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Vector Prime Star Wars The New Jedi Order #1 doc á Mass Market Paperback ✓ [PDF / Epub] ★ Vector Prime Star Wars The New Jedi Order #1 Author R.A. Salvatore – Twenty one years have passed since the heroes of the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star breaking the power of theTwenty one years have passed since the heroes of the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star breaking the power of the Emperor Since then the New Republic has valiantly struggled to maintain peace and prosperity among the peoples of the galaxy But unrest has begun to spread and threatens to destroy the Republic's tenuous The book itself was uite okay but unfortunately it did nothing to recover my lost motivationDisney what have you done?

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ReignInto this volatile atmosphere comes Nom Anor a charismatic firebrand who heats passions to the boiling point sowing seeds of dissent for his own dark motives And as the Jedi and the Republic focus on internal struggles a new threat surfaces from beyond the farthest reaches of the Outer Rim an enemy bearing weapons an RA Salvatore best known for his work in the fantasy genre and the popular “Dungeons Dragons RPG joined the Star Wars Expanded Universe team in 1999 with his novel “Vector Prime” which set the tone and direction for an entirely new and different series within the SWEU called the New Jedi OrderDarker violent and mature “Vector Prime” was a much needed shot in the arm for a franchise gradually going stale Two years prior to Salvatore’s novel Timothy Zahn’s “Hand of Thrawn” series re invigorated the SWEU and opened the door for a variety of new approaches by a variety of new writersThe universe that Lucas envisioned was a fun vibrant space opera Salvatore’s universe is much scarierHe introduces into the SWEU one of the most terrifying and fascinating alien species the Yuuzhan VongThis race is a warrior race from another galaxy based solely on one thing total conuest of the universe Vehemently and violently anti technology the Yuuzhan Vong has evolved to work symbiotically with lower life forms They have “trained” numerous animal species to do the work for which most species in the galaxy use computers or machines Their spacecraft are living organisms and the suits they use to survive in atmospheres different than their own are creatures that encase their bodies as protection I envision Venom in the Spider man comicsAt the beginning of “Vector Prime” a Yuuzhan Vong sleeper cell named Yomin Carr has disguised himself as a human on a remote scientific outpost on the Outer Rim of the galaxy awaiting orders for a planned invasionMeanwhile another sleeper cell named Nom Anor has risen to power on another planet on the brink of civil war a war that he himself has secretly fomented and orchestrated This it turns out is one of the Yuuzhan Vong’s popular modus operandi infiltrate planets on the brink of war and subtly steer events to the point that the indigenous cultures ultimately kill themselves before the Yuuzhan Vong’s invading force arrives to finish the job It is a highly calculated vicious and effective method of conuestSalvatore’s experience in the fantasy genre actually works well within the SWEU as “Star Wars” has arguably always been less sci fi and sword and sorcery masked as sci fi “Vector Prime” is an excellent fusion of both genres by a writer who can deftly operate in both genresWithout giving too many spoilers away I will say that something happens in this novel that forever changes the SWEU It will make some SWEU fans angry to be sure It will be heart breaking and traumatic to someI daresay though that it was necessary As one major character within the novel says “This should have logically happened a long long time ago after all They had been living on the very edge of disaster for so very long fighting battles literally for decades p397”That it had to happen to a much beloved character is unfortunate but it’s a game changer that raises the stakes of the subseuent novels to a mature and realistic level No one is safe any

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Vector Prime Star Wars The New Jedi Order #1D technology unlike anything New Republic scientists have ever seenSuddenly Luke Skywalker; his wife Mara; Han Solo; Leia Organa Solo; and Chewbacca along with the Solo children are thrust again into battle to defend the freedom so many have fought and died for But this time the power of the Force itself may not be enough Media tie ins are always going to be a mixed bagVery few in the Star Wars series really rose above average and they uickly became a matter of diminishing returns for the time and money investedVector Prime is the point where it just dove off a cliff for meSalvatore is a capable writer and though I don't follow his other work people do seem to look favorably on itI think the problem here lies with the editors and the course they chose for the overall ongoing storyline of the series It's a vision that just doesn't resonate with meNow that there are so many other ways to get my Star Wars fix I can pass these by Unless you're one of those who thinks that bad Star Wars is better than no Star Wars I'd recommend you do the same