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read doc ☆ Spencerian Copybooks 1 ´ Ý p. r. spencer × ➲ [Read] ➭ Spencerian Copybooks 1-5, Set, without Theory Book (Spencerian Penmanship) By P. R. Spencer ➽ – These copybooks lay flat and are easier to use since there is no binding to contend with In the midThese copybooks lay flat and are easier to use since there is no binding to contend with In the mid 1800's the Spencerian form of penmanship became a standard An eleg This is an excellent course in elegant nineteenth century longhand I also brought the theory book I am an artist by profession and I wanted to learn the beautiful script of the nineteenth century but I immediately noticed that the different way you are taught to hold the pen made it while difficult far easy to control and manipulate your pen I decided to completely change the way I hold my writingdrawing pens and to adopt this manner for all my work This is hard and causes my hand to cramp up now and then but it is worth the effort Maybe the Spencerian manner of holding a pen is of even greater importance than the writingThe covers contain extra instructions also that you are meant to use these books with pencil The paper will bleed through with fountain pensI think that one needs a lot practice anyway than just the booklets give you space and I find some letters difficult than others so devote pages to them So I have brought the Clairefontaine french ruled exercise books Look for the wire bound larger books I found sellers with really good deals on the net Clairefontaine paper is made for fountain pens and is a joy to use It makes your writing easier too to have proper paper The French ruling is the perfect helpI am really enjoying the books I am half way now and my ''normal'' handwriting has improved noticeablyAnother thing I really liked and I don't know if it was in the theory book or in the instruction books but in the end after you mastered the lines and letters you are free to develop further into our own styleTo make the beautiful thickthin lines you will need a flexible fountain pen or a dip pen with flexible nib A ''calligraphy'' nib will not give you the right effect and will not teach you the difference in pressure needed That means a vintage pen or a very expensive modern gold flexible nib fountain pen or the only affordable modern flexible nib fountain pen the ''Noodler's Ahab'' this is a pen for people who like to fiddle with their pens I love it use it for sketching too as the difference in pressure and line is an important part of my style I prefer the Ahab now for sketching as a flexible dip pen besides the need for an inkwell and constant dipping tends to snag very easily unless you have very smooth paper which means you'd have to make your own sketchbooks And the same goes for writing obviouslyIf you want to learn beautiful elegant longhand and learn a superior way of holding pens I wholeheartedly recommend these booksI hope this review was helpful to you

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Ant handwriting was much prized Today in our computer age a fine beautiful and legible handwriting brings a warm personal touch to our correspondence These books 5 co There is some debate whether you should buy these copy books or print things onlineI wholeheartedly attest getting these 5 copy books full of exercises is a 100% investment into progressThe one advice I would offer is do the exercises in pencilOk yes we seek to be good penmen but following copybook examples with pencil is gentle & controlled plus there is no bleed through on adjacent pageI have spent loads of time on book 1 but that was getting the basic principles I feel accomplished to go on to book 2 and uickly progress 👍

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Spencerian Copybooks 1 5 Set without Theory Book Spencerian PenmanshipPybooks available separately or as a set may be used to introduce cursive writing to second or third graders or to improve the handwriting of older students or adults If you are looking to improve in your hand writing these are great for advanced learners If you are just starting out I would suggest something much easier to follow