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EBOOK ´ The River of Kings ä Taylor Brown 564 expedition to found a French settlement at the river’s mouth which began as a search for riches and ended in a bloody confrontation with Spanish conuistadors and native tribes leaving the fort in ruins and a few survivors fleeing for their lives In The River of Kings SIBA bestselling author Taylor Brown artfully weaves three narrative strands the brothers’ journey their father’s past and the dramatic history of the river’s earliest people to evoke a legendary place and its powerful hold on the human imaginati A swampland cathedral roofed in leaves and plumbed with creeks columned with cypress and gum We knew its sights and secrets its hidden sloughs In showing us the river his river I believe he let us into his heart at least some part of it And that's how I knew we were lovedBut Hiram Loggins was a hard man and most times a hard man to love He lived and breathed in the essence of what was and is the Altamaha River in Georgia Hiram knew every cranie and every curve of this great river tinged with the fossils and relics of both a prehistoric era and combined with the deep draw of the here and the now Hiram travels this river no longer His sons Hunter and Lawton carry his ashes in their kayaks with a mission to leave him in the river's own final resting place The sons reveal casings of their own relationship and that of a father whose daunting shadow still hangs heavily over them What exactly happened to Hiram? Will they ever have an answer that will satisfy them both?Taylor Brown invites you into his particularly well honed storyline that reaches and extends farther than just a fathersons relationship Brown artfully segments his story into three strands that encompass the early explorations of the area by the French Hiram's life on the river in 1996 and the sons and their uest to find answers hidden in the overgrowth of a river densely layered with whispered secrets and the cold reality of truthBrown exhibits an uncanny talent for developing characters who are complicated multi layered uestionable and exist on the fringes of hate and devious behavior Being honorable and forthright may come with ragged edges at times Brown presents this aspect both in The River of Kings and in his stellar novel Fallen Land He knows how to weave a tale that emphasizes the complexity of the individual under circumstances both simple and those heavily evident in the dark night of one's soul A very worthy read indeed Taylor Brown I received a copy of The River of Kings through Goodreads Giveaways My thanks to Taylor Brown and to St Martin's Press for the opportunity

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FREE EBOOK ↠ EPUB The River of Kings é 9781250111753 ↠ ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ The River of Kings Author Taylor Brown – Two brothers travel a storied river’s past and present in search of the truth about their father’s death in the second novel by the acclaimed author of Fall Two brothers travel a storied river’s past and present in search of the truth about their father’s death in the second novel by the acclaimed author of Fallen LandThe Altamaha River Georgia’s “Little ” has been named one of the 75 “Last Great Places in the World” Crossed by roads only five times in its 137 mile length the blackwater river is home to thousand year old virgin cypress descendants of 18th century Highland warriors and a motley cast of rare and endangered species The Altamaha has even been rud t Having just spent time playing with the manatees Kayaking snorkeling at Crystal River in Florida recentlyI found this historical fiction story to be an exciting adventure Also about a week ago I was chatting with a friend about how I'd like to visit Savannahtake in all the history and the towns charm Well given that 'The Altamaha River isn't too far from Savannah just south of it sounds like a day on the river would be part of the get a way plan also Taylor Brown's writing talents are extraordinary Beautiful prose to savorgorgeous language makes this adventure mystery story heartfelt wondrous and wise A sample excerpt It was the marsh burning the green brown plains and the islands of brush The flames spread so fast birds burst from their roosts in ragged parabola tumbling scorched and blackened from the air and white clouds of egrets churned under dark boulders of smoke Deer leapt from burning islands of scrub darting in panic some flinging themselves into the river And alligator pulled under a splashing fawn It burn for three days a smoke so rich it stung the eyes They wore rags and strips of fabric tied over their faces like brigands yet many fell ill hacking and coughing a black filth from their lungs Those who ventured downriver found the waters strewn thousands of dead fish their bellies risen like boils upon the rivers skin and the alligators cruised in the middle of the channels where it was coolest A strench fell over everything that of death proceeding in the sun It reeked like evil in the land and Le Moyne saw a fear in the eyes of many such as he had not seen in this new country By the time you get to the end of Taylor's novel you might feel a little exhausted ragged over water logged but your heart will have melted for brothers Hunter and Lawton Great adventure healing and understanding of the brothers past about their father and a memorable appreciation for the history of the River Altamaha Elegantandhauntinga lovely tribute to our river waters With half of the world's major rivers being seriously polluted and or depleted and a list of endless water problems between my own enjoyment on the river last week for a couple of days and this story I'm reminded that there is hope The brothers came together in this storyand when we do the same to restore and protect our waters we can achieve some good results Thank You St Martin's Press Netgalley and Taylor Brown

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The River of KingsO harbor its own river monster as well as traces of the most ancient European fort in North AmericaBrothers Hunter and Lawton Loggins set off to kayak the river bearing their father’s ashes toward the sea Hunter is a college student Lawton a Navy SEAL on leave; both young men were raised by an angry enigmatic shrimper who loved the river and whose death remains a mystery that his sons hope to resolve As the brothers proceed downriver their story is interwoven with that of Jacues Le Moyne an artist who accompanied the 1 NOW AVAILABLE Taylor Brown has transported me to another place and time yet again In Fallen Land set in the final year of the Civil War I journeyed beside Callum and Ava in their passage from war torn lands to safety as they journeyed from the Appalachians to the Georgia coast In The River of Kings he’s brought me back to another time and place once again through the voices of these men who called the banks of the Altamaha home As the story begins brothers Hunter and Lawton Loggins sons of Hiram are journeying down the Altamaha River in two skiffs and tied to one of them is what remains of their father The spring rains charge down the dark swales of the Appalachian foothills rumbling in wider and deeper confluence birthing rivers that sliver for the seaThe Altamaha was used once upon a time by riverboats as a main transportation route to the towns and Plantations founded along the river These days there are fewer significant towns along its path an area considered sparsely populated When Jacues Le Moyne de Morgue left Le Havre France on 22 April 1564 aboard the Ysabeau he was one of 300 colonists aboard three ships most fleeing the sharp murderous blades of the Catholics Le Moyne was commissioned by the King as an artist to sketch this new land the land the King called land the King called La Nouvelle France and those that dwelled there New France After landing initially in the land of the Saturiwa they journey slightly north in search of a river large enough for their ships finding the Altamaha It is then they spot a monstrously large Serpent with skin like those giant lizards on the banks But this this one is the size of a cypress tree The Altamaha ha A legendary creature that continues to haunt the Altamaha river since the beginning of time through the days of Hiram Loggins the days or his sons Hunter a college student and Lawton a Navy Seal The Altamaha River and the Altamaha ha both are so much a part of this story almost as though they were characters if additional silent characters in the narrative As intrinsically woven into the tapestry of the soul of this place these people as the generations of people who came before themHiram Loggins wasn’t a perfect father or a perfect husband His sons journey to return him to the place he loved his final merging becoming one with the soil and shadowy waters of the Altamaha River where it meets the sea a returning to dwell forever in the place that formed him Conveyed in rich gorgeous prose Taylor Brown continues to create such stunning imagery; I could see this place these people Each character’s story individually shared connected as though links in a preciously exuisite chain Seemingly fluid in movement breathtakingly lovely RecommendedPub Date 21 Mar 2017Many thanks for the ARC provided by St Martin’s Press