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Free download NIV, Holy Bible, Larger Print, Paperback 105 Ç [BOOKS] ✪ NIV, Holy Bible, Larger Print, Paperback Author Join or create book clubs – A low cost outreach Bible with added features in a readable 98 point type sizeThe NIV Holy Bible Larger Print is a great witness tool to give to first time BIon NIVBook Invitations that help explain the context for each book of the BibleThe Drama of the Bible in Six Acts helps you see how the Bible comes together to tell Gods true story and his plan to set the world right againSelection of Old Testament and New Testament mapsDouble column formatExtended table of Holy Bible Larger PDFEPUB #195 contents that helps put the books of the Bible in their historical groupingsVisual chronology that helps see God's unfolding storyReadable point type sizeThe New International Version NIV is the worlds bestselling modern English Bible tr. Great NIV Bible easy to read print nicely done book Great price tooI've had KJV all my reading life I have now bought this NIV and a NewKJV NKJV also paperback so I can use them for study I was recently looking for a Bible without the ye thee and thou's etc BUT I realize those ye thee and thou's help you understand context they are not obsolete just Old English I only have KJV NIV and NKJV BiblesSomething I learned by having this NIV is that KJV has a lot of references noted within it's scriptures to definitionstranslations and other Bible verses and chapters For the most part if you read those KJV listed references into the KJV passages it's like you are reading the NIV NIV mostly uses the wordsmeanings KJV version references refer to I have not read my new NIV cover to cover yet prettymuchWhy are Bibles versions differentKJV was written in 1611 the Old Testament translated from Hebrew the New Testament from Greek Textus ReceptusNIV is not a KJV rewrite NIV was written from scratch from Greek Hebrew and Aramaic translations in 1979 in modern EnglishNKJV was written in 1980 1982 to sort of modernize the KJV language while keeping the accuracy of it reads differently than both KJV and NIV BiblesIn all three of these the writers wanted to be as accurate to the original scriptures as possible Hebrew word meanings will vary based on the context of the passage The context indicates what the word should meanSometimes as happens there was no translation word to match an original word so writers tried to relay the meaning insteadSometimes old Hebrew words were translated differently by different biblical translators Easy example did Jesus die on the cross or a stake Dont let these things divide us We know that He died for our sins nailed to woodOr how about God created the heaven and the vs God created the heavens and thewell which is it Is there than one Pearly Gate Heaven Was heavens referring to earth's atmospheres or heaven the whole atmosphere as a single unit Heaven is not literally floating around in our galaxy Dont get hung up on one letterInterpretational variances or even obvious copy errors by humans the number 22 written as 42 in some ancient texts but not all of them the person in context being actually 22 when became a king dont change the inerrancy of Gods wordLikewise Matthew Mark and Luke are not three different stories that sound similar Once you understand why they seem different you realize they aren't Like who begat Joseph husband of Mary Joseph's biological father or Mary's Joseph's of course He was last male of his family line so he ends up taking Mary's maiden name as was tradition There is no conflict when you know what blood line each gospel's author is referring to If you need help there are books that explain all the conflicts in Bible scripture

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Anslationaccurate readable and clear yet rich with the detail found in the original languages The NIV is the result of over years of work by the Committee on Bible Translation who oversee the efforts of many contributing scholars Representing the spectrum of evangelicalism the translators come from a wide range of denominations and various countries and continually review new research to ensure the NIV remains at the forefront of accessibility relevance and authority Every NIV Bible that is purchased helps Biblica translate and give Bibles to people in need around the wor. If you are looking for a copy of the NIV Bible in paperback then this is an excellent buy It has an attractive cover clear print and surely the price is an absolute bargain However if like me you were buying this for an elderly relative with deteriorating eyesight this is NOT the version for you The operative words here are 'larger print' The font is larger than usual but it is not 'large print' and it is not bold print You may find you can read this without having your glasses to hand but if your eyesight is a problem this version will not be of help to you

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NIV Holy Bible Larger Print PaperbackA low cost outreach Bible with added Bible Larger eBook #8608 features in a readable point type sizeThe NIV Holy Bible Larger Print is a great witness tool to give to first time Bible readers looking to discover God's Word You can feel comfortable and confident handing this Bible to anyone interested in spiritual issues or open to talking about God Includes added helps for a deeper understanding of the Bible making it ideal NIV Holy Kindle for churches and ministries buying Bibles in bulkFeatures includeFull text of the accurate readable and clear New International Vers. Absolutely love this bible I’m on a deep spiritual journey where I’m led to read the whole entire bible and I wanted a NIV as it’s easier for me to understand So glad I purchased this one The font is just the right size for me The only thing I don’t really like is that after flipping through the pgs I noticed that Jesus words aren’t in red like most Bibles But overall I like the Bible It’s pretty thick however it fits in my purse Not too big not too small Just right