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MBA Admission for Smarties Going for an MBA? Show your management smarts by following this straight talking advice that will direct you through the MBA admissions maze Written by two leading experts in MBA admissions consulting MBA Admissions for Smarties reveals vital yet often neglected steps that will save you from the needless disappointment of applying at the wrong time for the wrong reasons or to the wrong programsPart 1 of the book maps out key factors to consider before you actually apply It guides you through clarifying your goals for an MBA – and why it’s essential that you do so It shows you how to research MBA programs to see if you This is a great book to buy if you are considering getting your MBA The book is organized in two parts 1 Identify and setting your strategy and 2 tips on how to set you apart from other candidates The key things I found helpful in the book are the Bottom Line summaries at the end of each chapter summarizing the key points clear and meaningful examples that help understand the concepts and sample resumes and the options for those that have a lower than ideal GMAT or GPA results Definitely recommend if even considering a MBA so you can expect the level work invovled

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Are a good fit and teaches you how to evaluate your ualifications for your target schools This section concludes by preparing you to choose the right schools for you taking into account your uniueness as an individual with a uniue learning stylePart 2 focuses on presentation – the nuts and bolts of the application process 1 Essential tips on writing with clarity specifics and meaning 2 Key steps to maximizing the impact of specific essay types such as those that ask about goals leadership overcoming failure and personal influences 3 Secrets of crafting a strong MBA resume it’s not a job resume and gathering outstandi First i want to say thank you to Linda Judy i won a copy of this book from goodreads I truly found this book very insightful to the process of applying to a MBA program Although I may never apply to a MBA program I am certain that I will use this information to my advantage when I apply for admission to graduate school Anyone that is applying for graduate school should really read this book The shoulds and should nots are in the book

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Book Æ MBA Admission for Smarties 180 pages Download ☆ Danpashley ´ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ MBA Admission for Smarties By Linda Abraham ✐ – Going for an MBA? Show your management smarts by following this straight talking advice that will direct you through the MBA Ng letters of recommendation that can tip the scales in your favor 4 Indispensable steps to prepare you to shine during your interviews 5 Finally a special section with advice for special applicant groups waitlisted reapplicants career changers military overrepresented groups and underrepresented minorities as well as older applicants and younger applicants MBA Admissions for Smarties is loaded with examples from winning essays resumes and letters of recommendation as well as advice from admissions committee directors and other industry experts If you plan to apply to a top MBA program this book will become your best frie This is very informative and useful for those applying to or intending to apply to MBA programs It gives you an idea of where you are in relation to the reuirements for admission and is very straightforward Really helpful