epub Á Parties Scenes from Contemporary New York Life ¶ Paperback À carl van vechten

epub Parties Scenes from Contemporary New York Life

epub Á Parties Scenes from Contemporary New York Life ¶ Paperback À carl van vechten À ❮Read❯ ➹ Parties Scenes from Contemporary New York Life ➼ Author Carl Van Vechten – Danpashley.co.uk Carl Van Vechten's famed satirical portrait of upper bDrunken gossip But people actually do die in this comic novel and beneath their forgetfulness is an emptiness and longing as deep as that of Hemingway's lost generatio This is a very odd little book While some of the characters are sort of humorous I'm not sure that this book has much of a point

epub ï Parties Scenes from Contemporary New York Life ò Carl Van Vechten

Ommitted suicide Hyperbole the reader uickly perceives is the common language of these sozzled socialites who spend their nights in Harlem speakeasies and their days in I picked this book up from an old theater sale when drunken conversational passages caught my eye As someone who's never lived in NY it does a spot on job of portraying a cut of restless NY society The protagonists are stumble from party to party from Ny to Europe and back with lapses of introspection but they're not to be wrapped and delivered in a tidy package It's amusing frothy with darker under currents and clever observations a sauce for the main dish

Carl Van Vechten ò Parties Scenes from Contemporary New York Life epub

Parties Scenes from Contemporary New York LifeCarl Van Vechten's famed satirical portrait of upper bohem New Yorkers and Harlem jazz clubs David Westlake has killed someone and his wife so she herself reports has c Van Vechten and his wife were people who liked to party Despite prohibition there was plenty of booze and the despite racist attitudes of their time their parties were multicultural Van Vechten being a champion of the Harlem Renaissanse and knowing a number of the group personallyGiven this it would seem that this novel is grounded in personal experience and possibly though I dont know Van Vechtens life that well partly autobiographical The action revolves around a cast of bright but drunk young things who flit from party to party row talk rubbish make up row again etc etc The life and soul of the scene is David Westlake who is permanently in a sort of alcoholic daze and permanently at odds with his wife Rilda who is in a similar state He decides he needs to break this cycle to find out if they really love each or not and the novel progresses from thereAs the book is something of a social satire of that 'set' most of the characters are vain shallow and generally unlikable with the exception of a 70year old German woman recently arrived in the US who is anxious to enter the decadent set and does so with gusto She provides much of the humour and humanity in the novel for really much of it is uite bleakThe reader has to struggle through uite a bit of this bleaknesstedium as the other characters bicker amongst themselves I felt and I am not a big drinker a bit like the designated driver at a party where everyone else is trashed and you have to listen to them ramble on and on and on a bit like listening to people relating their dull dreams Perhaps if I was suitably ‘enhanced’ while reading it it also snows uite a lot it would be fun A bigger problem for me is that the plot separates into two strands and although I see why it was done I felt that it was too drastic a move on the authors part and that he could have said what he wanted without doing so and thus hold the novel together better It also seems as if he is trying a bit too hard to show his educated bohemian credentials as he uses this strand to reference music operas and plays Van Vechten was also an arts criticBut here are bits about the book I like a lot the aimless drifting around from place to place is well done some of the dialogue and especially a scene where they go to a Harlem nightclub to witness the latest dance craze the Lindy Hop The latter is one of the best evocations of what one might romantically imagine the roaring ’20’s to have been like that I have read and I’m surprised it doesn’t appear in those themed anthology books titled something like 'writings from the '20’sFrom the nightclub point on the book finds its ahem feet again and really takes off but by then it is too late for me as we are into the last third of the novel It’s a real shame as this section is Van Vechten at his best and shows what the book could have been Another popular ‘forgotten’ author of the period Vicki Baum described herself as “a first rate second rate writer” and I think that applies to Van Vechten as well Perhaps my problem is that I started by accident with the excellent ‘The Blind Bow Boy’ and was thus doomed to disappointment expecting the others to be as good as that This book is fun at times but if you only intend to read one Van Vechten then begin with that instead