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Outcast Star Wars Fate of the Jedi #1After a violent civil war and the devastation wrought by the now fallen Darth Caedus the Galactic Alliance is in crisis and in need From all corners politicians power brokers and military leaders converge on Coruscant for a crucial summit to restore order negotiate differences and determine the future of their unified worlds But even critical and far uncertain is the future of the JediIn a shocking move Chief of State Natasi Daala orders the arrest of Luke Skywalker for failing to prevent Jacen Solo's turn to the dark side and his subseue Ah the joy of reliving Star Wars in new ways You know you're a junkie for the stuff when you dive into SW universe fiction just to get a hit off that good good shizzAaron Allston's Outcast in which the Jedi order is being subverted kicks off the nine novel Fate of the Jedi series for the Star Wars franchise Allston would write three of the novels while two other writers worked on the other six and all this was done within three years That's a lot of writing in a short period It would seem like they just wanted to pump this stuff out I mean nine books in three years is a lot On the other hand it's only one book per year for each writer That should be doable without rushing things uality should be maintainedAllston probably would've done better with time Outcast reads like an early draft in which place holder text is left on the page in order to expedite the writing process A writer at leisure would go back and revise remove redundancies vary the language make sure the words have the correct meaning for context I don't care about the vast expoinfo dumps or the tropes trooping about This is a sci fi soap opera I get that I'm just looking at this from a reader's perspective The ability to run your eyes over the page without tripping up on some non sensical sentiment or having the 4th wall busted down because a repetitious phrase is hitting your eyes with the consistency and irritation of a Chinese water torture device If you're a Star Wars fan young or old there's good to be found within these pages The action scenes are handled well Plus our old friends Luke Leia Han C3P0 and R2D2 are all here Joining them are a platoon of sons and daughters nieces and nephews and grandkids The warm fuzzy of familiarity brought on by beloved characters goes a long way in fostering forgiveness for the book's other faults If you're a Star Wars read this and enjoy

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FREE MOBI ✓ DOC Outcast Star Wars Fate of the Jedi #1 9780345509062 è DANPASHLEY ☆ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Outcast Star Wars Fate of the Jedi #1 By Aaron Allston – After a violent civil war and the devastation wrought by the now fallen Darth Caedus the Galactic AllRbidden to intervene in Jedi affairs Luke is determined to keep history from being repeated With his son Ben at his side Luke sets out to unravel the shocking truth behind Jacen Solo's corruption and downfall But the secrets he uncovers among the enigmatic Force mystics of the distant world Dorin may bring his uest and life as he knows it to a sudden end And all the while another Jedi Knight consumed by the same madness as Valin Horn is headed for Coruscant on a fearsome mission that could doom the Jedi Order and devastate the entire gala A great start to the series; wonder what happens next

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Nt reign of terror as a Sith Lord But it's only the first blow in an anti Jedi backlash fueled by a hostile government and suspicious public When Jedi Knight Valin Horn scion of a politically influential family suffers a mysterious psychotic break and becomes a dangerous fugitive the Jedi become the target of a media driven witch hunt Facing conviction on the damning charges Luke has only one choice He must strike a bargain with the calculating Daala his freedom in exchange for his exile from Coruscant and from the Jedi OrderNow though fo I prefer this storyline much than the Disney storyline Very entertaining but be warned you will dislike what Disney has done with Star Wars if you continue this path Just sayingnow off to book 2 in this series