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summary The Bro Magnet Nice Guy #1 ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë ➺ [Reading] ➼ The Bro Magnet Nice Guy #1 By Lauren Baratz-Logsted ➯ – There are so many memorable moments in this book that I could spend page after page uoting them —USA TODAY Poor Johnny Smith At age 33 the house Orts Johnny pretends he does too No Jets No Mets At least not in public He redecorates his condo He gets a cat He takes up watching soap operas Anything he thinks will earn him Helen Johnny is willing to do There's just one hitch If he does finally win her heart who will he be. My grade C This is like chick lit only it's told in the hero's 1st person POV Parts of this book I liked a lot Several times I laughed out loud I was fond of Helen and Johnny but didn't like how much he was acting like someone he wasn't in order to appeal to Helen And she was doing the same Johnny has always been a bust with women but men love him All in all I kept wanting him to act like himself I didn't find him appealing getting a cat he didn't want watching General Hospital etc I kept wishing I could see them having fun together watching a baseball game and yelling their heads off It was a uick read and a different premise

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There are so many memorable moments in this Magnet Nice PDFEPUB #232 book that I could spend page after page uoting them USA TODAY Poor Johnny Smith At age the house painter has been a best man a whopping eight times The Bro PDFEPUBwhen all he's ever really wanted is to be a. 25 starsThis bookwas so not for me There were very funny moments and I really felt for and loved Johnny but at a certain point I was just so tired with that which annoyed me I couldn't even enjoy the humour so much which is sadYou want to hear about That Which Annoyed Me Before we get to that here's a recap I Am Bornand I begin as life intends me to go on Right from the start I’ve been a disappointment to womenSo Johnny is like the ultimate best pal to men They want to be like him want to be with him etc But women always thought he was an asshole Guys’ Verdict “Johnny is seriously cool”Women’s Verdict “Asshole”So one day Johnny meets a DA Helen and all of a sudden he thinks of something if he wants a woman to stay with him he has to change right No not only change pretend he is someone completely different All of a sudden Johnnythe ultimate man's man likes opera fancy wines cooks and whatnot He lies constantly just censors his words and actions to be likable And he does it again And again And again and keeps doing with the help of his friends and women who keep telling him everything that's wrong with him and that needs to be changed So Johnny of course listens and does all kinds of crazy thingsAt the end though he's totally in love with her and she says she's been pretending too That she was feminine and stuff So all of the sudden you have two people who're in a relationship and don't really know each other and they're talking love and HEA Really I don't buy it and this whole situation bothered meYes I can see that the point WAS to get us to see that being ourselves is ok and all but I just had a hard time getting into this particular topic I definitely like the author's writing style so I'll try reading her other workFor the humor and Johnny it's 25 stars And it’s not like I did anything borderline illegal like say reach out and actually grab one of her breasts which you can’t blame a guy for wanting to do since in the entire history of the world and if God really did create the human body nothing has ever been invented yet to rival the beautiful glory of the female breastHell I think all women in all their various colors and shapes and sizes are cute or pretty or gorgeous or handsome or attractive Women they’re a beautiful thing But scary too Very scary“You’re way over thinking this Johnny If this is the sort of crap that goes on in your mind during an actual date no wonder you never get around to kissing the girl”“Remind me again why you’re my best friend”“Because I’m standing here with the blinds drawn and I’m going to let you practice kissing on me even though I’m a lesbian”“Oh right That”

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The Bro Magnet Nice Guy #1Groom But despite being everyone’s favorite dude Johnny has yet to find The One Or even anyone So when he meets high powered District Attorney Helen Troy and falls Bro Magnet Nice ePUB #180 for her hard he follows the advice of family and friends Since Helen seems to hate sp. I heard a lot of talk about The Bro Magnet by Lauren Baratz Logsted on Twitter and then I saw Dear Author give it a favorable review so I had to check it out Thank goodness because I am not sure if I would have ever picked this book up based on the title and the cover But put that behind you because this book will make you laugh and smile the entire way throughJohnny Smith is a guy's guy He loves sports and poker he paints houses for a living and every man finds him very likable He has been the best man in about seven weddings and is just a happy dude However he knew he was cursed against all females the day he was bornOh Francesca his mother says gently parting the swaddling to examine my body further it's a boy This wasn't what I was expecting at all I was so sure all along I was going to have a girlThen she diesIf you'd been a girl Alfresca says taking me from my dead mother's arms as the midwife tries in vain to resuscitate my disappointed mother this never would have happenedThis sets the stage for what is one of the funniest books I have read in a very long time We uickly move forward in Johnny's life as we watch him fail at numerous attempts with women in his young adult yearsThe story finally settles as Johnny is in his early 30s and as single as he can be Very smart and interested in law he decides he'd rather help his dad in his painting business than become a professional With his best friend Sam who is a lesbian by his side Johnny spends his days talking about the Mets and accepting best man invitations to numerous weddingsIt isn't until he meets District Attorney Helen that he realizes his backward wearing baseball cap and somewhat frat house style might need to change if he wants to pursue this serious relationship His friends step up to the plate to help him better himself with much amusementWhile this story is a romance it is very different from the typical romances I read It's of a one man show where Johnny takes center stage and the other characters are all supporting him even his love interest Helen I think I heard someone refer to it as a chick lit book except told from a man's point of view The reason this book works so well is that under all the laughs and silly situations Johnny gets put in he really is a good guy He is warm and endearing and you root for him through the entire book He is not necessarily suave and charming rather just downright all maleHe has had relationships with women in the past but when he meets Helen he knows it is different and that totally flusters him He freaks out and tries to act cool but it comes across just silly He doesn't want Helen a lawyer to know he has an obsession with trying to find loopholes in court cases so he tries to throw her off courseSo let me get this straight she says It's not loopholes you have a thing for it's ice holesOh yes I say from when I was little and my dad used to take me ice fishing Ever since he got MS and can't get around as well any I like to remember the times when we used to be together on the ice sitting around the ice holesWell at least the part about him having MS is trueThat's sweet she saysHey I'm on a roll hereNot only do I like ice holes I say but I like sinkholesSinkholesI mean I'd hate to get my truck stuck in one but they're so interesting the way they just appear all of a sudden And peepholes I like those tooPeepholesIt is always good to see who's on the other side of the door so you know whether you want to let them in or not Oh and blowholes — you know whales They should be savedSo she says slowly reviewing my case item by item you like ice holes sinkholes peepholes and blowholesThere are so many memorable moments in this book that I could spend page after page uoting them The entertainment in this book never stops from taking Helen to a Barn Opera to trying to buy a kitten or when Johnny gets scared by a clown and screams EEK Since Johnny is telling you the story it makes his slightly over the top world feel intimateIt is great fun to find a new author and I will definitely be keeping my eye on Lauren Baratz Logsted