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FREE DOWNLOAD à DANPASHLEY.CO.UK ↠ Dave Kindred He newspaper than any other medium also shoulders the tremendous responsibility of acting as a watchdog for democracy Perhaps no one sums up the overwhelming challenges that face the Post and its power to endure better than the author himself “It is still a miracle that you can put overcaffeinated misfits in a newsroom on deadline adrenaline running secrets to spill and before midnight a messenger delivers a smoking hot city edition to Don Graham’s manse in Georgetown?. Interesting sort of But not what I thought Not very compelling put down and picked up over the last few months

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REVIEW ✓ Morning Miracle ì ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Morning Miracle ❤ Author Dave Kindred – An in depth look at the Washington Post from a Pulitzer Prize–nominated Post veteran Morning Miracle definitively answers the uestion “Do newspapers still matter” with a resounding yesWhat The K An in depth look at An in depth look at the Washington Post from a Pulitzer Prize–nominated Post veteran Morning Miracle definitively answers the uestion “Do newspapers still matter” with a resounding yesWhat The Kingdom and the Power did for the New York Times Morning Miracle will do for the Washington Post A reporter for than forty years Dave Kindred takes you inside the heart of the legendary newspaper and offers a uniue opportunity to see what it really takes to produce world class jo. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book Although not a reader of The Washington Post I am well aware of the reputation of this great periodical and the legends who work there both past and present How is it faring in an era when newsprint is being steadily replaced by websites and blogs How is it changing to meet these challengesAuthor Dave Kindred first takes us through the early years of The Post And that is where he lost me His sketches of people and events seemed well sketchy as if whole chunks of time and information were being left out Was he assuming a lot of knowledge on the part of his readers knowledge that I didn’t have or was he writing for insiders professional newspapermen and women who don’t need a lot of details or groundwork to understand how The Post became a world class institutionThen he switched gears In an effort to illustrate the changes at The Post he gives us detailed bios of some of its great reporters and the stories that made them famous stories that could not be published in today’s environment At least I think that’s what he was trying to convey There was so much information about the reporters and so little information about the newspaper that I had to keep checking the bookcover to reassure myself that the title was Morning Miracle Inside The Washington Post and not Morning Miracle Reporters Whose Work I Admire Thrown into the mix at seemingly random intervals are tidbits about The Post website; how it came to exist how it has changed and who has worked on it While he notes that the revenue stream has grown over the years he does not go into any detail of how this occurred or future plans to grow this revenue Kindred ends his story with the election night coverage in the newsroom of Obama’s historic election What that has to do with the negative revenues at The Post and the minimum profits of its website is left up to the readerThis book is than a disappointment The stories between the covers have nothing to do with the title on the front It can’t even be called a very rough first draft It doesn’t hold together at all It appears to be parts of several different books thrown together with the only unifying theme that they are all about The Washington PostSomebody call rewrite

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Morning MiracleUrnalism every day Granted unprecedented access to every nook and cranny of the paper including candid exchanges with its most celebrated journalists such as Bob Woodward Sally uinn David Broder and former executive editor Ben Bradlee who gave the book its title Kindred provides a no holds barred look at the twenty first century newsroom As it becomes difficult to maintain journalistic integrity stay relevant in the age of blogs and meet Wall Street’s demands for profits t. I heard of this book some time ago but only recently received it through interlibrary loan Kindred mainly chronicles on how The Post has tried to navigate the decline of print and rise of the internet which is a important subject and one of special interest to me That being said I thought the book was very disjointed and focused too much on individuals and the handling of specific stories The book was released in 2010 so it doesn't bring the story up to the present day That makes me want to find current books on the subject