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Free read ☆ Yanni in Words 109 Ü ❮PDF❯ ❤ Yanni in Words Author Yanni – From Les Carter author of The Anger Workbook The Anger Trap offers instructions for readers who are seeking to be released from this emotional ensnarement Les Carter strips away the myths and misconce From Les Carter author of The AngN stem from insecurity the illusion of control desire for superiority and other common yet unrecognized problems In doing so we learn practical useful ways to overcome unhealthy anger and improve relationships. Because I love Yanni's music I expected to love reading about him too I can say I was than a little disappointed The best part of this book was where he wrote what inspired some of his music Other than that it wasn't very interesting

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From Les Carter author of The Anger Workbook The Anger Trap offers instructions for readers who are seeking to be released from this emotional ensnarement Les Carter strips away the myths and misconceptions ab. Not being a Yanni fan I wasn't sure what to expect from his book I was challenged by a friend to read it but it actually held my interest all the way through Yanni's words of wisdom with regard to life love and creativity were interesting and at times thought provoking but not TOO thought provoking; this was a light read The best parts were at the beginning chronicling Yanni's childhood into his college years and beyond into his early music career It's an underdog story so it's easy to stay engaged and root for himOnce he hit it big the book became a little frustrating because it focused on various difficulties Yanni experienced such as fighting with his record label and a series on set backs in trying to set up his big Acropolis show

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Yanni in WordsOut anger to teach how to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy anger so that we may choose or help others choose Yanni in PDFEPUBa better way By showing the why's and how to's of anger we see how anger ca. I've been a fan of Yanni since I was a kid and the first albums that I actually bought in my life were Keys to Imagination and Out of Silence on cassette There are a lot of misconceptions and just flat out immature opinions about him out there Yes he looks like he belongs on the cover of a cheesy romance novel yes he has the one name thing that people immediately connect with being narcissistic and even flamboyant but once you stop being childish and actually listen to his music and maybe even find out a thing or two about him you'll realize just what an amazingly talented musician and person he isThis book is of a memoir than an autobiography but that's splitting hairs He has a lot of positive words of encouragement but this is mainly for his fans to have some insight on his early life and career It's encouraging to read about how he taught himself to play and even his most well known concerts and events were wrought with near disasters and heaping doses of reality slapping him in the face over and over again yet still went on Even someone as globally popular as Yanni has been screwed over countless times by record labels and knew what it was like to put his entire bank account on the line to fulfill his dreams as a musician He was told countless times that he couldn't do something and went out and proved them wrong each timeSome critics would say that he has a huge ego but that's what iconic artists throughout history all share in common That's just how it works and rather than judge him as a person judge his art He's a flawed guy women problems did drugs and boozed it up in the 80s was short with people very self centered and focused beyond a healthy level micromanaged his concert staff etc But that's what a good amount of tremendously talented dedicated and successful people are like especially artists They can be hard to be around and deal with but we appreciate what they give us and no one can ever say that Yanni didn't earn everything he got He was no pop star no record label creation no one hit wonder who leached off of others He does admit that becoming involved with Linda Evans helped put him in a spotlight that he might not have otherwise but from what I read in this book and have seen of him in interviews and heard from her as well they were genuinely in love and it wasn't some Hollywood shotgun marriage meant to boost both of their careers If you're educated in the matter you can choose not to believe that if you want but I doEither way I find him to be a fascinating person and a true genius of a musician This book isn't some literary marvel but it's not exactly meant to be