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Download The Party Season ePub ☆ 321 pages Í [Epub] ➚ The Party Season Author Sarah Mason – When life hands her lemons she makes a French martiniLife is one big party for event planner Isabel Serranti Armed with cell and laptop she’s game to field any fete–including her next nearly impos When life hanNg good enough to eat–makes a surprise visit he’s not uite the wretched oaf she remembers And he needs her help to pull off something daring that reuires clever planning devious imagination and a lot of panache Naturally they’ll be working together very very closel This book was really funny from Izzy thinking that her flatmate was gay to her aunt borrowing 2 pieces of furniture from each house in her village to furnish 3 rooms in Simon's home The characters blew me away with their plans how they think their way out of problems and how evil some people can be even if htey are not so smart up in the head It was a great book and I was sad to finish it But I did and now it's time for somebody else to read it

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A country estate? Lovely Near her girlhood home and hosted by her infamous childhood tormentor Simon Monkwell? Uh oh Luckily Simon is away for most of the planning which leaves Izzy to cope with his kindly eccentric family and their curious secrets But when Simon–looki synopsisisabelle is a party planner for all sorts of events her boss receives a reuest for isabelle to handle a charity party at an estate that she lived on for several years as a child she and simon son of the owners were the best of friends for a couple of years until one summer when simon was 13 and isabelle was 11 he started a bullying campagne when isabelle's parents moved away isabelle and her sister went to stay with their aunt and isabelle hadn't been back or seen simon since then simon has become lovedhated because of his business practices gaining a reputation as a shark isabelle goes to the estate and meets simon's kooky family she talks with simon's brother a little and what he tells her coincides with isabelle's impressions when isabelle heads back to london her ex boyfriend comes over and gets her to talk a little about simon when reports are printed in the newspaper that threatens a business deal that simon is part of he thinks that isabelle has tried to get revenge for their childhood when isabelle arrives at the estate she sees that there is no furniture and finds out that this deal was essential for the estate's survival to help repair her unintentional interference isabelle offers to help pull off the look of success so that simon and the trustees can meet at the estate before the date the deal was supposed to go downwhat i liked the premise what i didn't like isabelle and simon never really talked so i couldn't really buy the love that they supposedly felt for one another by the end also the family was a little bit too kooky without being grounded in any reality there was a lot going on so it felt like there wasn't really any focus on anything the kooky family the best friend acting strange the aunt's failed love the parents' weird behaviour the boss and co workers being overly interested in the roommate the sister who doesn't respond etc etc etc

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The Party SeasonWhen life hands her lemons she makes a French martiniLife is one big party for event planner Isabel Serranti Armed with cell and laptop she’s game to field any fete–including her next nearly impossible gig an impromptu themed party Five hundred guests? No problem On Two stars makes it seems like a hated the book and I didn't It was formulaic It was predictable But it wasn't offensive or terrible I would recommend Chasing James and Society Girls by this author instead of this one