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The Machine Stops and Other StoriesEst in paganism and mythology the mysteries of nature fantasies of the afterlife and the possibility of magical transformatio. Spookily prescient

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Rster that does justice to his literary genius This collection provides an intriguing glimpse into EM Forster's abiding inter. Oct 25th p87 p119 The Machine Stops I wanted to read The Machine Stops because of having read The Little Paris Bookshop It was mentioned within the novel itself and also suggested as one to read at the back of the book in the appendix 'literary apothecary'November 19 realizing I've had this book in my possession since April 28 2017 Now NovemberThe reason to read a book or story is to get to the point in which the name of the story in mentioned On p 112 The Machine does indeed begin to stop Took a while to get through this very slow paced story initially this section was deleted somehow after I has typed it out so take 2Once getting to the second part however it's fast paced With just a focus on the deterioration of the machine and Vashti's disapproval becoming ambivalence we see how the machine has taken over the cognizant ways of thought within this society Interestingly many focus on the Reilly's aspects of the story like the attributions to the book being that of such fervor that history that they try to avoid from thousands of years earlier gets repeated by zealots towards the word of the book acting the same way There's also the component of reliance of technology which is what makes this novel applicable regardless of how long it's been since it was written Although from the early 1900s there was a thought of what the future may be with a technological revolution Forster imagined a world way far off in which interpersonal human connection becomes obsolete I once read a text called The Decline and Fall of Personality by Kenneth Gergen in which he laments that the photocopier will be the end of the written era In this text if you change the word photocopier to any other technological item that 'plagues' the modern zeitgeist ; it applies perfectlyPages of interest Part 3 p109 there's an interesting idea suggested here that first hand knowledge is to be considered untrustworthy of unreliable because it doesn't relate to the world of those living within the machine Instead of reading historical first person accounts of events going beyond second and even tenth hand makes for a better version This is someone's interpretation of a interpretation made by an interpretation and so on This is better because you will be able to tell your children your version after 10 other people have gone through it and your future generations will therefore be better off for having had many previous minds consider what had at one time been considered new To those relying on the machine this is better because why focus on the history of the past when It is not relevant to the machine Better to interpret how the event would have happened or likely not happened thanks to the machine P112 only concerned with the breaking of the amenities within the machine and even growing used to these new changes people refuse to see the error in the machine It is all good and all knowing as written in the book and so even upon failure we shouldn't judge it for it can do no wrong and has done only wonders for us in the last hundreds of years Wen the omnipresent mending apparatus breaks what fixes the fixer I have to say this story didnt bring me joy to read that I did it because I was I intrigued No regret in reading it and I would suggest it as a primary resource if someone were to be doing an english paper on our technological societal reliance Some good uotes in there that can be well integrated as support for a stance in a argumentative essay form As a story on its own it works as a cautionary tale of sorts As it was written in a different time and society it's interesting in a similar way that the Jetsons cartoon looked at the future or that Back to the Future hoped our technology would have advanced by 2017 As a story on its own dont expecting dystopian fiction nerds of the modern day to be impressed He's not even allowed to procreate since he isn't considered optimal for the future of the machine so there certainly isn't a love triangle to speak of It's a man who's perceived as crazy for thinking and wanting for beyond the world he's always known and those around him assume to be true and for that reason it's seamless and timeless with the dystopian fiction stories of today November 26th When I was once and for all finished with this book last week I ended up giving it a once over uick skim through again Now reading through the whole thing and not pausing I saw it differently and took down some comments We hide what scares us behind the metal blinds for they don't give us ideas These ideas must be in relation to life within the confines of the Machine and so travel and seeing different countries above the ground do not provide opportunity for ways to better serve the machine People don't touch any touching has been made obsolete thanks to the the machine To touch someone is considered rude Old geography is irrelevant as people trying to race the setting sun by flying west as the earth spun faster to the east this was eventually considered wrong and futile However travel is still exceptionally fast if archaic Sunlight is terrifying and things like snow are not understood because there is no need to for it People only travel if they must ; like if they were called to propagate the population hardly ever leaving their hexagonal rooms with buttons for everything by choice There is a chance people live above the earth but the society of the machine must end There is no risk of it being turned back on because people have learned their lesson and the state in which the world created the machine initially does not exist and must not be allowed to exist again in order for human life to move onward Read this book slowly over the course of months taking pauses in between But as a whole enjoyable though slightly tedious The second speed through read actually proved useful as I understood better what was going on and the intention Would recommend to the intellectual sort intrigued by the ideas that fears of the past are the same as those now computers ruling us

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The Machine Stops and Other Stories free read Í 106 × [Read] ➪ The Machine Stops and Other Stories By E.M. Forster – The aim of the Abinger Editions is to provide a new properly edited library of the literary works of EM Forster that does justice to his literary genius This collection provides an intThe aim of the Abinger Editions is to Stops and PDF #204 provide a new properly edited library of the literary works of EM Fo. I checked this book out because I specifically wanted to read The Machine Stops I skipped ahead to the story and was not disappointed For a story first published in 1909 it seems like it could have been written today I really liked the story a bit dark and a bit hopeful I will give some of his other stories a shot will update review again later