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Free download à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¶ Melissa Jagears On Firebrook claims to be a changed man Chance at Forever PDFEPUB #192 Can he earn Mercy's trust and her support for the challenges to come. Bullying is a horrible practice that leaves unfathomable conseuences especially in regards to trust and self acceptance What can be most heartbreaking is that it may come from those who should be unconditionally at your sideMercy McClain knows the many sides of bullying being from someone close or from another kid This other was George Firebrook someone she thought she'd never had to see again and be reminded of all her limitations But as I said bullying isn't just a rebellious child practice and Mercy is still reminded of her limitations and dependency even without George in her life The balm to her soul is that she has a job she is crazy for a job through which she can make a difference and be a support to the fatherlessUntil Aaron Firebrook steps in her life again He might have changed his name still Mercy feels warry to trust him and destined to prove there's still a tormentor inside him As other stories are uncovered Mercy has to decide where the truth stands and conseuently where she stands who she'll protectWhen both find in each other the support to take care of an orphanage and children who desperately need role models will prejudice continue to be in the way of the possibility of a stronger bond Will pride endanger the discovery of a love never failing never judging always accepting always caringUnwavering trust and hope might be difficult to be born in a heart that has been hurt But the obvious love pouring out might be enough to build bridges and atone for the pastEnough to believe in a chance at foreverMelissa Jagears's ingenious characters have left me dumbfounded in each book of this series It has challenged me as well as entertained me I'm really sorry to say goodbye to these characters but I'm just happy they've been written Though I can definitely see a spin off coming out ; I received an advanced copy from the publisher All thoughts are my own

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review A Chance at Forever Teaville Moral Society #3 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À [KINDLE] ❦ A Chance at Forever Teaville Moral Society #3 ➚ Melissa Jagears – Mercy McClain joined the school board to protect the children of Teaville Kansas from the bully Mercy McClain joined the school board at Forever Kindle #216 to protect the children of Teaville Kansas from the bullying she experienced a. A great third installment of the wonderful Teaville Moral Society series that did not fail to captivate meI absolutely loved the opening chapterthere is something unexpectedly endearing about a former bully who finds himself attracted to a woman he used to torment mercilessly as a child It's a twist on the typical redeemed rake trope I have a penchant for and worked wonderfully well in this book And also a heroine who finds herself falling for her worst enemyswoonThe romance in this book highly HIGHLY APPROVED I was incredibly impressed at how swiftly and efficiently Jagears handled Mercy's growing attraction to Aaron and Aaron's tender emotions for Mercy Given the nature of the romance there was the danger that feelings would come out of the blue or that things wouldn't make sense but it was superbly well done easy to follow and feelings progressed naturally and weren't developed overnight which is a big pet peeve of mine in romances As usual it was a pleasure to journey back to Teaville and follow the inhabitants about their business meeting familiar and beloved characters from the previous two books such as the Lowes and the Wiselys as well as plenty of new faces I for one was HIGHLY pleased with the side romances and am so glad that Caroline the prim and serious housekeeper also got a taste of happily ever after 😉 Following the serious tones of the two previous novels in the series A Chance at Forever deals with mature subjects and explores subjects substantial than mere fluffy romance as well as delving into the lives of characters in the early twentieth century who do than wearing pretty things and gossiping at sewing circles I highly admire Jagear’s way of crafting a fun and engaging book that manages to leave you with a good impression of having wisely invested your time in reading it; it’s not an empty read it challenges you and makes you think I love that Where the book looses points resides in its predictability and repetitiveness especially in the latter half; a denouement which felt flat after the possibility of exciting suspense as well as the habit of writing the narrative using a lot of uestions Where would she go What did she do Why was she there Would she come back For some reason I found it very irritating and hadn’t noticed it at all in the two previous novels Not a deal breaker in an otherwise highly commendable book but it was annoying Other than that I really enjoyed this third installment of the Teaville Moral Society series and would like to sincerely thank the author and NetGalley for a chance to read and review this book – I apologize once again for the late review

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A Chance at Forever Teaville Moral Society #3S a child When the worst A Chance Kindle offender from her school days applies for a teaching position she is dead set against it Yet Aar. Two good mostly uninterrupted afternoons of reading and this book was finished  Obviously it was a pretty fast read for me ;I was a bit disappointed in the first book A Heart Most Certain in this series not because it was bad or anything it was pretty good but because I was unable to connect with any of the characters and I will admit that had me a bit worried going into this book  However I ended up really enjoying this one and flying right through it at near record speedsThese characters felt much relatable and I even liked the characters from the first book better in this one  It sounds terrible to say this but I actually really loved that the main character is missing her hand  See what I mean That's such a horrible thing to say right   And yet it's still true  I'm pretty certain that the only books I've read where a character was missing a limb were cases of soldiers having been injured in battle so this a girl being born without part of her limb and having to grow up suffering through the teasing bullying etc as a result was a new and uite interesting perspective especially I think for a historical fiction book  It's not something that you typically see and I though it was very well writtenI feel like I really can't say enough about these characters  Mercy is a beautiful realistic totally relatable mess of kindness and compassion and bitterness and unforgiveness She really made me consider my own actions toward certain people how I can have kindness and compassion toward some but what about when I am confronted by those who have hurt me  Do I express that same spirit toward them or do I stubbornly harbor those hard feelings that most people would never even realize I have  Food for much thought right there let me tell yaAnd Aaron Sweet hurting repentant Aaron  He is such a different person now than he was when Mercy knew him as a child  God has worked such a transformation in his life and it shows in every way  Oh I cried over this man I have no shame in admitting that  Seeing how badly he desired forgiveness for all the hurt he had caused years ago the lengths to which he went to show others how sorry he was for what he had done and seeing how he wanted to be a different better man and wanted to use his past and his present to impact others like his younger self and show them God through his own life  How could a reader not love this characterIn the end I was left with some uestions and felt that some of the secondary characters' stories didn't end in uite as satisfying a way as I would have liked but that is a bit of reality that should be expected  Overall this book is one I am glad to have read and one that I will likely read again  The pain the struggles and the ultimate forgiveness and growth of these characters makes this the type of story that resonates in hearts and minds lingering long after the final page has been read I received a free copy of this book from the publisher I was not reuired to write a positive review all opinions expressed are my own