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For forty years Colony 324512 has been Ofelia’s home On this planet far away in space and time from the world of her youth she has lived and loved weathered the death of her husband raised her one surviving child lovingly tended her garden and grown placidly old And it is here that she fully expects to finish out her days–until the shifting corporate fortunes of the Sims Bancorp Company dictates that Colony 324512 is to be disbanded its residents shipped of old woman tired of people tired of the way people treat her decides to stay behind when the rest of her fellow colonists are uprooted by their corporate bosses and sent to another planet old woman once surrounded by demanding and unloving voices finds she loves being alone no annoying voices bossing her around the only voices the ones in her head now she has all the time in the world to garden and do beadwork and just do what she wants to do alone finally alone but it turns out she's not alone on this world after all I loved all the things this novel did with its protagonist Ofelia is cantankerous and moody she has to deal with her aching joints and a little loss of memory and having to use the bathroom all of the time; she has a couple voices in her head the old her and the new braver her but she's far from crazy Remnant Population doesn't downplay all of the physical and mental things she has to deal with but it also shows how she is just as resourceful and clever as anyone else she's than an eual to the men who have made demands on her all of her life and to those younger than her who would dismiss her knowledge as no longer relevant practically useless Ofelia cherishes her crafts and her vegetables and wearing or not wearing what she wants I love how the novel spends so much time on the things she loves on the beadwork and the sewing and the gardening and cooking and the freedom of bare skin in the sun it was enchanting reading about Ofelia going through her daily life on her own focusing on her tasks and ruminating on the past and considering her future a truly enjoyable and unusual protagonistthe story brings humans back into her life and of course the aliens great aliens vaguely like bipedal mammalian owls genuinely different carefully crafted surprisingly adorable aliens those alien babies were the cutestI like how Remnant Population is a feminist novel that critiues the roles women are often placed into by men as well as the elderly by the young but still embraces traits and activities that are considered stereotypically feminine I hate eitheror binaries and this novel doesn't have that Ofelia is a three dimensional character strong and kind unsentimental and maternal resourceful and forgetful sharp tongued and grouchy and impatient generous and open hearted and patientI like how Remnant Population illustrates the importance of freedom and time alone but also recognizes that a fulfilling life will be one where a person is a part of some kind of a community a place where the individual can be independent and true to themselves but still be a useful part of a world and connected to the people in it lovely message; lovely novel and fun

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Remnant PopulationOy her Ofelia actually does start life over–for the first time on her own terms free of the demands the judgments and the petty tyrannies of others But when a reconnaissance ship returns to her idyllic domain and its crew is mysteriously slaughtered Ofelia realizes she is not the sole inhabitant of her paradise after all And when the inevitable time of first contact finally arrives she will find her life changed yet again–in ways she could never have imagin Everybody who told me I needed to try one of Elizabeth Moon’s books was right I really enjoyed this Although the story itself is based on a familiar science fiction trope it’s one I usually enjoy and it had some uniue elements It held my attention from beginning to end Sometimes a certain part of the story would start to feel like it had been going on a bit too long but then something new would happen to fully recapture my interest againThe story is told mostly from the perspective of Ofelia a woman in her 70’s The protagonist’s age is one of the uniue aspects of the book Although the book appears to be set in the far future there isn’t any discussion of medical advancement at all Sometimes books with an older protagonist have that character acting like they were decades younger due to modern medicine or magic or whatever but Ofelia’s health is about what you’d expect from a person in their 70’s today who has been able to stay mobile and mentally sharp but isn’t getting around as easily as she used to Ofelia lives with her son and daughter in law as colonists on another planet Near the beginning of the book the people sponsoring the colony decides that their efforts are failing and their goals cannot be achieved so the colonists will be relocated to a different world Ofelia who feels under appreciated and over bossed by her family and the people around her doesn’t want to give up her garden and everything else she’s worked so hard at for decades and she just wants to be left alone to do her own thing and have some peace for a change Having an entire world to herself sounds great so she determines she’s going to do whatever she can to get left behind when the colonists are removed from the planet For anybody who wants a bit detail about what kind of story this is although it’s fairly easy to guess I’m putting it in spoiler tags since it isn’t blatantly revealed until you get a good ways into the book view spoilerThis is a first contact story hide spoiler

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Ebook ó Remnant Population ¶ 325 pages ☆ Danpashley Õ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Remnant Population Author Elizabeth Moon – Danpashley.co.uk For forty years Colony 324512 has been Ofelia’s home On this planet far away in space and time from the world of her youth she has lived and loved weaF deep in cryo sleep to somewhere new and strange and not of their choosing But while her fellow colonists grudgingly anticipate a difficult readjustment on some distant world Ofelia savors the promise of a golden opportunity Not starting over in the hurly burly of a new community but closing out her life in blissful solitude in the place she has no intention of leaving A population of oneWith everything she needs to sustain her and her independent spirit to bu The definition of remnant is a small remaining uantity of something Synonyms include leftovers leavings remainder No doubt a not so subtle description of the character who chose to stay on a planet after the colony was evacuated This was a first contact novel with a strange mix of interesting political and cultural dynamics on display as well as some rather clunky tropey characterizations with some sledge hammered messaging about valuing the elderly and women and the other view spoiler uick Summary Ofelia Falfurrias is very old and living in a patriarchal colony where not only are old people devalued but they don't seem to have much use for women either Ofelia's life is one long slog of family and other colonists putting themselves and their needs before hers The colony is emergency evacuated With her age there is a 5050 chance she would die in route to the new colony She decides to die where she calls home She goes about her daily routine with all the resources to sustain many many colonists She for the first time gets to experience abundance She keeps a log in the central command computer for folks who may return some day and finds out the reason for the evacuation was that in another part of the planet a shuttle was destroyed by indigenous life About that time said indigenous life stumbles upon her compound What ensues is first contact and learning about each other Of course the company sends in a small band of scientists and technicians to shutdown the power plant and make first contact The scientists prove inept compared to Ofelia The indigenous life signal their preferences and one unfortunate death later everyone lives happily ever after hide spoiler