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Epub Þ Unbound Author Cara McKenna ï 294 pages Download ò [Reading] ➰ Unbound ➸ Cara McKenna – Danpashley.co.uk She set out to find herself and discovered the darker side of desire Merry’s lost a lot recently—first her mother then close to a hundred pounds Feeling adrift she strikes out in Aster strikes she’s forced to seek refuge in the remote home of a brooding handsome stranger Rob exiled himself to the Highlands years ago desperate to escape his own self destruction Haunted by regrets he avoids human contact at all costsbut when Merry turns up injured he can’t very well run her off And as he nurses her bac In my last interview with Charlotte Stein she mentioned being excitement about Cara McKenna’s newest book Now after having read UNBOUND I can totally understand where Charlotte was coming from Fans of Stein will LOVE UNBOUND McKenna pens such a beautifully erotic storyline for two lost characters trying to find their way through lifeAfter the loss of her mother and losing 100 pounds Merry has decided to take a three week hike through the Scottish Highlands This is where she falls ill and stumbles upon Rob’s secluded home hidden in the Highlands At first it’s a little awkward Rob is a total stranger to Merry yet there is something intriguing and undeniable that makes her want to stayThere is a slow build in the first half of the book However I find that it is necessary for both characters Merry is overcoming her losses and is in a way trying to find her true self Rob on the other hand is the opposite He is hiding from the world hoping to go on by without being noticed He tries to deny himself the privilege to being with other people because he thinks himself to be a bad man As you read you will get of his backstory and I think it definitely makes up for the slower start Merry and Rob must learn to trust each other before they have any grounds on which to grow their relationship fromOnce there readers are in for a BIG TREAT I know why Stein was rejoicing about this book Rob Rush has to be one of the most intriguing heroes I’ve read I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but the title does give readers some idea of what his kink is I found him fascinating although I’m not sure how his character will be received by others readers I do know that there are some people who will find this book so erotically charged that it will be a highlight for them as much as it has been for meAs the story progresses McKenna delves even deeper into her characters wrenching out emotion and passion in this pair I became entranced by every word and found myself falling and in love with these charactersFor some of the hottest sex scenes you will read UNBOUND has everything I want in a romance Unexpectedly charming characters with a heady dose of kink makes this story one of my favorites this yearARC provided by publisher

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She set out to find herself and discovered the darker side of desire Merry’s lost a lot recently first her mother then close to a hundred pounds Feeling adrift she strikes out in search of perspective A three week hike through the Scottish Highlands was supposed to challenge her new body and refocus her priorities but when dis 45 Unbinding StarsWell then I have a sudden yet overwhelming urge to go backpacking through Scotland Cara McKenna has yet to disappoint me Anytime I pick up one of her books I know I am guaranteed to find some hot and steamy deliciousness Unbound was no different but it was sooo much So much emotion and all the feels This was probably my most emotional read of hers Loved it My fave of hers to date You know what kinda man I like? MEN Like real men that aren't afraid to get dirty that know how to fix shit and who are good with theirhands ; And I swear on everything Scottish that is what our boy Rob is here Is this what is going on in all those highlander historicals that I haven't gotten to read yet? Well if it is I need to get on it Rob is self exiled from modern society living all by his lonesome in the Scottish highlands He's a modern day highlander this book is not a historical Merry is going through a time of change in her life having recently lost almost 100 pounds AND lost her mother She is on a journey of self exploration and self discovery She's backpackinghiking through Scotland when an injury leads her to the doorstep of a certain reclusive highlander But Rob is less than a gracious host Having spent the last several years on his own his people skills aren't that great But for all the awkwardness and brooding that's going on there's a definite interest He just doesn't know how to act on it “Fuck it” he said aloud and whacked the ax into the stump He collected the wood strewn at his feet steeling himselfHe’d make teaHe’d make conversationAnd though he’d likely make an arse of himself he’d bloody well make a fucking effort” I really loved this book The beginning was a little slow but once it got going I couldn't put it down Don't read too many reviews on it There are a couple of pretty big twists that you just need to experience so don't ruin them for yourself Oh and in typical Cara McKenna fashion the book is SCORCHING hot and uite uniue in that department It was very romantic too Not cheezy sappy romantic butgrand romantic Sleepless in Seattle type acts that just made me sigh big and smile even bigger like a loonAll in all my thoughts on this one I highly recommend it if you are looking for a solid erotica read that still brings a ton of story and emotion to the table Oh a word on the ending that is worth mentioning view spoilerIt is an HFN with an implied HEA but left pretty open I thought it was perfect but it frustrated the hell out of my bestie that I buddy read this with so if open endings are not your thing consider yourself warned hide spoiler

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Unbound Author Cara McKenK to health Rob can’t resist his guest’s sweet demeanor or her flirtatious advances The igniting passion between them rouses a secret appetite Rob has long struggled to keep hidden But Merry craves nothing than to help Rob surrender to his desires and the journey draws the lovers into an entirely different kind of wilderness I’ve said this countless times on this blog but I love Cara McKenna’s voice She always gives me something different in her stories and many times they are filled with characters who are not super rich or have wealthy backgrounds or families They are just people usually one of them struggling with something uite dark and we get to see them fall in love and realize what they are not alone to struggle with their issuesIn Unbound we meet Merry a woman who has recently lost almost 100 pounds and while that puts a huge smile on her face she still feels fat on the inside Those feelings don’t just magically go away After the recent death of her mother Merry decides to do something just for herself and off she goes to trek miles and miles across Scotland She finds peace and enjoys the solitude until she becomes violently ill Weak with horrible cramping and nausea she hikes to a reclusive small cottage she sees in the distance Rob is owner of said cabin He has banished himself to this place with no electricity or indoor plumbing for over two years He is was a severe alcoholic and after treating his now ex wife cruelly and having pushed away all friends and family he resides alone The temptation of a bigger city of alcohol or just people in general is too much for him to bear With no other humans about he was nothing than an anonymous mammal – breathing and eating and living But in the company of other people he couldn’t help feeling he was the worst his species had to offerGluttonous weak spitefulIt had taken the wilderness to make a civilized man of him and he longed for this place every second he was away from it Even than he longed for a drinkThen Merry shows upAt first I didn’t like Merry She shows up at this stranger’s cottage and is so darn forward She felt pushy and she pried into his life and never stopped talking I felt embarrassed for her in a sense But then something happened I started to realize Rob needed this force in his life Rob starts very uiet very awkward He is so used to solitude it’s hard for him to fake smile or keep a conversation going But three days of them together and he starts to open up Merry practically forces him but as the reader you can see it is what he wants Rob has certain sexual proclivities that he feels shame for being tied up – or the feeling of rough rope against his skin He actually can’t get aroused very much without this He has such shame over this and over his alcoholism and just the shitty way he has treated people – but he opens up to Merry He spills all of his sexual fantasies – and Merry embraces it She says – fuck yes Let’s tie you up and role play She likes it and he likes it and their relationship takes a very sweet and kinky turn Rob is so vulnerable and kind of shy and Merry who I thought would give me a headache turns out to be perfect for him Who knew The end unfolds with some drama and conflict and I really enjoyed how it all plays out After a little bit of a rocky start this one worked uite well for me