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mobi ð It Gets Better ↠ Dan Savage Growing up isn't easy Many young people endure bullying that makes them feel they have nowhere to turn especially LGBT kids and teens who often hide their sexuality for fear of being bullied Without openly gay mentors they don't know what the future may hold After a number of suicides by LGBT students who When I was a deeply closeted college student the It Gets Better Project held tremendous power Throughout my senior year I would watch the videos in my room with headphones so my roommate wouldn't know what I was doing and I would cry over the beauty and happiness that every video purported could one day be mine Now I have been out for almost two years I have been on dates and even had relationships I have found love and I have found heartache Above all I am content with who I am and have a supportive family and network of friends So I read this book out of curiosity than any need for reassurance or encouragement But I still found it a compelling read and an important one for LGBT youth The stories contained in this volume are varied; lesbian gay bisexual transgender uestioning and ally voices are all represented and offer different perspectives on overcoming bullying and embracing difference Most importantly the stories are for the most part relatable People from all walks of life are able to convey their experiences to readers and allow them to see the similarities to their own struggles and heartache If I were still closeted I would have found unspeakable hope in this volume; as an out gay man I still do My one criticism while the overarching message of the book was positive I still found some submissions to be condescending self absorbed and not at all helpful to a young person in the closet Some authors decided to gloss over their past pain and instead focus on their accomplishments with their sexuality as a footnote Celebrities especially had a tendency to offer shameless plugs for their accomplishments and careers rather than a sense of how they supplanted their negative emotions with positivity and self confidence I am not strengthened by what you've done if I don't understand how you did it Despite my ualms I would wholeheartedly recommend this volume to an LGBT person who needs to hear loud and clear that it gets better Should my perpetual education ever end and I find myself in a high school classroom of my very own I will offer this book freely to students who need to hear its message

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read epub Þ It Gets Better ì Hardcover Ð danpashley Á ❮EPUB❯ ✶ It Gets Better Author Dan Savage – Growing up isn't easy Many young people endure bullying that makes them feel they have nowhere to turn especially LGBT kids and teens who often hide their sexuality fo Were bullied in school syndicated columnist Dan Savage uploaded a video to YouTube with his partner Terry Miller to inspire hope for LGBT youth The video launched the 'It Gets Better Project' initiating a worldwide phenomenon This is a collection of expanded essays and new material from celebrities and eve This is heartbreaking The fact that it even needed to be written is so sad I guess mainly because I look at my happy lovely wonderful little son know that someday he's going to teased because of something or other Someone is going to try to make him feel bad about something that he is or does This book gets repetetive after awhile but I am not a gay teen so I suppose I didn't read it out of the necessity of absolutely having to to hear over over again and to know my teen years were hellish but look at me now Either it gets better or you just get stronger And I hope that someone somewhere that needs that message gets it Because honestly high school was no picnic for me either but it's just four years of your life It seems so far away these days and I get so much relief out of that fact

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It Gets BetterRyday people who have posted videos of encouragement as well as new contributors We can show LGBT youth the happiness potential and positivity their lives will have if they can get through their teen years It Gets Better reminds teenagers in the LGBT community that they are not alone and it WILL get better The It Gets Better campaign has helped millions of ueer youth across the world including myself I picked this up hoping it would be a little pick me up read and I was curious to see how the two editors managed to narrow down thousands of videos into a simple collectionThe greatest thing this collection manages to achieve is to supply the reader with a diverse array of stories and voices We have people both straight and gay cis and trans famous and unknown young and old But beyond those dichotomies we have a solid mix of race religion and experience It's mostly guaranteed that you will find someone who relates to you here The best part about this read for me was coming across a couple of people who shared thoughts that I had kept in the recesses of my mind things I thought no one else could empathize with And it was absolutely heartwarming hearing people express similar hopes and fearsOf course there are some stinkers in here Most of these come from the political figures included such as President Obama They are nice in sentiment but in general are so vague and constructed to offer up much help The best stories are the personal ones ingrained with detail and brimming with emotion Those are the ones that will move you shake you and comfort you Luckily there are dozens of them included here