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PDF ´ BOOK Glamorous Illusions Grand Tour #1 FREE ✓ LISA TAWN BERGREN Ô [PDF / Epub] ★ Glamorous Illusions Grand Tour #1 By Lisa Tawn Bergren – Danpashley.co.uk The first book in the Grand Tour series Glamorous Illusions will take readers on a pilgrimage through Europe and straight inGrand Tour Epub #181 The first book in the Grand Tour series Glamorous Illusions will take readers on a pilgrimage through Europe Glamorous Illusions Epuband straight into the soul It's the summer of and Cora Kensington's life on the family farm has Illu I was weary about this one It's a great storyline the author is good at spinning those up However I had a problem with the authors last books the 'river of time' series Because the writing was super cheesy and silly sometimes It's like the skeleton of the plot as a whole is great but what's inside is mush This one sadly follows those lines half the timeGlamorous Illusions starts out super polite the writing is almost over explanatory Everything is explained even when it doesn't need to be Or over analysed It's also very melodramatic in the way it's handled I can almost hear the soap opera music playing especially in the first few chapters The main character Cora has something to say about everything I mean everything This gets old In the first few chapters her stubborn nature keeps butting heads with everyone else's opinions for her family Those emotions seem overkill It doesn't help with connecting to her characters or even feeling bad for her Their is just something about this author where the storyline draws one in but the writing can draw one completely out just as fast It's definitely a catch 22 The author uses multiple points of view and for once this actually helps with understanding the POV of the main characters Their is a lot going on with the story line The story does have some major culture holes riddled throughout Illegitimacy among the upper class in that time was never recognized Much alone talked about so freely with servants So having a story based on an illegitimate daughter actually coming out in society is far fetched Lisa T Bergren does have moments where she shines and that includes her side characters If she wrote her side characters half as funny or charming or complex as she writes her main characters her books would be much better

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Ites her to tour Europe with her new family As she travels from England to France Cora faces the hardships as well as the privileges of assuming the family name And though now she knows of her true identity she soon discovers the journey is only beginnin This series has been on my to read list for a couple years This is an interesting series about a poor young woman in a small town is suddenly thrust into the aristocratic would when at age 20 the truth of her parentage is revealed and she finds out her biological father is a copper magnate with wealth and power beyond her wildest dreams Within a matter on days she is on a Grand Tour of Europe with 3 siblings she barely knows leaving everything familiar behind The story is intriguing the locales fantastic and some twists and turns I didn't see coming A good read that I enjoyed

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Glamorous Illusions Grand Tour #1Sions Grand Tour ePUB #8608 taken a dark turn After burying the only father she's ever known she lost her beau in a tragic accident Then a stranger comes to call In one fateful afternoon Cora discovers that her birth father is a copper king a man who inv I grew up reading Lisa Tawn Bergren's work lots of her contemporary romances passed through my hands when I was a teenager but I honestly haven't picked up one of her books in years This one I just happened to stumble over this last week one I'd planned to read for awhile but never got around to Kindle had a deal I bought Glamorous Illusions and then proceeded to read it in about 2 days I just enjoyed it and myself so much This book is a transporting and diverting read and I loved losing myself for at least a couple of days And to my surprise I found out about 34 of the way through that it's actually a little bit of a Cinderella story Who knewJust for a brief write up on the plot Cora Diehl a young woman living on a small farm in Montana in 1913 discovers that she's actually the illegitimate half daughter of insanely wealthy Wallace Kensington a copper king Just now introducing himself Mr Kensington is giving Cora an opportunity to try his lifestyle on for size which includes meeting his 3 legitimate children and even taking the Grand Tour of Europe with them It will be an uphill battle she didn't realize how much uphill but Cora finds herself up to the challenge as a love of art and history and travel is awakened within her as well as a deepening understanding of herself as a young woman in the early 1900s of suffrage and of her place as a believer in JesusThere we go simply stated but also downplayed because the book takes many twists and turns Cora discovers that her siblings aren't as easy to get to know as she might have hoped especially Vivian she spurns unwanted attentions from the son of another family traveling with them develops an attraction to the bear in training a glorified tour guide William McCabe and constantly wars within herself over her happy humble beginnings versus the new world opening up before her Which could involve being courted and wooed by a French aristocrat Pierre de RichelieuAnd this leads me to the connection with CinderellaOf course you already see it a little bit A rags to riches story of a young woman except that the family she already had was loving and kind while the one she's breaking into has its own sort of selfishness and vanity but apart from that the tales are very similar Oh and God sort of plays the fairy godmother since He orchestrated a lot of what happens by simply being who He is I love that partBut it is the ball that Pierre hosts while they're under his care in Paris where he owns a massive chateau that is absolutely stunning at least the way I imagine it The ball was already pre planned so he didn't do it just for the Kensingtons and their party but it is so magical and it is a masked masuerade ball with everyone dressed in Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette inspired garb even Cora in a radiant blue gown and powdered wig Really the entire part of Glamorous Illusions that happens at the ball is just stunning Pierra as the host chooses Cora for the first dance and then she wheels away for fresh air in the garden since she doesn't know what to do with the emotions he invokes in her Afterwards while still in their costumes he puts a scarf over his eyes and trails her through an outdoor hedge maze a game she agreed to play tracking her If he finds her she must surrender a kiss If she evades him and escapes the maze before he catches her he will row her across a lake gifting her an hour of much needed silence Of course he wins and she shares her first truly impassioned kiss but being the gentleman he is Pierre agrees to give her her boat ride as well This is before she flees from Pierre flustered by the kiss and Will the tour guide thinks Pierre has sullied her honor and gives Pierre a mean right hook Of course there's always drama and than one love interest which is interesting because I truly like both menThe masuerade seuence is magical and Cora's half sisters are frustrated by Pierre's attention to her and even go so far as to make Cinderella references with Vivian snarking Was it not enough that she had to embarrass us all with her public proclamation to Lord de Richelieu meaning telling him she was illegitimate now she envisions herself as Cinderella at the ball Honestly now she's disappeared again To which an accompanying young man remarks Perhaps she's left behind a glass slipper The little references to Cinderella made the book perfectI honestly wasn't sure if I would enjoy Glamorous Illusions when I first started it but by the end I loved it and since it's a continuous series about this single Grand Tour I expected the book to take its time getting from one place to another which it does No hurry no fuss just plenty of scenery costuming flirting and travel all while Cora tries to find herself I doubt that the prince our Cinderella kissed at the ball will be her true love but that's okay It still made for a magical moment within the novelOn one final note lovers of Downton Abbey will undoubtedly adore this series It's perfectly Edwardian most of the time except for the Louis XVI masuerade ball which just adds to the allure and mystiue of the novel ❤