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Wings Author Karl Friedrich Mobi Ë 291 pages Download ´ [Ebook] ➥ Wings By Karl Friedrich – Based on the true World War II stories of America’s first female military pilots this historic novel follows the story of a young woman from a dirt poor farm family Sally Ketchum has little chance o BIn a freak accident Sally must make her own way in the world She enrolls in the US military’s Women Airforce Service Pilots WASP program at a special school known as Avenger where she learns to fly the biggest fastest meanest planes She also reluctantly becomes involved with Beau Bayard a flight instructor and aspir Sally snatched the sheet from Dixie's fingers Typed boldly across the top were the words An Overview Of Facts For Personnel Considering Entering WASP Training Her mouth turned dry By mid page her tongue had become cottontrain in military aircraftthe same number of training hours as male pilotslearn navigation and instrument flyingstation at a military airfield following graduationfly bombersor pursuit aircraft to wherever ordered within the contiguous United Statesbase pay of one hundred and fifty dollars per month during trainingDixie grabbed the papers back Didn't you get one like this? She stuffed the papers protectively into her purseSally shook her head I guess they forgot to put it in the envelopeBoth were well on their way to begin training in the WASP program the US military's Women's Airforce Service Pilots program At the special school known as Avenger they will learn to fly PT 19's BT 13's and AT 6's The program come from Jacueline Cochran director of the Women Airforce Service Pilots and the women that received invitations to join would train in Sweetwater for a period of six months to ualify as a WASP ferry pilot to deliver airplanes to bases all over the United States Trainees had to pay their own travel expenses to Sweetwater and presumably to leave should they wash out Minimum flying hours reuired for WASP training thirty fiveWell Sally had well over 300 hours as a barnstormer while Dixie managed to log in 36 hours Yet not everyone was happy to see the women due their part to help in the war effortsWomen airline pilots? Dixie hooted Maybe in the next life where everybody's got their own set of wings so it don't matter But if you're talking about right down here on earth in the hear and the now I'm going to have to disagree with you hon 'Cause a whole bunch of men had rather fight bears barehanded than see a skirt in a cockpit The nature of the male isn't gonna change in my lifetime nor in yoursIt'll never happen Geri interrupted loudly Look at the way the army's treating us We make half the money of men who're doing the same job We're expendable to the army as bulletsTwila answered Yes We are expendable If someone's got to die delivering an airplane the army had rather it be one of us than a man The army is saving them for combat A man dying in combat is far beneficial to winning the war than if he dies here at home because hopefully he'll die killing some of the enemyAnd so the training of the pilots begins while Congress looks for a way to disband the WASP program but hopefully these flygirls will be able to change their mind after allIn the book Wings A Novel of World War II Flygirls by Karl Friedrich he takes the readers on a journey based on the true World War II story of America's first female military pilots This is such a remarkable story that shows another side of just how some women served in assisting our war efforts in other ways besides the Rosie the Riveter working girl I love how this portrays the stereotypes the women were faced with and how they were treated by civilians and service personnel while trying to do their job It was not a easy one by any meansI received this book compliments of TLC Book Tours for my honest review and was completely captivated from the first page all the way to the end You will see how so many people really treated these women unfairly some local townspeople even thinking the army was bringing on whores to service the men ove

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Based on the true World War II stories of America’s first female military pilots this historic novel follows the story of a young woman from a dirt poor farm family Sally Ketchum has little chance of bettering her life until a mysterious barnstormer named Tex teaches her to fly and to dare to love But when Tex dies I'm a staunch advocate of women's rights as is well known about me And one of my favorite things to read about in addition to stories having to do with strong women role models is WWII centered novels This book then was a reuest I uickly made to review and I've been pleasantly rewarded by a fantastic story written by a deliberate and invested authorI say that Mr Friedrich is invested because you can tell from his writing that he strongly supports women pilots and has a sense of the harassment and indignities they experienced while trying to serve their country Woven well within his novel as well is the angst of this on going struggle women face as prejudice remains a continuous barrier to cross despite dedication and abilities proving their excellence and readiness to brave any circumstanceStarting out somewhat hokey to my ears I found the too Southern dripping dialog off putting But very soon in his story Friedrich picks up the pace and loses the collouialisms that distract from his messageHe's at his best as a writer when he's describing the rotes of learning to fly the challenges facing the women as would be pilots and characterizing the men who interface with them I loved his female protagonists Sally and Dixie Strong intelligent resourceful and devoted these women reflected the best in those who answered the call to duty during WWII; and yet were resilient and steadfast to maintain their sense of feminity I liked the metal it took for Sally to stand up to military brass And I enjoyed the softness she demonstrated in love and lossSee Sally's confrontation with the Colonel in this excerptMiss Ketchum you want to help the war effort; I understand that But surely you understand the army is no place for a woman especially a pretty young woman The place for you to do your fighting is at homeLet me ask you something Colonel Kaskall said You have a boyfriend in the military I imagine How do you think these shenanigans of yours running around wild all over the sky and almost getting yourself killed how do you think they make him feel? A soldier needs to know that someone back home cares about him and is keeping the fires burning That's the greatest morale builder we have It's what keeps men going in combatHe folded his arms over his chest while he considered whether to spill the rest of what was on his mind After a moment his face turned to hard sincerity It might interest you to know that in Germany young women such as yourself are taken to breed with Hitler's soldiers They're recruited to special homes where their sole duty is to birth future Nazi armies That's the kind of enemy we're fighting He let that sink in Instead of running around almost getting yourself killed you should be at home young lady doing what women do best He crinkledShe throttled her revulsionIf you're suggesting Colonel that I could better serve my country by whoring let me assure you that airplanes are the only things I rideColonel Kaskall's neck bulged over his collar and a palette of red rushed to his stunned face How dare you speak to me that way He turned on the major Get them out of here You have two minutesNow I consider that some fine writing that says than enough about how women were perceived and accepted in the military during WWII Mr Friedrich's championing of them and his recognition that it had to have taken strong backbones to withstand such harsh conditions and mental exploitation makes his book a tr

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Wings Author Karl FriedriIng writer who seems to offer her everything she could want Despite her obvious mastery of flying many members of the military are unable to accept that a “skirt” has any place in a cockpit Soon Sally finds herself struggling against a high powered Washington lawyer that wants to close down Avenger once and for al Yay First reads win This book was just okay for me I really liked learning about WASP and all of the crap that the women had to go through but I hardly liked any of the characters especially the main character Sally She's hostile untrusting and her moods and feeling seem to change all the time towards Bayard especially He'd say or do the littlest thing and she'd go from being swoony over him to wanting to knock his lights out Dixie was amusing sometimes but she also annoyed me being nosy and having a sort of high and mighty attitude alot because she's pretty The ending was pretty cool and tied a lot of little things in the book together and I kinda liked how Sally's future was open ended Just seemed right for her My favorite parts in Wings were just the ones about WASP the facts and stories about it; I'd probably have liked reading just a history book on the subject better If anything this book just got me interested in a new subject I probably wouldn't have known about otherwise and was a fairly enjoyable readIf you'd like to hear of my babblings please visit my blog The Book Sloth