new ball and stick prints and simplifying the loops did little to helpFortunately italic has been rediscovered It is the style most commonly taught in adult handwriting remediation programs in hospitals for instance where messy handwriting can kill and it has many advantages over the self consciously ornate loopy cursivesFirst it is built upon natural hand motions No ball and stick that at the best of times looks juvenile and is exceedingly slow and is usually badly distorted at higher speeds No loops flying in ever direction distorting the shapes of the words Instead the entire system is based upon a few very simple stroke patterns which are combined to form well shaped and highly legible letter Second learning cursive is simply a matter of joining the letter shapes already learned in standard ways No spending a year or two of painful memorization and then readjustment The result is a handwriting style that is easy to learn and easy to read and that looks adult Why would you teach your child a style of handwriting that looks immature when it is done right because it is so unweildy that no mature writer retains it?The Getty Dubay Italic series has neatly packaged an italic handwriting style in a way that is very easy to teach and learn They present the letters in a logical order and provide many tips and pieces of advice broken down in a sensible fashion along the way Rather than spending hours and hours teaching them a style of handwriting that will likely than not result in a mess and then RETEACHING them again when it comes time to switch to cursive teach them beautiful clear handwriting from the start and use the extra time teaching typing or something worth whileThere is no Getty Dubay font that I know of but there are two freeware italic fonts Jarman and Jardotty Search for them on the web they are available in several places I believe that there are two letters that are formed slightly differently than in the Getty Dubay style

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Y begin anywhere in the series even though they have never before learned italic Each book begins with a comprehensive review for that particular level For example if a child is in the 4th grade and can write at that grade level they can begin with Book E without having to work through any of the previous books adding to the versatility and cost effectiveness of this seri I got the 4th edition even though I bought the one advertised for 3rd edition I'm wondering what is the difference between the 3rd and 4th edition? The binding is on the top of the 4th edition Can somebody tell me if it's the same with previous editions? Overall the book looks great no complaints It just has me wondering about previous editions

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Italic Handwriting Series Book AWhich group letters with similar strokes together and progress logically from simple tocomplex forms Every page has models to trace letters to write beginning at the dot indicators provided and in the blank spaces with a best letter box to complete on each alphabet page showcasing the child's best work for that particular letter The books were designed so that a child ma My 5 year old has been writing words for some time but has not had any formal instruction until recently He really enjoys these lessons The letters are grouped together by how the letters are formed instead of alphabetically it has made learning to write an enjoyable experience for him I really like the one stroke method it will make it much easier for him to learn cursiveThe book itself does not stay open well but I took it to Staples to have it spiral bound I do think the letter 't' is formed a little strange it is written with the curve at the bottom as a type written 't' is written Although I do think the Getty Dubay italics is a wonderful way to learn to print you may want to look ahead at what this style of cursive looks like it is distinctive and not what one typically thinks of as cursive I do think it would be easy to use a different style of cursive later on though