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READ ☆ DANPASHLEY.CO.UK Î Glen Cook For Garrett PI loyalty and love come a close second to survival Garrett's attempt at domestic bliss with the fiery Tinnie Tate is sidetracked when he waylays a pa. Disclaimer I love Glen Cook like a child loves his grandfather The best of his work is easily the same caliber as Howard Tolkien and Leiber So my feelings were deeply hurt when grandfather Cook pulled down my pants to molest meI am a huge fan of the Garret series so I am sorry but this book is plain bad For the vast majority of the book the characters sit around at Garret's house not doing much They are passive and out of character It's sometimes difficult to tell who is talking Garret is obsessed with telling you he used the chamber pot in the middle of the night A Morley and Garret revenge tale builds up only to fall flat on its face The plot is revealed in the last few pages in a ah ha moment that is a non seuitor By the time you get there you've stopped caring long ago I know every work a writer crafts can't be his best But Mr Cook's editors and publishers have done his legacy a serious disservice by letting this pass They knew his name would sell so instead of pushing him to perform or at least be lean and mean in plot and prose they just said fuck it and published it I'll forgive you Grandpa Cook but don't touch me there again

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CHARACTERS í Gilded Latten Bones ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☃ Gilded Latten Bones Author Glen Cook – For Garrett PI loyalty and love come a close second to survival Garrett's attempt at domestic bliss with the fiery Tinnie Tate is sidetracked when he waylays a pair of home intruders and learns they'v For Garrett PI lo Ir of home intruders and learns they've been paid by an unknown source to kidnap Tinnie But as Garrett rushes to find out who is trying to push his buttons his be. Gilded Latten Bones is the I don't know feels like the 50th book in the Garrett PI series but Wikipedia tells me there's only 13 From the feel of the ending I suspect this is intended to be the last oneThe story starts out in traditional noir mystery fashion and seems fairly promising There is a bizarre attack on the place he's now sharing with Tinnie and it looks like an older wiser Garrett will be hauled back to his old haunts when someone comes close to killing his old friend MorleyIt does not deliver Much as I appreciate learning a new vocabulary word the series has lost its luster for me While Cook has done a great job evolving his setting over the course of the series he hasn't done so much for his protagonist and his attempts to do so in the course of this story strike me as clumsy Garrett is still Garrett The settled down now veneer is translucently thin the problems his now permanent relationship with Tinnie create seem as tired as Garrett himself their resolution verges on unnatural for one thing it reuires the Dead Man to like a womanThe story is encumbered by the weight of all of the characters it has created over the years all of which now seem like they have to show up in every book along with a few new ones The choppy style seems less like an effect and like laziness Two page chapters Am I reading a Dan Brown novelThe worst thing This should have been a great Garrett story The final adventure dark deeds at the highest levels of the realm hideous sorceries lurking in Tun Faire's shadows a man caught between two women the case that will reuire everything he's learned from all of his previous adventures and instead it falls flat The pieces never gel there is never any serious sense of threat Garrett spends as much time mooning awkwardly over his relationships and sorting out minor problems among his friends as he does anything else gets beat up sleeps a lot gets a cold with the result that the actual plot feels like an afterthought Surrounded by an army of secondary characters slowed by pointless subplots the top heavy story creaks along to a finale in which Garrett has no part to playI really really want to know what his editor thought about this one


Gilded Latten BonesSt friend is attacked Now Garrett has to track Gilded Latten PDF or down both malefactors Unless they're really one and the same in which case Garrett might be ne. Glen Cook's Garrett PI series is so much fun A PI in a world of magic; dealing with all manner of interesting folks in a large city set in an indeterminate era but still using chamber pots and carriages to get around Characters from past books come and go; but the books are fine as stand alones you can jump in anywhere and you won't have any problem understanding who is who and enjoying the bizarre goings on This book concerns Garrett's best friend turning up near death and unable to remember what happened much less why But whatever it was every group and class of the city wants in on the mystery The Civil Guard wants to solve it the royals want to cover it up and Garrett wants to get his friend healed and wreak some revenge