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EBOOK ↠ EPUB Right as Rain ã 9781484045329 FREE ☆ DANPASHLEY × ❰Reading❯ ➿ Right as Rain Author Heather Cleveland – Danpashley.co.uk When Molly Carter finally gets hired at a small school on the plains of Colorado she couldn't be thrilled to declare her independence NoHer stepsons disappear without a trace Already suspicious of Georgia's temper and heavy drinking Molly is determined that her deranged coworker is behind the scheme As Molly pushes closer to the truth she finds herself caught in a web of danger fueled by desperation and greed As much as she hates to admit it she'll have to rely on Jake and the few friends she's made to help her unravel the plot before it's too late Right as Rain is the story of a young woman facing all the joys and challenges of her new independence She is filled with enthusiasm but struggles to maintain it as she is confronted with a sometimes harsh and less than ideal realityThe characters in this story are blessed with uirks and faults that make them entirely human and easy to relate to I genuinely cared about what happened to them Their relationships the richly detailed environment they inhabit and a deftly written mystery with a few twists and turns I didn't see coming combine to make this book a real page turner I'm really looking forward to reading from this promising new author

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When Molly Carter finally gets hired at a small school on the plains of Colorado she couldn't be thrilled to declare her independence Now that she's hours away from friends family and the amenities of the big city she embarks on an emotional roller Right as PDF coaster as she realizes that not everyone in the close knit town is ready to welcome her with open arms Her already vulnerable composure is further shaken w Full disclosure I absolutely 100% chose to review this book based on the cover I didn't even read the description There were a few reasons it was appealing including the fact that there were no boobs on it; but the biggest dorkiest reason It reminded me of my childhood It looks like an 80s90s Maeve Binchy or Nora Roberts book cover and those were the books that I would sneak off of my mother's bookcase and read Ahh memoriesMuch to my surprise the inside of the book was reminiscent of my favorite stolen books too Right as Rain had a definite Maeve BinchyNora Roberts vibe which I loved It was a book with a little romance a little mystery and a small town I love a small town bookCity girl Molly Carter moved to the small town of Hammond Colorado to take a teaching position She's excited to be on her own and all butterflies and rainbows about having her own classroom and bulletin boards and lots of little minds to mold She's optimistic about the people in Hammond and expects that a small town means everyone is friendly She has a rude awakening when a good amount of the people she meets are downright rude Jake Runco left Hammond as fast as his legs could carry him and ended up after a bad post college breakup as a cop in LA which gives his mother palpitations every time the phone rings Jake isn't comfortable in LA and is eventually injured in the line of duty His parents bring him home to Hammond to recover hoping of course that he'll decide to stayMolly meets Jake Jake meets Molly and while it isn't love at first sight there's a definite interest Molly is straightforward and empathetic something that Jake appreciates especially back in his parents' house with his mother hovering But Molly has other uestions for Jake Two kids are missing from school as is there bitch on wheels stepmother Georgia uinlan Georgia is the high school math teacher and has it in for Molly Molly has suspicions that the boys are being abused by their stepmother while their father is out of town but when she reports it to the principal discovers that the boys haven't been in school all week Molly turns to Jake the cop not Jake the invalid and they are off to investigate Investigation at the house turns into finding a broken window which turns into missing kids and ransom notes and dead bodies and a mystery Right as Rain was excellent and rereadable I loved that I got to meet Molly and Jake separately and become invested in each of them before they met There was a love story yes But there was also a great mystery and a fun group of characters who made up the small town of Hammond Sophie Chief Maxwell Jasper and TJ were some of my favorites I highly recommend Right as Rain especially to anyone who likes a good Nora Roberts or Maeve Binchy novel There was just the right amount of suspense romance and angst And a little bit of sex An impressive debut from Heather Cleveland I'm excited to read

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Right as RainHen ruggedly compelling cop Jake Runco returns to his hometown after being injured in the line of duty Their attraction is immediate and intense but Jake has every intention of going back to LA as soon as he recovers Hoping to protect her heart Molly tries to fight the inevitable But their bond grows when the sleepy town is rocked with a scandal that uickly spirals out of control A local teacher Georgia uinlan and This book did a great job of combining a really interesting mysterious plot with a budding romance It had all the elements that I look for in a good book—strong character development believable relationships and unexpected plot turnsI loved Molly's journey to find herself I could completely relate to her struggle to find work without experience and then her excitement at finally getting hired I also liked that her life and relationship with Jake had ups and downs—nobody's perfect—yet I was entertained during both the highs and lows rather than feeling depressed while I was readingThe mystery was really engaging I liked that the book switched perspectives and it kept me guessing until the very end I also really enjoyed the supporting characters—they all had really distinct personalities and were necessary for the development of the plot