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Download Reason Number One 107 ↠ [Read] ➲ Reason Number One Author Briston Brooks – All Taylor Lassau wants is to escape his past He’s been kicked out of his house knocked around by an abusive boyfriend and defined by a heart condition for far too long So an acceptance letter from All Taylor Lassau wants is to escape his past All Taylor Lassau wants is to escape his past He’s been kicked out of his house knocked around by an abusive boyfriend and defined by a heart condition for far too long So an acceptance letter from a prestigious college is a perfect opportunity to start over even if it means being away from the one person in. 45 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review TW cutting homophobia domestic violence and rapeI've gotta say before this I gave up on reading self published books because most of them were so unbearable to read since they lacked so much editing I was slightly hesitant going into this because of that but one of my really good friends recommended this to me on the basis that her friend wrote it and it was actually really good so I had faith And wow This book is powerful And exactly the type of story I love What it lacks in wobbly structure it makes up for with your investment in the characters and the story It's a book about self love and friendship and sexual identity and recovery And it's done so realisticallyHands down the best thing about this book is the characters I compare them to The Raven Boys because it's that exact type of character development in which you get to know them by the tiny details and it builds their character from the ground up I'm a sucker for noticing details and making a character feel like they're in the flesh by attributing flaws to them This book was a masterpiece at doing thatThe one downfall is that since it is self published there are some parts that are clunky because I feel like they could use some work Particularly the dialogue could be a bit jarring because everyone seems to sputter or repeat themselves a lot The villainex boyfriend felt a bit two demensional for reasons I won't spoil but I felt like his issues could have been explored or explained better and less in your face Additionally I wished the college setting was fleshed out and we could have seen Taylor in his classes or the dining hall and also I think the changing of seasons could have been apparentBut as you can see my issues with it are minor This book made me laugh this book made me cry I hope you all decide to try it and support my friend i'm only slightly biased because briston is awesome and she deserves all the love

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Cially with Taylor Calis and his friends force Taylor to uestion every truth he’s accepted about himself and the world him around himAs Taylor struggles to reconcile his past with his future he finds himself evaluating what it means to be normal what it means to be ruined and what it actually means to be gay. A billion stars I want goodreads to have than five stars just so I can give this book what it deserves God I loved this so much I have no words I started this last night stayed up way too late reading picked it up as soon as I woke up read as much as I could at work then finished it when I got home I would have read it in one sitting if that had been possible for me todayTaylor was literally the cutest thing ever All stuttering and adorable Calis was a dreamboat And they were just perfect together I cannot come up with proper words to describe my love for them And I usually like for there to be a bit of sexy times in a book wink wink but I was glad this book didn't have a sex scene It made a lot of sense that they never did anything sexual and once I realized they weren't going to I kind of let out a sigh of relief Which is very unusual for me HahaI seriously loved all the characters immensely Except Rhett Obviously Ew But I wanted of Lee and I really wanted to know what was up with him and Katt I just wanted to smack him upside the head a bit But alas I will never know the outcome But that's ok everything about it was still incredibly perfectThis book also made me really really really want apple pie Damn you Calis SchraderI will definitely be rereading this sometime in the near future I would probably pick it up again immediately if I didn't have some other things I desperately need to get further intoI don't usually write reviews but I just had to put down some thoughts even though they are probably nonsensical because I loved this book soooooooooooooooooooo muchREAD IT Read it now Go buy it right this second You won't regret it Pinky promise

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Reason Number OneThe world he has on his side his twin sister Aela All he has to do is be normal Reason Number PDFEPUBwhich in Taylor’s book means acting one hundred percent straight Too bad that becomes one hundred percent impossible when he meets his roommate’s friend Calis Schrader who has a major flirting problem Espe. Rep Native American gay mc with a heart condition bi li Black side character Japanese side character Native American side characterCWs past emotional abuse