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The Beautiful Community: Unity, Diversity, and the Church at Its Best Summary ´ 9 ☆ ❴Reading❵ ➿ The Beautiful Community: Unity, Diversity, and the Church at Its Best Author Join or create book clubs – 2020 The Gospel Coalition Book Award First Time Author Ained in our theology Sadly the church has often reinforced these ethnic and racial divides To cast off the ugliness of disunity and heal our fractured Beautiful Community Unity Diversity and ePUB #219 humanity we must cultivate spiritual practices that help us pursue beautiful community In The Beautiful Community pastor and theologian Irwyn Ince boldly unpacks the reasons for our divisions while gently guiding us toward o. The book is about the beautiful community the Church and worshipping together in all our diversity The author argues that God reveals himself in the trinity as perfect beauty and fellowship As followers of Christianity it becomes incumbent upon us to form beautiful communities in our churches I would add Dr Martin Luther King Jr called the church The Beloved Community and our beautiful communities will become beloved communitiesInce notes we as the church are the prolepsis of the Kingdom of God here and now He also reflects on the reality of a new heaven and new earthCan you picture the nations coming to the feast with joy Some approaching with moccasins on their feet others dressed in Kente or saris or overalls still others with turbans on their heads And the one raising the glass for the toast is the bridegroom He speaks and reminds us of how he told the disciples at the Last Supper that he would not drink again of the fruit of the vine until that day when he drank it new with them in his Father’s kingdom Matthew 26 29 That new day has fully arrived And as he raises the glass he’s not looking up in the sky Rather he’s looking everyone in the eye with a loving gaze that communicates “I see you I made you I redeemed you You’re welcomed at my table as ueens and kings a kingdom of priests”Ince opens our eyes to the beautiful community creating the desire to work toward such yet understanding it will not be perfected until we are with Jesus in his Father's Kingdom He also provides for us suggestions as to how we can create a path to the beautiful communityI highly recommend reading and adding this book to your library It was insightful and and a joy to readThis book has been provided courtesy of InterVarsity Press and NetGalley without reuiring a positive review All opinions offered above are mine unless otherwise stated or implied

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Ur true hope for wholeness and reconciliation God reveals himself to us in his trinitarian life as the perfection of beauty and essential to this beauty is his work as Father Son and Holy Spirit The gospel imperative to pursue the beautiful community―unity in diversity across lines of difference―is rooted in reflecting the beautiful community of our triune God This book calls us into and provides tools for that pursuit. It's hard to find the words to describe this book; it is indeed beautiful Tho it covers the painful and difficult subject of multi cultural multi ethnic church the tone is positive and covers a wide range of references from N T Wright to the Westminster Divines and the Westminster Catechism John Frame as well as the familiar and lots of ScriptureHaving read this book I'm looking at the Ten Commandments differently to see not only what not to do but what is the opposite of what we're commanded not to do I'm also thinking a lot about how much salvation and discipleship has become individual whereas it is much communityCreation based God through Jesus is drawing all things to Himself and redeeming and restoring all things; how we make salvation uite narrow and accordingly what Christianity looks like And yet this is a God who delights in people lots of people all uniue different and yet together in the community of Church Again I'm reminded of Jeremiah where God just can't fathom why people would sacrifice other people to idols He wouldn't think of murder or destroying people like this; it just doesn't come into His comprehensionGiven how much God delights in human beings the call to beauty the beauty of gratitude the beauty of others around us the beauty of variety and inclusively and effectively widening the circle to create a new 'we; rather than a series of in groups or add ons to existing in groups is both breathtaking and challenging beyond And yet God calls us to this I'm going on mull so much of this book over for times to come such as are we creating mono culture of different hues on the pews rather than multi ethnic multi cultural cultures Again the fact that God is Trinity in fellowship shows us how much God values both diversity and unified community and in working towards this we show something of God to the watching world Also it is a call to endurance it does take time it is costly and it takes patience listening and humility and hospitality and what that shows about how we value those who are not like usSometimes in Acts 2 or in Isaiah Israel and the Church become muddled this is clarified on Acts 2 later on I think the diverse Community that is the Church is better focused on being a beautiful bride than the diademsceptre in God's hand I think is a promise of Israel's restoration to come Again in Acts 2 it's pertinent that's it's Jews gathered rather than a scattered Greco Roman Empire world as described in the paragraph preceding a discussion of the variety at Pentecost and the impact this had on believers Acts 2 is clarified the Isaiah passage is not In Acts 2 God kick starts the plan to have Israel show God and salvation to the nations again and grafts in the Gentiles and creates something wonderfully new yet has not forgotten Israel and replaced them The Scriptures needed slighter sharper clarification as it's easy to muddle up Church and Israel but this is a minor uibbleThis is a truly wonderfully book and has made me consider the beauty of community in new ways in what can be uite an individualised faith in the Western Church; that God is glorified when we come together and allow those differences to be shown The author also makes an important point that we can make idols of our cultures and ethnic identities that although our ethnos is not over written or irrelevant our primary identity is in Christ and everything else flows out of that I guess that even if we're in a mono ethnic area our challenge is to find integrate and include those who are not like 'us' in class c

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The Beautiful Community Unity Diversity and the Church at Its BestCommunity Unity ePUB #9734The Gospel Coalition Book Award First Time Author Award Honorable Mention The church is at its best when it pursues the biblical value of The Beautiful MOBI #221 unity in diversity Our world has been Beautiful Community Unity Diversity and ePUB #219 torn asunder by racial ethnic and ideological differences It is seen in our politics felt in our families and Beautiful Community Unity Epub #221 ingr. What does a beautiful community look like What would it look like for the Christian church to exhibit beautiful community And how does combating prejudice like racism come into playThis book is great because it doesn't just say hey there's a problem It starts with the Bible references God's word throughout and ends with you guessed it the Bible This isn't a political book This isn't something that is here to convince you that the church in America has a problem with diverse community We can look around our churches and recognize the lack of diversity ourselves What this book does is help us see that this lack of diversity is a Biblical problem an idol problem and that while it's hard to solve and will never get fully solved this side of Heaven it's a problem worth solving for all of us who claim to believe in God's word as the truth And then it explains what things we can do to work towards a unified church one that reflects the true unity in diversity of our triune GodFor me it was a convicting read and it's definitely one I'm going to read again and again It really made me think about the reality that I attend a church where I feel comfortable and that comfort at least in part stems from my culture of whiteness in America That just opening the doors of a church to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds is not enough That I need to be willing to let go of constant comfort something that I realize now is an idol I hold close to my heart in order to make people of other backgrounds feel comfortable around me and in my church bodyI love that every single chapter is full of Biblical references that back his points and uotes from other leaders and experts that help to explain his points too Nothing he says in this book lacks a base in Scripture But he's honest about what modern people are experiencing in churches today too and includes specific examples from people who have tried to integrate themselves into homogeneous white churches and struggled with real problems of not feeling at home not feeling like they're truly seen and welcomed into the family because of the cultural differences that white people don't even seeBuy this book Read this book Take notes highlight keep it by your bedside table And turn your study into action This book is among some of the greatest Christian books and it's something we need