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kindle ç The Magical Christmas Horse Hardcover Æ ➷ [Reading] ➹ The Magical Christmas Horse By Mary Higgins Clark ➬ – Johnny’s Christmas wish has come true The family will be together for Christmas at his grandparents’ home in Connecticut He can’t wait to give his little brother LiM’s age When the family arrives at his grandparents’ everything is just as Johnny remembers it except the wooden horse which is broken seemingly beyond repair How can Johnny make this the Christmas he hoped fo Yuck A banal story about a toy horse that 8 year old Johnny wants to regift to his little brother Liam Inexplicably during the five years since Johnny played on this horse it's been reduced to near rubble while sitting in the attic The paint's completely gone three legs are missing so are the wheels What did Grandpa drag it behind his car out of spite? Some wear due to lack of use makes sense but mutilation? C'mon now The magic comes when Grandpa and Dad repair the horse in secret and put it near the Christmas tree as a surprise for Johnny Johnny's happy and uncorks the thought that makes me cringe in every Hallmark family Christmas movie Wishes do come true especially Christmas wishes Flaccid banal ho hum Call me Scrooge but appeals to believe in something like an airy feel goody spirit of Christmas give me the heebie geebies Is Christmas about than buying stuff and being nicer to other people than we normally would be? I think so Give me movies like Joyeux Noel over Santa Paws anyday I'll take a church pew over a seat at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade any time But that's just me being a pious GrinchWendell Minor's illustrations are the strength of the book He channels Norman Rockwell They're not bad Otherwise avoid

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R? With heartwarming text from one of America’s most beloved authors and captivating illustrations by Wendell Minor The Magical Christmas Horse is a book that will be part of Christmas traditions for years to co The concept of the story is good but the story lacked the depth of character and flow needed for excellence Johnny is excited about returning to his grandparent's house and seeing his younger brother ride on a wooden horse that he used to ride on The problem is he can't find it and his grandfather says it was lost Johnny found one in the attic that was broken to pieces and his father and grandfather fix it up in time for Christmas day On the page where Johnny tells his father and grandfather about finding the broken horse he is sad that he will have to break his promise to Liam his younger brother about Liam riding the wonderful horse The emotion is heavy yet Johnny's father and grandfather say nothing The next page moves on as if Johnny is okay and not in the depths of despair about not being able to give Liam a Christmas present Yet that is the emotion portrayed on the previous page On the page when Johnny discovers the new wooden horse there is a picture of the broken one but the broken one is never directly mentioned on the page The picture feels out of place and would have worked better with a close up picture of the new wooden horse The paintings are good Overall an okay Christmas book but not a standout

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The Magical Christmas Horse Johnny’s Christmas wish has come true The family will be together for Christmas at his grandparents’ home in Connecticut He can’t wait to give his little brother Liam the wooden horse he rode when he was Lia Growing up in Arizona a young boy longs for his ancestral home in Connecticut where his father's family had lived for many generations With fond memories of having played with an antiue wooden horse made by his great grandfather Johnny promises that same experience to his younger brother Liam as a special Christmas gift When the horse turns out to be missing and all Johnny can find is a broken down alternative he is disappointed at not being able to keep his word Then his father and grandfather step in creating some Christmas magic of the familial kindAlthough familiar with author Mary Higgins Clark's adult suspense novels I had never picked up one of her picture books so I wasn't sure what to expect with The Magical Christmas Horse What I found was an emotionally involving family story and engaging holiday tale all in one I appreciated the way that Clark spun her story working in not just family love at the Christmas season but also the idea of belonging in a particular place a heart place I also appreciated Wendell Minor's gouache and watercolor illustrations which used a real house in his hometown of Washington Connecticut for the setting and real people also from Washington for the characters Recommended to anyone looking for loving family stories set at Christmas