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Free reader ☆ doc Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Digital Classroom ↠ 0470607769 ✓ danpashley » ❰Download❯ ✤ Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Digital Classroom Author Fred Gerantabee – Learn Flash in a flash with this full coLearn Flash in a flash with this full color book and video training package Adobe Flash is used by designers game programmers and hobbyists to create interactive Web sites digital experiences and mobile content The latest release of Flash promises exciting new capabilities and this book and video training package makes learning the new features of Flash less intimidating Fifteen self paced lessons encourage you to Arrived on time product as described good busiess highly recommended

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Discover essential skills and explore new aspects of Flash The tutorials featured in the videos are each approximately five minutes long and supplement the concepts and topics covered in the lessons Features full color step by step tutorials that complement the topics covered in each lesson Demonstrates the basics of using the newest release of Flash such as using layers and instances to build animation seuences Co I did learn some things with this tutorial but what I learned was not immediately of use to me I will need to explore a new tutorial and that surprises me because by and large the Digital Classroom series has served me wellPart of my problem is that the edition I had was for CS5 and I have CS55 The versions seem mostly to be the same but there are a few differences that popped up from time to time to bog me down This I cannot blame on the bookA bigger problem for me is that the book often assumed knowledge that I did not have That has never been a problem for me with this series of books but it was this time I had only the vaguest notion of Flash to begin with I knew it was somehow associated with animation but that was the extent of my knowledge It was not enough in this caseThe book did give me an appreciation for some of the capabilities of the Flash application and I was delighted to see some of the work I accomplished in the tutorials but I could not help often feeling “this is neat but what can I use it for?” I still feel that wayIn case you may wonder why I bought Flash or the tutorial the application was bundled with a lot of other CS55 software when I upgraded from ancient versions I figured that since I had the software I might as well learn how to use itI will learn but it is going to take some effort

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Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Digital ClassroomVers intermediate and advanced capabilities such as using ActionScript to create interactive Web page components Jam packed with information this book takes you from Flash basics through intermediate level topics and helps you find the information you need in both print and video Note DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file These materials are available for download upon purchas I am not a long time Flash user so I can't compare this book to other resources or previous versions However I can tell you that I got a lot out of this book it made Flash much approachable for me and gave me the confidence to really explore the program The lessons are written in such a way that I didn't fell talked down to it was like a knowledgeable friend walking me through the steps I love having this book and the DVD tutorials here at home so I can work at my own pace mark up the book cross reference when needed and just have fun while I'm learning The only minor negative I can share and it's actually a compliment to the writers of the book is that I am having so much fun with Flash now that I find myself spending hours immersed in the program Thanks to the knowledge I gained from these lessons I feel confident adding proficiency in Flash to my resumeIf you are looking for a book that will give you a solid foundation in Flash look no further You'll be happy with this one