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Death of a DustmanAny of the despicable dustman's victims refuse to talk and when violence strikes again the lanky lawman must uickly unearth the culprit among a litter of suspects before the killer makes a clean getaw. This was my first Hamish Macbeth book and I thoroughly enjoyed it I have read almost all of the Agatha Raisin books by MC Beaton so thought I would give Hamish a try The little Highland town of Lochdubh is on the surface a very peaceful and sleepy place where the pace of life is easy going and everyone knows every one else and their business or do they When Fergus Macleod abusive drunk and wife beater is promoted from dustman to 'Environment Officer' it goes to his head and he becomes even obnoxious than usual A string of events is set in motion and soon many of the villagers find themselves dragged into a murder investigation we soon find out that beneath the smooth surface of village life things are not as peaceful and innocent as they appear to be Hamish Macbeth finds himself in uite a uandary as to how to solve the crimes and also how to protect the reputation of some of his neighbours and friends in the village whilst still bringing the culprit to justice A very easy and interesting mystery I shall definitely be reading in the series

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His Death of Epubnew powers becomes a bullying tyrant and when his body is found stuffed in a recycling bin no one is sorry including his long suffering family But Macbeth is surprised to find that m. Never leave home without Hamish Macbeth Really What will I do when I've come to book 30 or is it 31 I'll think on that laterI love the Scottish terminology and was interested to learn that a dustman is a garbage man So right there I've improved my vocabulary MC Beatton continues to rev up the motives and possibilities of murder Just when you might suspect a writer would be getting stale she surprises the readerThe common dustman severe alcoholic and wife abuser is promoted to Environmental Officer uniform included He struts with grandiose self importance and uses his new power to distress every citizen in the small town of Lochdubh lock doo Scotland We can always depend on murder by the titleNow if you haven't met Police Constable Hamish Macbeth I suggest you go back to book #1 and have a grand time

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READ & DOWNLOAD Death of a Dustman õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í ❰Reading❯ ➾ Death of a Dustman Author M.C. Beaton – When Fergus Macleod Lochdubh's abusive drunk dustman is put in charge of the local recycling centre and is dubbed the 'Environment Officer' Hamish Macbeth smelWhen Fergus Macleod Lochdubh's abusive drunk dustman is put in charge of the local recycling centre and is dubbed the 'Environment Officer' Hamish Macbeth smells trouble Sure enough Fergus imbued with. “What evil’s come to Lochdubh” — Mrs McClellan“Whatever it is” said Hamish grimly “Fergus Macleod did something to bring it here”Wildly politically incorrect and laced with hilarious dark comedy this delightful mystery series set in the fictional village of Lochdubh in Scotland is a hoot It features Hamish Macbeth a tall redheaded policeman whose knack for solving crimes makes it difficult for the unambitious copper to avert promotion so that he can remain in the uirky village This series is a refreshing change from just about everything else out there Sure they’re all a bit similar but that makes them no less enjoyable Fans adore Hamish and the uirky residents of Lochdubh Each visit moves at a breezy and enjoyable pace has a murder or two a few wistful moments and plenty of laughs derived from biting social commentary so contrary to the uber sensitive crowd run amok that we’d all like to live in Lochdubh were it not for the high mortality rateIn Death of a Dustman bossy Freda Fleming arrives from Strathbane to use her new position as Officer of Environment to “green” up Lochdubh and get her face in the papers If you’ve ever read a Hamish Macbeth mystery you’re probably already imagining the adverse reaction of the residents of Lochdubh It is made worse by drunk dustman garbageman Fergus Macleod who lets his laughable sparkly new uniform and higher salary go to his head Soon everyone in Lochdubh is ready to murder the wife beating lout When the Currie sisters report a bad smell coming from one of the huge recycling bins Hamish discovers someone has acted on their impulseIn Death of a Dustman Hamish has a new helper named Clarry Big and slovenly Clarry loves to cook than he loves policing and is soon sweet on Martha the beleaguered wife of Fergus This of course makes him a top suspect in the eyes of Blair the bane of Hamish’s existence The situation uickly goes from bad to worse as Hamish discovers that Fergus may have been blackmailing his beloved neighbors As if that weren’t enough to make the lanky Hamish irritable Priscilla has a new beau and it turns out that her father the Colonel may have been the last to see Fergus alive Mix in a pretty new schoolteacher a second murder and a shady new hotel owner and you have the makings for another delightful mystery filled with laughs and a few poignant momentsJust a fabulous series that will certainly offend those who are offended by everything nowadays anyway but delight a great many readers Death of a Dustman is another great read in a popular series full of them Though there are murders this series is as much about Hamish and the uirky villagers of Lochdubh we’ve come to love over the years Putting on your mystery solving cap is really unnecessary when reading a Hamish Macbeth novel — and might in fact impede your enjoyment of them A Hamish Macbeth mystery is the next best thing to actually visiting the Highlands and Death of a Dustman is a nice vacation from weightier reads Highly recommended