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FREE MOBI Å DOC Dreamweaver A Beginner's Guide ☆ DANPASHLEY ó [Ebook] ➨ Dreamweaver(R) 4 Fireworks(R) 4 Studio: A Beginner's Guide (Beginner's Guides (Osborne)) Author Kim Cavanaugh – Essential skills for first time Web developers This easy to use book explains the fundamentalIld and deploy dynamic Web sites with the Dreamweaver 4 Fireworks 4 Studio and get a comprehensive introduction to all the new features and functionality This is a very well structured book and gives the novice some background on the web and HTML which experienced web designers may want to skim over I am well versed in HTML CSS and JavaScript and have been handcoding with Notepad and an HTML Editor for the past three years I had read about Dreamweaver and Fireworks and decided to learn them I've gone through the Dreamweaver section of the book so far and have gotten a pretty good feel for the program I have already gone through two Fireworks books so I will probably go through that section pretty uicklyThe main strengths of this book are1 Well structured with a logical progression from one chapter to another2 Very few errors unlike some computer books I've worked with Also I e mailed the author and got a reply the next day so he seems committed to helping readers of his book3 Little mini reviews and also chapter reviews to make sure you understand each moduleThis book is among the best I have seen in the way the infomation is presented It doesn't cover everything Dreamweaver has to offer but I can't imagine a better book to start out with

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Essential skills for first time Web developers This easy to use book explains the fundamentals of this hot Web development tool You'll learn to design bu I'm new to both Dreamweaver and Fireworks The manuals that came with the software were intimidating This book was just what I needed The lessons work from the ground upI won't give it 5 stars though because I'm a Mac user and this book is written for the Windows user Sure it has a few mentions of Mac items here and there in parenthesis but all of the graphics are Windows screenshots Also some of the instructions work only in Windows For instance an instruction says Open Dreamweaver and press the F8 key to open the Site window When I did that I got a Mac OS window about extending the keyboard capabilities I had to go to the Site menu and choose New Site to accomplish the task Then the instruction said to right click on a folder and make a selection from a pop up menu On the Mac Control click did the trick but it took me awhile to figure that outIf you're new to Dreamweaver and Fireworks like I am you need this book If you're a Mac user you need to be the kind of Mac user that is familiar with cross platform issues in order to decipher some of the Windows stuff or you'll get frustrated at times

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Dreamweaver R 4 Fireworks R 4 Studio A Beginner's Guide Beginner's Guides OsborneThe modular approach of this series including drills sample projects and mastery checks makes it easy to learn to use this powerful tool uickly and easi This book is written to make learning Dreamweaver and Fireworks easy The book is huge but it's because it takes the time to explain steps and make each process easily understood Obviously written by someone that not only knows the Macromedia products but also how to teach them I'd recommend this book for beginners and for those that are looking for some great tricks to use in both Dreamweaver and Fireworks GREAT JOB