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Ebook Æ Houseboat on the Nile 350 pages Ä [Read] ➵ Houseboat on the Nile By Tinnean – Danpashley.co.uk Mark Vincent is WBIS—Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security uinton Mann is staunchly CIA Mark thinks the CIA is full of dilettantes who leave him and the rest of the WBIS to clean up their m Mark Vincent is WBIS—WTheir messes uinn thinks most WBIS agents are sociopathic loose cannons So they don’t exactly get alongOf course just because they don’t like each other doesn’t mean they can’t play Sigh PerfectionWho would've thought I've seen this book around before but decided now to give it a chance and here we have it folks 5 whole fucking starsThis book is the ultimate in cat and mouseSpoilersThis book was fantastic Fast paced fun the length was appropriate charming characters uniue plot that was a little sick and twisted in parts but constantly made me laughThere are elements to this book that should've bothered me An abundance of exclamation marks in the dialogue the multiple points of view which I normally uite dislike the hilariously bad sex talkNope not me I loved it all Ate it upVincent Have I ever fallen for a man so hard Well yes but he's my official new book boyfriend until I decide to whore myself out to some other fictional character The ease of which he tortures and kills people is straight up hilarious And his constant lying Hilarious He seems so cold but to me it was so funny and so charming I love my men who can kill and rampage without blinking an eye He's so closed off to sweet uinton's games And I love itI loved uinton He was so sweet and and his Vincent's constant game of What the fuck is he up to was so hilarious So hilariousWould recommend To everyone In fact read it right this second

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Mark Vincent is WBIS Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security uinton Mann is staunchly CIA Mark thinks the CIA is full of dilettantes who leave him and the rest of the WBIS to clean up You know I just read this for the points in the Scavenger Hunt And while the points were good I'm starting to feel like a rent boy who's been hired to dress like a duck and eat bread while some fucker masterbates on me Yeah it pays well but at the end of the day you smell of stale bread and a dude is wacking it on your tail feathers At that point you really need to start re evaluating some of your life choicesThis book was stupid and annoying We had to constantly reread the same scenes over and over and were told the same information like 80 different times as if the author was in fear that we suffered from short term memory loss Which yeah after wanting to bang my head against the wall every ten minutes maybe he has the right to be afraid that his readers have lost the ability to remember salient pointsSo yeah I got the points but I'm now having to vacuum out bread crumbs from my sheets and the dude at the costume loan shop is giving me funny looks Can't help but feel that it wasn't really worth it

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Houseboat on the NileMind games on each other Or sleep together But when an explosion Houseboat on MOBI #221 at Mark’s apartment sends uinn to the morgue to ID a body he has to reevaluate his position on deni I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Houseboat On The Nile Take two guys one an operative for the CIA uinton Mann and another Mark Vincent for the WBIS Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security and you get a spook and a spy who may not think much of each other on the job but outside of it can't keep their hands off each other The ST is 'off the charts ' sizzling and totally made the book for me because even though neither of them want to be attracted to each other the pull is so strong that resitance becomes futile Watching them try to get one up on each other is funny sneaky and sexy as hell Alongside this horny cat and mouse game is also a really good storyline full of plotting and intrigue I really liked the way Tinnean switched their POV'son the same scenes it really showed the diferences in their personalities and IMO gave the book a really uniue feel Some people found it annoying but I found it illuminating There are some fantastic supporting characters who I found myself really caring for especially Pretty Boy Sweetcheeks Spike and Matheson Read this and I gurantee you will tooFabulous series fabulous fellas and a fabulous addition to my all time faves Loved it