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Mad Dog House kindle ✓ Paperback ð [KINDLE] ❅ Mad Dog House ❦ Mark Rubinstein – Roddy Dolan a successful suburban surgeon long ago left behind his past one that nearly landed him in jail at 17 When he's approached by an old friend about becoming a silent partner in a Manhattan st Roddy Dolan a successfRoddy Dolan a successful suburban surgeon long ago left behind his past one that nearly landed him in jail at 17 When he's approached by an old friend about becoming a silent partner in a Manhattan steakhouse he's understandably wary So he consults with his lifelong blood brother Danny Burns Danny's convinced this vanity project is the In Mad Dog House Mark Rubinstein has created an intriguing dark journey filled with suspense From the beginning and throughout the entire book we are riveted by an intense foreboding as Roddy Dolan a successful surgeon is visited by a seemingly stranger during the last appointment slot of his work schedule As the conversation evolves we find out this stranger is not unknown to Roddy but is an acuaintance from his past This in itself creates a level of subliminal caution and tension for the reader Dolan is presented an opportunity to invest in a business which is generally a high risk investment which after some convincing and consultation with his account and family he accepts The author skillfully keeps us wondering why this surgeon with all the trappings of success including a wonderful family a house in Westchester County and the reuisite luxury SUV would even consider such an investment given the shady approach by his past acuaintance Do we not move on beyond youthful friendships? Herein lies the major theme of Rubinstein in that the past is prologue which will intrigue us throughout this intense thriller Perhaps even causing us the readers to analyze the roots of our decision mechanisms In the case of Roddy Dolan this process will endanger virtually everything and everyone he holds dear Ultimately it is the character of Roddy Dolan we are exploring and will continue to contemplate after putting the book downprobably after completing it in one reading I cannot recommend this dark thriller strongly I look forward to from this author with great anticipationMad Dog House

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T of control and the lives Roddy and Danny knew are over Hidden shady dealings drag them and their families into life threatening terrain Struggling with a monster he thought he'd buried Roddy must make momentous choices and none are good But he has a daring plan Finalist ForeWord's 2012 Book of the Year award Thriller Suspense categor It was great fun to read this book Mark Rubinstein does a terrific job of peaking your interest from the first pageand keeping it until the last Part of the reason that you will find yourself unable to turn the pages fast enough is the authors ability to hook you into the characters He does this less through description and analysis and through the in your face rapid fire dialog that jumps from every page There is also a vividly sketched sense of place that comes through Think Pete Hamill's gritty urban New York or Dennis Lehane or Andre DuBois's hard scrabble Boston As a child of BurroughsNew York I found myself remembering accents smells and attitudes I had not thought about in years And if you did not grow up in New York City you will surely have a sense of what that was like Yes this book lives up to its' billing as a suspense thriller but it also offers the thoughtful reader an opportunity to ponder the meaning of friendship loyalty and character So ladies don't dismiss this book as a testosterone charged buddy book I promise you that it has to recommend itTerry Williams

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Mad Dog House Perfect trophy to illustrate how far they've travelled Certain he's buried his checkered past Roddy joins in this venture with serious reservations Danny is uickly sucked into the high energy glitz of the restaurant but Roddy is suspiciousAmidst the glitter of New York's nightlife amongst Mafia honchos and Russian thugs events spin ou 'Mad Dog House' is a humdinger of a bookRoddy Dolan successful surgeon and contented family man appears to have left his violent criminal past behind him until fate intervenesMark Rubinstein has penned a compelling tale of those deeds that cast long shadows The writing is spare and taut the characters believable and the author marshalls his narrative skillfully The psychology of fear and dread is masterfully handled as the story speeds towards a horrific visceral climaxI look forward to reading from Mr Rubinstein 'Love Gone Mad' is already on my Kindle