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mobi ´ Altered Carbon ´ 544 pages Download Ô Richard K. Morgan ¼ [Ebook] ➩ Altered Carbon By Richard K. Morgan – Four hundred years from now mankind is strung out across a region of interstellar space inherited from an ancient civilization discovered on Mars The colFour hundred years from now mankind is strung out across a region of interstellar space inherited from an ancient civilization discovered on Mars The colonies are linked together by the occasional sublight colony ship voyages and hyperspatial data casting Folks have been recommending I read Richard Morgan for years But I've got a to read stack longer than my arm and my reading time is rather precious It's a big risk to try a longish book by an author I've never read before In a nutshell I loved it About halfway through the book I looked it up online and saw that it won a bunch of awards It deserves them I don't read as much Sci fi as I used to but I'm no newbie The world is uniue and fresh Good characters Interesting mystery Yeah Good stuff I'll be reading his other books shortly

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Dicted ex thug and presented with a catch offer he really shouldn't be surprised Contracted by a billionaire to discover who murdered his last body Kovacs is drawn into a terrifying conspiracy that stretches across known space and to the very top of societ I hate this book Hate hate hate it I hate the characters I hate the plot I hate the cover I hate the way it smells and I hate the way it knocked over a lamp when I frisbeed it across the room in a fit of literary angst It came to me highly recommended by a number of friends good friends caring kind and well read friends who share with me a love of speculative fiction We all love Snow Crash and Neuromancer and Babylon 5 and we all hate football and direct sunlight We are all science or engineering majors and therefore we spent our socially awkward bespectacled childhoods sitting in the back of French class surreptitiously reading The Lord of the Rings under our desks while Monsieur Charpentier tried to teach us the subjunctive mood What I'm trying to say is that yes I have a certain amount of nerd cred and come from a background well suited to an appreciation of cyberpunk So when I heard about Altered Carbon I didn’t hesitate to pick it upMy main problem with this book can be summed up as everythingSeriously everything Every single aspect of this book conspired together to instill in me a strange mixture of despair anger and boredom To call the characters one dimensional would be an insult to the number line The plot is convoluted and nonsensical The protagonist Takeshi Kovacs is an Envoy a sort of highly trained elite interstellar soldier and one of the most blitheringly stupid morons I’ve had the displeasure of reading about New technologies are condensed out of thin air to arbitrarily move the plot along Every character to whom the reader is supposed to be sympathetic is either an unlikable asshole an idiot or bothChoose two Incompetent unlikable cliché Bam you’ve described a character in Altered CarbonAnd then there’s the violence Now I thoroughly enjoyed The Repossession Mambo renamed Repo Men after the movie came out a book so blood soaked that it’s practically a biohazard Somehow Morgan has managed to craft a work of prose so exuisitely brutish that it made me uncomfortable That’s actually kind of impressive Good jobMorgan also seems to have a fascination with the word “enzyme” It gets a little weirdAt the end of the day I ended up putting this book down six sevenths of the way through because I found out there was a seuel dashing my hopes that Kovacs would permanently die in a horrible way on the last page By around the halfway point I was literally reading Altered Carbon out of pure spite I hate this book I hate Richard Morgan and I hate you Not because you deserve it you are probably a perfectly fine human being or a reasonable facsimile thereof but because any time I think about Altered Carbon I am unable to experience any emotion but unending bitter sobbing hatred I read most of Altered Carbon and came out the other side a changed man and not for the better Please for the love of all that you hold dear don’t read this book And if you do don’t tell me that you enjoyed it or I might just vomit all over you andor punch you in the solar plexus before you have a chance to say “postmodern”Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to hug a cat and watch a Pixar movie If that doesn’t cheer me up I’ll probably be forced to check out every copy of Altered Carbon from a library light them on fire throw the ashes into a river and listen to Smile Empty Soul songs until I can’t feel emotions any

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Altered CarbonHuman consciousness is digitally freighted between the stars and downloaded into bodies as a matter of courseBut some things never change So when ex envoy now convict Takeshi Kovacs has his consciousness and skills downloaded into the body of a nicotine ad A fun and fast paced thrill ride almost impossible for me to put down Picture a hard boiled noir the solitary weary worldly detective blunted emotional skills stepping on toes as he investigates Merge that plot and character with innovative science fiction–digitized personalities that can be downloaded into new bodies with the right reasons or enough cash and the result is eminently readableFull review posted at