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Hidden Biases of Good PeopleI know my own mindI am of Good Kindle #180 able to assess others in a fair and accurate wayThese self perceptions are challenged by leading psychologists Mahzarin R Banaji and Anthony G Greenwald as they explore the hidden biases we all carry from a lifetime of exposure to cultural attitudes about age gender race ethnicity religion social class sexuality disability status and nationality“Blindspot” is the authors’ metaphor for the portion of the mind that houses hidden biases Writing with simplicity and verve Banaji and Greenwald uestion the extent to which our perceptions of social Hidden Biases PDFEPUB or groups without our awareness or conscious control shape our likes and dislikes and our judgments about people’s character abilities and potentialIn Blindspot the authors reveal hidden biases based on their experience with the Implicit Association Test a method that has revolutionized the way scientists learn about the human mind and that gives us a glimpse into what lies within the metaphoric blindspotThe title’s “good people” are those of us who strive to align our behavior with ou The short form Humans are really good at detecting patterns All cultures include assumptions about groups Humans absorb these assumptions as implicit associations regardless of their explicit beliefs More privileged people grossly underestimate the harm from small acts of prejudice against less privileged people Good people recognize these mindbugs and seek ways to work around them Try and be excellent to each other Library copy

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E of can affect what we think and what we do Blindspot is one of the most illuminating books ever written on this topic” Elizabeth F Loftus PhD distinguished professor University of California Irvine past president Association for Psychological Science author of Eyewitness Testimony   “A wonderfully cogent socially relevant and engaging book that helps us think smarter and humanely This is psychological science at its best by two of its shining stars” David G Myers professor Hope College and author of Intuition Its Powers and Perils   “The authors’ work has revolutionized social psychology proving that unconsciously people are affected by dangerous stereotypes” Psychology Today“An accessible and persuasive account of the causes of stereotyping and discrimination Banaji and Greenwald will keep even nonpsychology students engaged with plenty of self examinations and compelling elucidations of case studies and experiments” Publishers Weekly   “A stimulating treatment that should help readers deal with irrational biases that they would otherwise consciously reject” Kirkus Revie I highly recommend this book It explores in depth the finding that unconscious attitudes can influence people's actions without their knowledge Using data obtained using the Implicit Association Test developed at Harvard the authors make a convincing case to convince the reader that yes you probably are prejudiced in ways you don't know and yes those prejudices impact your actions in ways which would horrify you if you knew about itIt's another way to understand what white privilege is all about No judgement; just facts And these facts are pretty hard to ignoreApproximately 75% of Americans of all races and ethnicities demonstrate automatic White preference on tests of their unconscious attitudes These attitudes are not chosen and are often contrary to what the person believes in their conscious mind eg all races are eual Still the unconscious preference for and willingness to help people who are white continues to poison all areas of our society hurting anyone who is not white The insight provided by this book is invaluable as we ponder the death of Trayvon Martin; the overpopulation of our prisons with people of color; stop and frisk policies in NYC; and our own wishful thinking about living in a post racial societythere now exists a substantial body of evidence that automatic White preferencepredicts discriminatory behavior even among people who fervently espouse egalitarian views This evidence is far too substantial to ignore

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Hidden Biases of Good People Doc ↠ 254 pages Å [Reading] ➽ Hidden Biases of Good People ➳ Mahzarin R. Banaji – Danpashley.co.uk I know my own mindI am able to assess others in a fair and accurate wayThese self perceptions are challenged by leading psychologists Mahzarin R Banaji and Anthony G Greenwald as they exR intentions The aim of Blindspot is to explain the science in plain enough language to help well Biases of Good Epub #223 intentioned people achieve that alignment By gaining awareness we can adapt beliefs and behavior and “outsmart the machine” in our heads so we can be fairer to those around us Venturing into this book is an invitation to understand our own mindsBrilliant authoritative and utterly accessible Blindspot is a book that will challenge and change readers for years to comePraise for Blindspot  “Conversational easy to read and best of all it has the potential at least to change the way you think about yourself” Leonard Mlodinow The New York Review of Books   “Accessible and authoritative While we may not have much power to eradicate our own prejudices we can counteract them The first step is to turn a hidden bias into a visible one What if we’re not the magnanimous people we think we are” The Washington Post   “Banaji and Greenwald deserve a major award for writing such a lively and engaging book that conveys an important message Mental processes that we are not awar Interesting insights boring delivery Half the book is about racial stereotyping which seems to be a hot media issue these days You might think that this book about how everyone harbors some levelversion of prejudice but it's actually about how YOU harbor some levelversion of prejudice Even if you don't know it