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Astonishing X Men Volume 4 Unstoppable reader ´ 200 pages Download ☆ Joss Whedon ☆ [Reading] ➿ Astonishing X Men Volume 4 Unstoppable By Joss Whedon – Strap yourselves in folks It's Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's final arc on Astonishing X Men After the Strap yourselves in folks It's Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's final arc on Astonishing X Men After the shocking and brain smashing events of recent iss Score 454 out of 5Grade 91% A | Astonishing Everything has led to this It’s the final push for the X Men to astonish us the world and maybe even the universe Here is my review of Astonishing X Men Vol 4 Unstoppable The GoodThe highlight of this book and the series is Kitty Pryde She’s my favourite character which is saying something because Wolverine has always been my #1 guy But fsniffKittyall I can say is she’s a motherfing badass and proved once again why her phasing abilities are cool as f I damn near teared up by the endbut man tears of courseThere are so many holy sh moments in this that left me in awe Cyclops showed us exactly why he’s the leader of the X Men He’s gained so much of my respect There’s a moment with him that gave me literal goosebumps The art is just the cherry on top Everything is clean consistent and beautiful to look at AND WE GET TO SEE SPIDER MANWe’ve heard so much about this Breakworld place and we finally get to see it We also get a uick peek into the lives of the alien inhabitants I wasn’t expecting to actually sympathize with them the way that I did Whedon did a good job of making them feel almost human In the end I had sympathy for Ord and General Kruun than I did for Aghanne Ya I know sympathy for the guy below with another guy impaled on his swordThis book probably has some of the best humour I’ve ever read in comics period There are moments that had me in stitches I had to put the book down to collect myself Even Colossus makes a funny jokeya Colossus The humour never undermines the dramatictense moments but rather it enhances the seuences that may feel boringdull if the humour wasn’t thereThe BadOf the few things that I wasn’t a fan of none of it really undermined my overall experience These are just some nitpicks of mine Agent Brand’s men fall so far into the background that I forgot they were even on Breakworld It’s also funny how Agent Brand gives the X Men the exact gear that allows them to breathe in space and understand alien language It was almost too easy – Kitty captures my expression perfectly when I read that partSometimes it feels like the story jumps around a little too much just trying to set up everyone’s arcs This could have been disastrous if the payoff wasn’t worth it but it was totally worth it We also have unresolved plotlines with Xavier and Danger This subplot is so brushed over that it could have been left out and nothing would have really changedDoes Wolverine get Xavier a cheese pizza?? I NEED to know Just fyi this wasn’t in the bookConclusionAs far as finales go this was amaz I mean astonishing It had humour action beautiful art tear jerking moments and so much This is probably the best X Men run I’ve ever read I’d recommend this series to readers of all kinds Even if you aren’t big into comics this would be a great jumping in point Highly highly recommended

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Ues the X Men are off to protect the Earth from its destruction at the hands of the Breakworld And when it's all over nothing will ever be the same No r Review is also on Rabbit Ears Book Blog 6 stars Flashback After reading the first three volumes of “Astonishing X Men” by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday I was waiting with anticipation in reading the final volume of this fantastic series “Astonishing X Men Unstoppable” and I was perfectly astonished and not disappointed This volume will definitely not disappoint X Men fans and will stand the test of time as one of the best endings to a comic book series What is the story? After the events of the third volume “Astonishing X Men Torn” the X Men are transported into outer space and meet up with Agent Abigail Brand who informs the X Men that recently the resurrected X Men member Colossus is the one who is destined to destroy the Breakworld the planet that the alien invader Ord came from What is worse is that since the inhabitants of the Breakworld has learned about Colossus’ destiny; they plan on destroying the Earth by firing a giant bullet towards the Earth Can the X Men stop the bullet from hitting Earth and will all of the X Men members make it back alive? Read this volume to find out What I loved about this comic Joss Whedon’s writing As always Joss Whedon really knows how to weave a brilliant story with even memorable characters to match I loved the way that Joss Whedon truly makes this volume dramatically climatic as the story got interesting and intense as it went on and I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how the X Men would be able to stop the bullet from hitting the Earth I also loved seeing the relationship between Kitty and Colossus become serious and intimate in this volume as they truly care about each other and there is a really hot scene between the two lovebirds in this volume I also loved the relationship between Emma and Scott and even they had their moments of doubt in their relationship and I thought that Joss Whedon had written that strain in their relationship extremely well I also loved the fact that in the “Giant Size Astonishing X Men One” which continues after the “Unstoppable” volume we are introduced to other Marvel super heroes such as Spiderman the Fantastic Four Iron Man Doctor Strange and many others and it was interesting to see them try to help out the X Men in saving the world and I loved the jokes that Joss Whedon provided for Spiderman since it really fit his character I also loved the humor that Joss Whedon incorporated into this volume as it made this final volume not only intense to read but light hearted in a way that will make you laugh so much at how the characters in this book took this worldwide threat in a hilarious light I especially loved the little uote that Colossus has when he attempted at making a joke at a serious situation Abigail Brand “I’m assuming you’re as mystified by this as the rest of us Rasputin”Colossus “No I’m not I have been planning to destroy the Breakworld since I was a child”silenceColossus “This is why I don’t make so many jokes I never know when is good” John Cassaday’s illustrations John Cassaday’s illustrations are just are brilliant and gorgeous in this volume as it was in the first three volumes I loved how all the characters have looks of shock and anger on their expressions when they found out the true scope of the plans for the Breakworld especially Colossus’ shocked expressions when he realizes that he is the one destined to destroy the Breakworld I also loved how John Cassaday did an excellent job at illustrating all of the other popular Marvel characters such as Spiderman and Iron Man coming together and the image of all the Marvel super heroes coming together in a space ship reminded me of DC comics “Justice League”Shadowcat once again Joss Whedon has truly done an excellent job at portraying Kitty in this volume I loved how she would try anything to save the world and how she was so brave and heroic throughout this volume because it really made her character truly stand out even in this volume I also loved her relationship with Peter as she truly cares about him and I loved the moments between them What made me feel uncomfortable about this book The only problem I had with this volume was how one of my favorite characters died I will not tell you who die because that will spoil everything but it is a character that I have grew fond of since I read this series and that character will be sorely missed Final Thoughts Overall “Astonishing X Men Unstoppable” is a brilliant conclusion to this fantastic run by Joss Whedon and X Men fans will definitely savor this series for all time

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Astonishing X Men Volume 4 UnstoppableEally we mean it Whedon and Cassaday prove they are than Astonishing They are unstoppableCollecting Astonishing X Men 19 24 Giant Size Astonishing X Men The epic space stuff is really awe inspiring and the sense of humour on display is simply wonderful Emma's mental distraction in ep 20 had me rolling on the floorAwesome twists and turns the story takes and I'm particularly enjoying the adult sized dialogue Why doesn't everyone write like this? The sarcasm is especially refreshing for comicdom again why can't everyone write like this?I can't freaking believe how well plotted a story this is compared to the Firefly graphic novels this is bloody epic in its layersAnd what creeps up on me despite how smart I am is that the visuals not only add to the story They are as much a part of the story as the plot dialogue I can't be sure it isn't Cassaday inventing things not in the script he's a talented artist obviously but I kinda think that Whedon is just that good at seeing how a good visual metaphor and repetition at just the right moments not to mention some beautiful reaction shots make the story leap off the page an embed itself in my imagination