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DOWNLOAD I Give You Authority: Practicing The Authority Jesus Gave Us 107 ✓ ➿ [Download] ➽ I Give You Authority: Practicing The Authority Jesus Gave Us By Charles H. Kraft ➵ – Fully revised and updated this handbook shows readers how to exercise authority in the spiritual Fully revised and You Authority PDF #203 updated this handbook shows. I would not have thought there was so much to be said on the topic of the authority delegated by Jesus to his followers Charles Kraft leaves no rock unturned as he explores this topic The big takeaway for me is that as the head of a family it is my privilege and responsibility to take spiritual authority over the members of my family This is done by announcing to the spiritual world either verbally or silently that you are taking spiritual authority over someone whom you have legitimate authority over and that any evil spirits that want to attack them must go through you first and you forbid it You can do this over nieces and nephews too Also if you are a small group leader or other leader in a position of authority you can do this for those under your authorityIf you take spiritual authority over someone that is under your authority and forbid evil spirits from attacking them unless they go through you first then all evil spirits inside and outside must leave that person and they will attack you unless you forbid it They will wait on the outside until you harbor sin in your life in which case they will attack you and then return to the person that they left You can take authority repeatedlyperiodically as new demons will come and attack the person Important You can take authority at the speed of thought to catch demons before they flee This disrupts the work of demons in the lives of your loved ones Also if they have repented and removed any grounds for certain demons to be present then those demons will be unable to return this is the next best thing to sitting the person down and walking them through a full fledged deliverance session if they are demonizedA godly person in a position of authority who harbors no sin in their life can do much good for others As Dr Kraft states Those with greater authority should exercise it to protect and bless those with less p 207 Highly recommended

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Readers how to exercise authority in the spiritual realm providing pr. One star only because that is the only way to write a review I could not get past the first chapter of this book There are a lot of things that are biblically unsound There is a lot of misuse of Bible verses Poor hermeneutics I cannot believe that anyone endorsed this book

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I Give You Authority Practicing The Authority Jesus Gave UsOtection for themselves and others I Give PDFEPUBand transforming liv. Charles Kraft has written a comprehensive Biblical and substantial book on the authority of Christian believers in Christ This book is based on the reality revealed in Scripture of two kingdoms that are engaged in warfare here and now Kraft shares signficant insights into the battle that rages between the Satanic kingdom of darkness anad the kingdom of heaven ruled by Jesus ChristI believe that no matter how mature readers are spiritually they will walk away from this book with new insights and motivation regarding spiritual authority I was impressed with how many illustrations Kraft uses in this book based on his own experiences or experiences of associates and I was impressed with how he supports his assertions with ScriptureKraft shares a reasonable humility too in dealing with authority in the spiritual realm It was refreshing to hear that he does not have all the answers and that often he engages in experimenting with ways of dealing with demonic authorities He offers many examples of demonic activity that the collection of references can lead one to believe that everyone and everything is carrying a demon Kraft addresses this concern and suggests to readers that they begin by assuming demons are present in abundance and by dealing with them in the name of Jesus He does not promote obsession or fanaticism but vigilance and offensive tactics against an enemy that the Bible says rages and prowls to destroy usThis is a life changing book with practical instructions for readers to follow immediately It is a book that I would wish every Christian would read and follow