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Mobi Ó Asimov's Mysteries ✓ Isaac Asimov INCREDIBLE TALES BY THE INCOMPARABLE MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION THE SINGING BELL An intergalactic criminal steals treasured musical lunar artifacts THE TALKING STONE A spaceship crew is planning on some illega A very recent review on this site by Nandakishore on a work by Agatha Christie explains the dilemma in trying to review mysteries It is something like trying to explain how an ingenious magic trick works for once the explanation is done the audience feels oh so was that just it and countless hours of practice on the magician's part goes to waste in a breath This is also the reason why I love mysteries for you never know what awaits you at the end of the tale Asimov in this slim volume offers tales in this huge family tree set in futuristic cityscapesThe stories are or less very simple in their structure In the gap of a good ten or 15 pages the whole affair reaches a conclusion which Asimov makes us believe is a logical one There are no convoluted plots nor larger than life characters for even in space Asimov's characters retain an earthly touch Two characters tend to repeat through most of the stories The first is an official investigator HSeton Davenport who while being pragmatic and duty bound cannot help but being a baffled albeit pale shade of Dr Watson The eccentric detective caricature here is bestowed upon Dr Wendell Urth who is uite a uniue character sketch There is also another reason why I liked this duo for they are never interested in each other's company beyond the lifetime of the mystery a purely professional working arrangement is how they proceed To add to this is the way the mysteries are solved for all these seemingly impossible knots are untied in the cluttered setting of Dr Urth's abode Another of my favorites in the book was the tongue in cheek rendition of a folk tale in the guise of Pâté de Foie Gras A solid collection of tales but nothing unexpected in the plot lines in terms of twists As reliable as morning coffee is your man Isaac Asimov

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Asimov's Mysteries Book ↠ 253 pages Download Ù ❴KINDLE❵ ✽ Asimov's Mysteries Author Isaac Asimov – 13 INCREDIBLE TALES BY THE INCOMPARABLE MASTER OF SCIENCE FICTION THE SINGING BELL—An intergalactic criminal steals treasured musical lunar artifacts THE TALKING STONE—A spaceship crew is L uranium mining with the help of on intelligent creature mode of rock WHAT'S IN A NAME Everything Especially when twin librarians ore involved in a murder PÂTÉ DE FOIE GRAS Just how did that goose lay the g Oh I enjoyed it a lot Asimov is really good the mysteries are a lot of fun and some are even very impressive There's murders and regular mysteries And I ended up liking Urth uite a lot But as far as Asimov stories go I prefer his Robot stories

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Asimov's MysteriesOlden egg Also included in the collection are THE DYING NIGHT THE DUST OF DEATH A LOINT OF PAW I'M IN MARSPORT WITHOUT HILDA MAROONED OFF VESTA and ANNIVERSARY OBITUARY STAR LIGHT THE KEY and THE BILLIARD BALL This collection ends with a few really good stories but uite a few are mediocre which drags down my rating of this book Orbituary and The Billiard Ball are the stand out stories in my opinion Anyone who says Asimov can't write should give these a go and it might change their mind Of the stories contained herein only a few are of the kind that you as the reader try to guess who done it before it's revealed at the end Doing so will reuire uite a deep knowledge of scientific and astronomical facts that went beyond the limits of my knowledge for sure Others were of the kind that the reader knows who done it from the outset and then follows how they were found out Still others explore intriguing scientific discoveries which involve someone being murdered but only the reader knows when to all else it appears like an accidentA common theme throughout illustrates the politics rivalry and egotism that the scientific establishment is riddled with if Asimov is to be believed He certainly gives the impression that he is very knowledgeable about science and what it's like being a scientistWorth reading for the gems but there's a few duffers to be glossed over although a better knowledge of the science involved might improve their reading