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read Desperate Measures Wicked Villains #1 doc ¶ Kindle Edition Ñ danpashley Å ❮BOOKS❯ ✮ Desperate Measures Wicked Villains #1 Author Katee Robert – My Savior Or My Ruin? One night and my entire life went up in flames All because of him Jafar As my wOves the punishments he deals out when I break them But a gilded cage is still a prison I’ll do anything to obtain my freedom Even betray the man I’m falling fo 4 'This Jasmine doesn't need Aladdin' starsEdit 23 Dec 19 A tiny review of bonus Christmas Winter Solstice scene at the bottom “A traitorous daughter and her father’s murderer Maybe we really do deserve each other” This is a story of revenge and love and power A story about a villain and a princess falling in loveThere is a forbidden relationship between Jafar and Jasmine He was her father's second in command and has been lusting after her since the moment he saw her And Jasmine well she wanted Jafar from the start too I stare up at him at war with myself I want him How could I not want Jafar? He’s gorgeous and dangerous and forbidden in a way that tempts me all the She’s mine She’s been mine since I laid eyes on her However even if they do want each other they both want to bring the other to the knees literally and figuratively And what a fight of wills this is There's enough sexual tension between these two to set the book on fire So you know be careful when reading wink “You want me to come here in a rage and take it out on that tight little pussy of yours while you scream that you hate me and yet pull me closer all the while” What can I say when they get down and dirty it's kinky and hot as hell And often And everywhere That was such a smut fest Smutty heaven I tell youThere are a lot of very intriguing characters as well Hades Meg the MCs of the next novel We are in for a treat with those two And I'm pretty sure that we haven't seen the last of HookI obviously liked the book very much but there was something missing in the story I can't uite put my finger on what it's just that I was waiting for something the whole book and then it was the end I must say a fantastic end Still I wouldn't mind another chapter or two “What is a kingdom without a ueen?” Jasmine's Winter Solstice Katee sent a short bonus scene for newsletter's subscribers A glimpse into Jasmin and Jafar's life together Yes it's hot and smutty Yes I'd totally like He makes me feel so dirty and so protected all at the same time I love it I love him And I'm very intrigued who is Alaric Hope to meet him in Hades' book

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My Savior Or My Ruin? One night and my entire life went up in flames All because of him Jafar As my world burned down around me he offered me a choice Walk away wit i just couldn't get into this one which makes me sad since so many people seem to love these smutty retellings might try again at some point but most likely will just give a different novella series from Katee Robert a try first

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Desperate Measures Wicked Villains #1H nothing but my freedom Or rise to his challenge and win my fortune back I bargained I lost Now Jafar owns me and even as my mind rails against his rules my body l 5 Obedient Stars ⭐️ Based loosely around Aladdin ‘Desperate Measures’ is the story of kinky villain Jafar who claims Princess Jasmine after stripping her father of his riches and empire  As her father’s second in command Jafar has been taken with Jasmine from their first meeting Having lived in a gilded cage all her life Jasmine is devastated to discover that she has been forced to exchange one cage for another  And let me assure you this story throws you into the upheaval from the very beginning She’s mine now the same way her father’s fortune and businesses and allies are mine Although terrified of her new life Jasmine is confused about her attraction and hidden submissive cravings towards a much older Jafar  With a backbone to admire she is the ultimate heroine Jasmine has no intention of adhering to Jafar’s way and will do her damnest to fight him every step of the way And this is a battle that Jafar is than happy to undertake  They could never comprehend the level of betrayal that I wanted him to defile me the way I did that I welcomed his touch even as I mouthed all the protests I could muster The author describes this book as Consensual non consent sexual story  If you are not opposed to this trope you are in for a treat  In the underworld Jasmine will discover that all she has lusted for and dreamed about can be hers at the hand of Jafar This is off course in exchange for her obedience 🔥 I’ll be good Daddy I promise” I want his cock I want him to force me down and drive into me I want so many things Things I’ve barely allowed myself to fantasise about It felt too cruel to do it before to want something I was never going to be allowed to have