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mobi Û The Abbeyville Way ✓ Tabitha Black Her first adult gathering where she listens to fascinating tales of other wives' lives with their Papas and Nannies She also attends a Pebblesville Governess Workshop Nannies and their little ones attend such meetings four times a year to exchange not only gossip but also new and innovative methods of punishment and pleasure And when her husband David has to go on a business trip Sara is permitted to stay with her new best friend Helen The girls have a wonderful time together but it soon becomes obvious that Helen's Nanny; Mae is even strict than VioletBook Length 14 Chapters 54000 Wor Abusive violent SM domestic horror storyWhoever the author is must have either been locked in a cage and brutally beaten for years or is completely sick and twistedThis book is nothing but horrible abuse The beatings the h went through should have broken her sanity How she didn't kill herself or her husband and Nanny is a total wonderIt wasn't one or two awful things done to her it was a continuous cycle of what will hurt most Her husband applying aftershave to her butt before spanking punishing her and laughing with his friend about it is creepy This book is what nightmares are made from I think a nightmare would be much much better

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The Abbeyville Way kindle ó ebook  danpashley Ï [Reading] ➬ The Abbeyville Way ➳ Tabitha Black – Publisher's Note The Abbeyville Way is a combination of two books formerly available on Blushing Books Pebblesville and Return to Pebblesville These two titles have been combined into one v Publisher's Note The Abbeyville Way is a combination of two books formerly available on Blushing Books Pebblesville and Return to Pebblesville These two titles have been combined into one volume All customers who purchased Pebblesville will find The Abbeyville Way available in their online library All customers who purchased Return to Pebblesville will be issued a credit for the full purchase priceSara Lyttle spent her entire life looking forward to one thing her wedding day For in the exclusively different community marriage is the only way out of the Nursery At last after seventeen y As another reviewer has noted there are major inconsistencies in this novel not the least of which is the fact why would Sara have any idea she would be a regular wife in a community that didn't include anything like that I don't know but I liked the book uite a lot so I chose to forgive those problems YMMVI really liked the fact you have a balance of tell and show here and it is employed very effectively All the things that happen to Sara are well described so you get a real sense for how the environment is I thought the sexual tension was done very well and the punishments were creative Figging is not something you see a lot of in ageplay or kink and it is very easy to do Here you do have the stereotypical nanny type situation something which I'm getting slightly tired of to be honest or at least why are there no male nannies? so the obligatory ff interaction also occurs The novel has a good length to get into the story and the world I particularly enjoyed what the community did to fix one of their own as it meshed well with my sense of justice Here in spite of punishments the belief is that the women are happiest and love this environment if they are fulfilled Since in much of ageplay orgasm denial is common this was a different and uniue take I couldn't tell this used to be 2 parts it was well edited into one Fans of ageplay who like the romantic elements will enjoy this one

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The Abbeyville WayEars of breathless anticipation Sara marries David Hawkinson He's handsome he's rich and he seems perfect Until Sara awakens on the first morning of her married life and discovers that nothing is the way she had hoped it would be Sara is slowly growing accustomed to her new home life the hard freuent spankings given to her by both her Papa and her Nanny Violet; and the throes of exuisite pleasure also dealt out by their capable fingers The time has come therefore for Sara to be introduced to the communityIt has a specific way of doing everything; as Sara soon discovers She is taken to AND SO IT BEGAN THE MARRIAGE OF MR AND MRS DAVID HAWKINSONI would consider this story to a darker erotica because of the overall nature of the theme of power and control” but an Abbeyville wife has no choice” A young girl raised in the nursery sheltered from others except other young girls finds herself to be married to a stranger two weeks before her eighteenth birthday She ‘thinks’ that she will then be treated as a wife have gowns jewels and a social life but oh contraire mon cheri you are so wrong In Abbeyville the men dominant they have very strict Nannies for their wives and punishments are meted out often and harshly after all it is the Abbeyville wayIn truth “I am a little girl and my Nanny and my Papa own me and are to be obeyed at all times” “She was already his property and he owned every part of her gorgeous slender body “ “It was like so many other aspects of Sara’s new life humiliating uncomfortable and awkward” David loves Sara and may be kinder to her than some of the other Abbeyville husbands He does care about her pleasure and her pain and through it all makes her very glad she is “sheltered safe and loved” “You will get used to all the other Abbeyville rituals and the whole way of life It really is all about us wives—and for our benefit You’ll see” The plot is not a sweet happy or sappy romance with domestic discipline but instead is dark erotic horror based on archaic principles created by the Abbeyville elders that dictate to the men how they are to treat their wives There is humiliations exhibition strict corporal punishment public punishment and power play Wives are dresses as a six year old and attended to by a somewhat sadistic Nanny who dispenses her own brand of pleasure and pain and it is pain that anything The story needs to be taken into context of the creativity in which it is written No different than one would read something by Stephen King or another author of horror it is fiction and makes one think and react