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PDF Þ BOOK Lipstick Jungle FREE ¸ ❰Epub❯ ➟ Lipstick Jungle Author Candace Bushnell – Danpashley.co.uk The new novel that fans of the bestselling author have been waiting for about three sexy powerful career women who will do anything to stay at the top of their fieldsVictory Ford is the darling of the The new novel that Ns crucial lessons about what she really wants in a relationshipNico O'Neilly is the glamorous brilliant editor of Bonfire Magazine the pop culture bible for fashion show business and politics Considered one of the most powerful women in publishing she seems to have it all But in a mid life crisis she suddenly realizes this isn't enoughWendy Healy's chutzpah has So at first I was going to write this whole review about the book and why I SHOULDN'T have liked it But the truth of the matter is that it was entertaining enough and it's okay for a book to be just that I'm allowing myself to find the good in things for what they are And sometimes you want a fluffy no brainer It's called ENTERTAINMENT Something I normally make myself feel guilty over enjoyingI truly didn't appreciate the whole women can and should have it all and be the best attitude because I really don't think that's true See Here I go with the whole why I shouldn't like it stuff I'm stoppingIf you try not to read too much into anything and just look at it as mindless entertainment it's fine

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The new novel that fans of the bestselling author have been waiting for about three sexy powerful career women who will do anything to stay at the top of their fieldsVictory Ford is the darling of the fashion world Single attractive and iconoclastic she has worked for years to create her own signature line As Victory struggles to keep her company afloat she lear If there is an award for the most ridiculous and unrealistic book ever I would award it to Lipstick Jungle written by Candace Bushnell The one and the same author who wrote the widely known Sex and the CityI have always been suspicious of her writing talent though No offense I do love Sex and the City series like many other single and fabulous women in the world coughs but that's only the TV series not the real book When I finally had the chance to pick up the book and read it my disappointment was so big I was practically devastatedThis is not the Sex and the City that I know This is just bunch of crappy short stories which have no meaning and hard to relate to so I said to myself after I finished reading it And let me tell you a secret whispers It's not only me who thinks that way A lot of my friends were in the same emotional wreck as I was after reading the book All of them who idolise the four tough women in the seriesBut after awhile the disappointment healed and I decided to give Ms Bushnell another chance by picking up another novel of hers A similar one I must say where it portrays four women all above 40s way mature than the characters in Sex and the City who were eually successful and with men in their livesI guessed that Ms Bushnell was so obssessed in the characters of Sex and the City and somehow regretted at making their lives rather unsuccessful as described by their inability to find the right men and their struggle to make their ends meet after the last shopping spree at Manolo Blahnik or Chanel boutiue She tried to fix the characters in Lipstick Jungle where the women who are mostly CEOs or at least directors of companies never have problem in buying a diamond set let alone a pair of Jimmy ChoosVictory Ford a famous designer Nico O'Neilly a famous magazine editor eventually CEO Wendy Healy director of a film production company and an unimportant blonde babe actress whose name I have already forgottenAs much as Ms Bushnell was trying to stress the importance of girl power these days she couldn't just drop the subject that women couldn't live without men no matter how powerful they are which actually contradicts the whole theme Now I begin to wonder why dildo was created in the first place ehWendy whose family is rather dysfunctional with a spoiled staying home dadhusband with eually two spoiled kids feels her world is crumbling apart when her no good of a husband Shane decides to divorce her just to punish her as she was always busy with her work and hardly home and never take care of the kidsI can't help to wonder that the same theme only reversed has existed for centuries but regarded as the most natural thing on earth as portrayed by the dumbest TV series I have ever seen called Desperate Housewives Whatever happened to euality How come a staying home dad now suddenly makes a big deal out of the fact that his wife works so hard that hasn't have time to take care of the kids Aren't their roles reversed in the very first place Similar to a normal family in the mid 1950s only that now the husband is the wife and the wife is the husbandand what's up with Nico anyway She has a perfectly good family with uptight husband who does care about her and a good daughter only that she finds it's rather frustrating that the husband is so reliable and boring Where does she run to when she's bored An underwear male model of course what else that is effective in getting rid of boredom than having a steamy hot sex with an underwear male model How come this is all so predictableThe only character that is somewhat normal in this book is probably Victory Ford the single designer who is trying to m

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Lipstick JunglePropelled her to the very top of the cut throat movie industry When it becomes clear that a competitor is trying to oust her something has to give and Wendy must decide between her career and her marriageIn Lipstick Jungle Bushnell once again delivers an addictive page turner of sex and scandal that will keep readers enthralled and guessing to the very last pag Lipstick Jungle weaves the stories of Nico O'Neilly Wendy Healy and Victory Ford numbers 8 12 and 17 on The New York Post's list of New York's 50 Most Powerful Women Love reading books about women in power Sure some parts annoyed me but it's a nice refreshment to see women with money power and choices Plus it was also a nice refreshment to read about older women women in their late 30s who can do it all and have it all This was like Sex and the City but smarter