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EPUB º MOBI MaddAddam ò Ó ❮KINDLE❯ ✾ MaddAddam Author Margaret Atwood – Danpashley.co.uk A man made plague has swept the earth but a small group survives along with the green eyed Crakers – a gentle species bio engineered to replace humans Toby onetime member of the Gods Gardeners and e A man made plague has swept tWho has an interesting past The Crakers’ reluctant prophet Snowman the Jimmy is hallucinating Amanda is in shock from a Painballer attack and Ivory Bill yearns for the provocative Swift Fox who is flirting with Zeb Meanwhile giant Pigoons and malevolent Painballe I have completion anxiety or whatever it's called If it's a trilogy of books we are talking about YES it WILL take me YEARS to complete Thankfully Maddaddam book three immediately reminds you of why you fell in love with Atwood's postapocalyptic world in the first placeIt has parts of Oryx and Crake Year of the Flood in it the former a sprawling genesis of the apocalypse the latter a personal tale of what it takes to survive it Maddaddam contains a mixture of both there is an immediate and an epic like uality to it It is sad and actually very very funny This is MARGARET ATWOOD'S FUNNIEST novel to date She's constructed a world that resembles this one all the main figures avatars of Jesus and Adam Eve and Cain and Abel have been represented well They are emblematic They are most of them video game playing persons who've given life to a new world orderI really admire the writer's impulse to create a world larger than The Handmaid's Tale her most famous book and to have a blast creating worlds that incorporate nature technology both This is probably one of the best literary trilogiesIt's very satisfying to say the least

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Rs threaten to attack Told with wit dizzying imagination and dark humour Booker Prize winning Margaret Atwood’s unpredictable chilling and hilarious MaddAddam takes us further into a challenging dystopian world and holds up a skewed mirror to our own possible futu Some uestions are best left unanswered and some endings are better off unwritten because sometimes the uestion itself is what makes the piece so extraordinary Revealing what happens next could only ever be disappointing This felt like a massive overwrite Atwood is only joining the dots here piecing together the threads of storytelling and character arcs left open from the previous two instalments that were only ever vaguely related to each other It’s like a forced conclusion as it’s all shoved into a box with a nice little bow wrapped around it It’s also terribly repetitive going over the events from Oryx and Crake again Much of this novel is stuck in the past and it adds very little to the trilogy at large It has no momentum and no presence I honestly don’t understand why she even bothered to write it There’s nothing new here A huge part of the book is told from the perspective of Zeb a minor character from book two and we learn his experience about events we’ve already read about I just don’t get it as the book plods on at a mind numbingly boring pace nothing really happens The ending itself or at least the event that I saw as bringing Jimmy’s story to closure was absolutely pointless And in a way this makes me massively worried about what’s to come next Later this year she is releasing a seuel to The Handmaid’s Tale Part of the that book's brilliance was the openness of its ending Atwood said all that she needed to; the particulars of the plot weren’t overly important so I’m a little worried she may fall into a similar trap I hope I never rate an Atwood novel this low again MaddAddam Trilogy1 Oryx and Crake 5 stars2 The Year of the Flood 5 stars3 MaddAddam 2 stars You can connect with me on social media via My Linktree

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MaddAddamA man made plague has swept the earth but a small group survives along with the green eyed Crakers – a gentle species bio engineered to replace humans Toby onetime member of the Gods Gardeners and expert in mushrooms and bees is still in love with street smart Zeb Oh dear Okay It's only fair that I say something about this novel since karen was kindly enough to gift me the ARC so I could read it before it came out but you should know that a large part of me doesn't even want to discuss this because like you I went to grade school and had it drilled in my head that if you can't think of something nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all I have of course strayed wildly from that path as a grownup ish humanoid but this is Margaret Atwood we're talking about here I respect her like crazy and if you do too then I think you deserve some answers for my blase reaction to this final installment in her MaddAddam Trilogy Don't shoot the messenger Naturally I was very excited about this both before I had it in my hands and after the first couple of minichapters Like a True Blood episode the story cold opens right where The Year of the Flood and Oryx and Crake ended Our storylines have merged and off we go zooooom Right back in the shit And thenAnd then the story goes all daytime drama I don't know how to structure each criticism or praise into a cohesive series of paragraphs considering I am a bit all over the place about this so I'll use the ole point by point in no discernible order methodToby Remember Toby She's the strong commanding female presence in The Year of the Flood the one who endures horrific sexual torture hollows out her reproductive system in order to make rent without letting it ruin her sense of self changes her identityappearance and gives up her very existence to go into hiding so she could protect those she loved in God's Gardeners holes up and weathers the plague all alone by resourcefully hoarding and cultivating food and other essentials while fighting off hybrid monster animal things and rapists alike the woman who without a second thought grabs a shotgun and chases after Amanda when she gets grabbed by the Painballers at great and unnecessary risk to herself You know Toby the baaaaad motherfucker Well in MaddAddam I started getting a little convinced that Toby had been replaced by a Stepford Wife To say she's lovesick throughout the novel is oh boy uite the understatement Seriously all she thinks about and she is the primary narrator is Zeb Zeb Zeb Zebby Debby Doo Zibbity Dibbity Dib Doodle Doo I wuv you Did the world end Who cares when Zeb may be cheating on me Is he cheating on me He's talking to one of the girls They were out hunting for a long time Does that mean he's fucking her Oh no what if he's fucking her Considering he's my lover I should probably just ask instead of sitting here speculating for days and days and days but that wouldn't take up 30 chapters I'll just whine in my diary like a 13 year old instead because apparently that's what badass Toby does now Seriously this Toby would have been jealous if Zeb owned a female cat And that just did not sit well with me I couldn't accustom myself to this new and strange desire to smack this character She was my favoriteZeb His story and the way it merged with that of Adam One best part of the book He is the magnet pulling together all the crazy dystopian hypertechy world elements in the first and second novels from the oil based religious groups and creepy child murder trade stuff and simulated interactive torture sex and guillotine deaths of naked women via a much evolved internet government ie corporate sponsored cannibalism Battle Royale style live entertainment Painball the works All of human nature's worst on parade a blanket numb acceptance on its way to flagrant embracing of debauchery exploitation overconsumption and violence You know the important stuff the good stuff the what was fascinating about this story stuff Any time we were in this world not enough I'd argue but still I was back in the swing of the novel guns blazingThe writing and never before have I said this about Atwood felt droll in places and just sort of flat and forced in some others The dialogue in particular irked me considering the urgent danger these characters were in of being massacred by the painballers I know people joke around and that these characters are of differing intelligence levels and ages with disparate priorities and senses of humor and means of dealing with stress and whatnot but everybody sorta talked like it was all one big joke Like it was just another lazy day on the porch swing with straw in teeth and feet propped up just shooting the shit while watching the sun set I admit that I've never personally been stalked by two psychopathic cannibal rapists with crazy futuristic guns in a lawless post apocalyptic warzone but I don't think I would be cracking dick jokes and worrying about petty jealousies if I were Well maybe the dick jokes but not all the timeJimmy Remember Snowman From Oryx and Crake Well if you were excited to catch back up on his story like I was then I'm sorry to let you down but he's in a coma for the majority of the novel If you hated Oryx and Crake and find Jimmy's storyline uninteresting then I am pleased to inform you that he is in a coma for the majority of the novelAmanda Oy vey that was a fascinating and powerful descent which was painfully executed to great effect in this final novel Amanda was the tough as a tiger pleebrat from the second novel the resourceful youth who wiggled her way into Ren's life and infiltrated the God's Gardeners even despite her strikingly contradictory personality back story and beliefs In MaddAddam our other super strong female character meaning Amanda has been almost completely crushed by her experiences with the painballers She is near catatonic doesn't do much but slowly seap tears and has been stripped of her fiery personality as a result of being brutalized in ways you couldn'tshouldn't even imagine PTSD like crazy which is both understandable and horrible given the circumstances Any scene she was in gave me the willies Much as I don't like what she has been through Atwood handled that part of the story specifically the shift in power dynamics between her and her best friend Ren which resulted gracefully and hauntingly I'm saddened to lose these two characters forever And I am taping my boobs up and wearing a fake mustache everywhere if I ever end up at the end of the world because Jesus Fucking ChristIt looks like I did end up ranting after all Allow me to throw some ualifiers your way my expectations were way high about this book so I could be being harsh the ending is wonderful and ties everything up pretty nicely so you should read this for that catharsis alone and I don't know shit about shit so you shouldn't listen to me about anything anyway I am glad I read it Certain things just bugged me but that could be because this story and I have known each other for about 5 years now and may be at the point where we are just expecting to let one another down because it's all we know any Over familiarity is a definite possibility That doesn't mean I'm not sad to see her go Please don't let me keep you from giving this novel a fighting chance