mobi á How to Use Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4

mobi How to Use Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4

mobi á How to Use Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4 å [Reading] ➹ How to Use Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4 By Lon Coley – How to Use Dreamweaver and Fireworks visually shows Web designers how to use Macromedia's Dreamweaver and Fireworks to create sophisticated well designed Web pages The book's full colEginning concepts toadvanced techniues for experienced designers Dreamweaver and Fireworks can be somewhat intimidating for the beginning user b This book has many shortcomings but I liked it anyway You'll be exposed to situations that force you to create objects such as graphics animations and forms This is both a blessing and a curse For example the author said go online and locate a graphic to demonstrate an animatedgif So I went on CNET and located and downloaded an American flag furling in the wind Kind of tacky if you ask me There were no real projects something I believe the book desperately needed but some of the techniues the author had me develop were a fair substitute I liked being forced to think It forced me to learn how to use the product Also the extensive use of screen captures sometimes made up for the terse instructions This is a real advantage For example I went through the Dreamweaver 4 Hands On Training book; that book didn't reuire much thinking just following the instructions so I didn't feel as involved and didn't feel as if I'd learned as much One omission that the author repeated was to gloss over the Export Preview Image Optimizer; its a moderately complex dialog box and I wish he would've explained how to use it Instead he just said When you are happy with the settings click the Export button to continue He left optimization for the last eleven pages of the book He occasionally fails to mention little things that you have to do to get his techniues to work I sorely needed a sample file on Part 21 Task 3; the author called for a map of a country to render as a imagemap I spent hours on CNETCOM to no avail I found lots of maps but none to download for free This is one of many circumstances where he should've supplied graphics After all how can you teach how to use a graphics program without any graphics? Also in two places the author referred to commands in Fireworks that didn't exist In the second Copy HTML Code he claimed a wizard opens that will guide you through exporting the image files to a specified location and copying the HTML code into the Clipboard Sorry no such luck in my version folksOverall you'll learn in the Fireworks portion of the book than you will in the Dreamweaver portion Finally I must say that I was glad to finish this book and I mean that in a positive sense I don't find it easy to go through a book when I have to both read and follow directions When I'm just mindlessly following directions or blandly reading text I can go through a large book but I don't learn much But when you have to follow exercises and think and find assets and learn a 350 page book is pretty big Nevertheless I have ordered the Macromedia Dreamweaver Fireworks Workshop It covers material this book doesn't cover Overall I give this book 25 stars; it covers both Dreamweaver and Fireworks superficially The lack of projects and assets detracts from its value The author is a good writer and knows how to create projects I suspect the editor's restrictions made the book worse than the author could've written it

Lon Coley ð How to Use Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4 book

Designed Web pages The book's full color two page spreads illustrate and clearly explain each Dreamweaver and Fireworks task from entry level b As a professional web developer the commodity I have least of is time Besides fulltime work on our site I also have to keep up with learning the never ending parade of new technologies This book while simple enough for beginners offers a uick and thorough overview of DW4FW4 Personally I found this a great resource for discovering all the new features in version 4 in a speedy way Admittedly one of the big books will be needed for reference on the finer points and for the inevitable troubleshooting

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How to Use Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4How to Use Dreamweaver and Fireworks visually shows Web designers how to use Macromedia's Dreamweaver and Fireworks to create sophisticated well I found Mr Coley's book good for a uick read but there were several important areas that really annoyed meFirst the goodDid a nice job of hitting on the key areas of Dreamweaver FireworksNow the bad1There was no common thread ie no project to tie everything together It's all presented in disjointed bits and pieces2 Sometimes a later topic tasks as Coley refers to them builds upon an ealier Task that he assumes the reader has saved But he does not tell the reader that they should save them for later3 Does a very poor job explaining the important Dreamweaver Layers conceptlayers layout cells layout tables Does not tie them together or clearly explain how the user should or should not use all three of these elements together in the designing of a webpageThis book badly needs to have an underlying webpage project in it so that the author can use it to tie all the important elements together