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READ & DOWNLOAD ¾ An Underachiever's Diary â [Download] ➼ An Underachiever's Diary Author Benjamin Anastas – Meet William a devout underachiever He enters life as the firstborn of identical twin boys It is the last time he will beat his overachieving brother Clive or anyone else for that matter at anything T Or An Underachiever's PDFEPUB or self defeat At once corrosively funny and surprisingly tender An Underachiever’s Diary is a classic tale of perverse perseverance. Darkly funny almost sour

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Meet William a devout underachiever He enters life as the firstborn of identical twin boys It is the last time he will beat his overachieving brother Clive or anyon. I bought this because I was interested in reading Anastas's recent memoir Too Good to Be True but I thought that before reading his personal story I should take the time read his most famous novel Wow am I sorry I did A narrator who's even loathsome than he's clearly intended to be—misogynist judgmental dull A relentlessly one note droning monologue The other characters sketchily drawn—which is a shame because they all seem interesting than the narrator I tried approaching this in a couple of ways First I tried to see the narrator as an emblem of Generation X the supposed slacker generation Yet if slackers really did exist and were not just a media creation I think they felt as they did because they thought the world had failed their ideals This narrator doesn't have any ideals except for always wanting to be with a beautiful woman even as he wanders around unshoweredThen I tried to tell myself that such a listless narrative is exactly what an underachiever would write but honestly an actual underachiever probably wouldn't bother to write down his story anyway so that didn't work It certainly didn't make the book any less excruciatingAt a certain point the narrator tries to write an academic article that explores underachievers and an excerpt of this article is included This is clearly the author's attempt to explain why the narrator and the narrative are the way they are It's interesting in a way but none of it comes through in the actual character or narrative so ultimately it's both clumsy and futilePerhaps the uestion is whether we can care about a narrator enough to read an entire book about him when he gives us no actual reason to care about him The answer is we can probably make it through 144 pages but no than that and even that will make us resentful

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An Underachiever's DiaryE else for that matter at anything This is William’s manifesto for the underachiever It is the chronicle of a lifetime of failure–part diary and part handbook f. I'm stuck between three and four stars on this oneThe case for three It's nothing really mind blowing and the character isn't really someone you would want to hang around with It's also odd in that were it true it would seem bragging about one's faults It's not true however so it almost seems like projecting some sort of angry motive into laze Or none of these thingswhich is the case for four starsI can't really figure out how I feel about the book Things are very blurred together and even the second part of my nearly bulleted thoughts on the matter have failed If you're confusedit must be good