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read Remnant Population kindle Ø Paperback » ➟ [Epub] ❤ Remnant Population By Elizabeth Moon ➩ – People had always told Ofelia what to do; for once she was going to do what she wanted She refused to get on the cryo ships refused to leave the only world she could call home And when they finallyF as hers but they land far away And as Ofelia secretly listens they are slaughtered to the last child by stone age aliens no one knew were there Now it is up to Ofelia to save the aliens from Earth's wra Everybody who told me I needed to try one of Elizabeth Moon’s books was right I really enjoyed this Although the story itself is based on a familiar science fiction trope it’s one I usually enjoy and it had some uniue elements It held my attention from beginning to end Sometimes a certain part of the story would start to feel like it had been going on a bit too long but then something new would happen to fully recapture my interest againThe story is told mostly from the perspective of Ofelia a woman in her 70’s The protagonist’s age is one of the uniue aspects of the book Although the book appears to be set in the far future there isn’t any discussion of medical advancement at all Sometimes books with an older protagonist have that character acting like they were decades younger due to modern medicine or magic or whatever but Ofelia’s health is about what you’d expect from a person in their 70’s today who has been able to stay mobile and mentally sharp but isn’t getting around as easily as she used to Ofelia lives with her son and daughter in law as colonists on another planet Near the beginning of the book the people sponsoring the colony decides that their efforts are failing and their goals cannot be achieved so the colonists will be relocated to a different world Ofelia who feels under appreciated and over bossed by her family and the people around her doesn’t want to give up her garden and everything else she’s worked so hard at for decades and she just wants to be left alone to do her own thing and have some peace for a change Having an entire world to herself sounds great so she determines she’s going to do whatever she can to get left behind when the colonists are removed from the planet For anybody who wants a bit detail about what kind of story this is although it’s fairly easy to guess I’m putting it in spoiler tags since it isn’t blatantly revealed until you get a good ways into the book view spoilerThis is a first contact story hide spoiler

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People had always told Ofelia what to do; for once she was going to do what she wanted She refused to get on the cryo ships refused to leave the only world she could call home And when they finally came f Remnant Population is the kind of book that made me fall in love with science fiction in the first place It's thoughtful has great characterizations a plausible future and humans coming to understand aliens This is the third book I've read by Elizabeth Moon and she's now on my list of favorite authors She is an amazing storyteller She is a master at revealing rather than disclosing She never over explains and her characters behave exactly like real people wouldI love the Moon uses older female protagonists In Remnant Population that protagonist is Ofelia an elderly colonist whose colony is being relocated Ofelia is sick and tired of people telling her what to do and having to look after others She just wants just a bit of peace and uiet So she decides to hide out until all the shuttles leave with the other colonists I can so relate to how she feels and I exhilarated in her new found freedom I love that she's not obsessed with aging and that she's strong and capable She reminds me a lot of my grandmother Eventually she finds herself in a role that she never imagined and goes from being a completely insignificant person to someone who is of utmost importance to two intelligent species I checked this out of the library but I may just need to buy a copy to add to my permanent library

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Remnant PopulationOr her she hid Now the widow Ofelia is alone the only remaining settler on an abandoned planet Then new settlers arrive At first she fears they have come to reoccupy the settlement she has come to think o There are not enough novels with awesome old ladies as their protagonists Speaking as someone who wishes to be an awesome old lady some day I consider this a gap in the market At the start of Remnant Population the members of a failed colony have been ordered to pack up and leave the planet that has become their home Widowed Ofelia decides the hell with it she's staying put; her grown son doesn't need her her daughter in law can't stand her it's mutual and she's fed up with living her life to please other peopleMeanwhile on another part of the planet a new colony is wiped out by a previously unsuspected group of indigenous inhabitants Ofelia must figure out how to communicate with them and how to explain them to the human colonists before the two sides attempt to wipe each other outI am a sucker for stories about first contact and miscommunication and culture clash something C J Cherryh does so well and in this book there is plenty to go around we get the indigenes' attempts to communicate with Ofelia from their point of view and Ofelia's frustration at being treated by the new colonists like an ignorant confused old woman from hers I'm happy to report that everything works out OK a bit unrealistically perhaps but it's terribly satisfying just the same