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The Rational Bible: Exodus Summary ☆ 102 ✓ ❴Read❵ ➭ The Rational Bible: Exodus Author Join or create book clubs – NATIONAL BESTSELLER Dennis Prager has put together one of the most stunning commentaries in modern times on the most profound document in human history Its a must read that every pWs as well as by Jews Rabbi Joseph Telushkin bestselling author of Jewish Literacy Why do so many people think the Bible the most influential book inworld history is outdated Why do our friends and neighbors andsometimes we ourselves dismiss the Bible as irrelevant irrationalimmoral or all of these things This explanation of the Book of Exodus thesecond book of the Bible will demonstrate that the Bible is not only powerfullyrelevant to todays issues but completely consistent with rational thought Do you think the Bible permitted the trans Atlantic slave trade You wontafter reading this book Do you struggle to love your parents If you do you need this b. Not sure why but while I was readinglistening to this book I kept thinking about Harvey Korman's line in Blazing Saddlestoo JewishI don't mean that in some salvation driven dribble but rather that he doesn't uote anyone except Jewish writers There are plenty of fantastic Old Testament scholars thoroughly versed in Biblical Hebrew that he could have used One that comes to mind is Dr Mark Throntviet of Luther Seminary in Minnesota I think this would have helped with his claim in the forward and what he has said repeatedly on his radio show that this book is for all peopleI enjoyed this book which is why I rate it in the middle of the pack I don't have the belief that only a Christian obtains salvation in the afterlife so my comments are not in any way a reflection of his personal faith Strictly that a book as well researched as this one was could have contained commentary not written by fellow Jews but rather others who view this book as Holy ScriptureI'll continue to listen to Mr Prager I feel like so many of his listeners that we know him but would like to see a richer diversity of commentators in his upcoming editions

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Ook Do you doubt the existence of God because belief in God is irrational Thisbook will give you reason after reason to rethink your doubts The title of this commentary is The Rational Bible because its approachis entirely reason based The reader is never asked to accept anything on faithalone As Prager says If something I write does not make rational sense I havenot done my job The Rational Bible is the fruit of Dennis Pragers forty years of teaching theBible to people of every faith and no faith On virtually every page you willdiscover how the text relates to the contemporary world and to your life His goal to change your mind and then change your li. I originally listened to this as an audiobook I found it so compelling and immersive I bought the hardcover too I look forward to the other four books in the series a complete commentary on the Jewish Torah a seminal text in the progress of Mankind If you scoff at that comment read this book; all will be explained and revealed

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The Rational Bible ExodusNATIONAL BESTSELLER Dennis Prager has put together one of the most stunning commentaries in modern times on the most profound document in human history Its a must read that every person religious and non religious should buy and peruse every night before bed Itll make you think harder prayardently and understand your civilization better Ben Shapiro host of The Ben Shapiro Show Dennis Pragers commentary on Exodus will rank among the greatest modern Torah commentaries That is how important I think it is And I am clearly not The Rational PDFEPUB or alone It might well be on its way to becoming the most widely read Torah commentary of our timeand by non Je. In my twenties when I knew everything was a hardcore liberal and a self proclaimed atheist having been born and raised a Catholic Sean Hannity brought me to conservatism In my 30’s I was too bogged down with my first marriage getting a house having a child going through a divorce and rebuilding my life to care much about anything else In my 40’s in addition to finding my loving wife I found Dennis Prager Mr Prager is not a “firebrand conservative” who wants to get you all excited so that you may go out and shout others down He is a calm rational thinker His mind is his weapon his intellect is his tool and his demeanor makes it difficult for a reasonable person to simply dismiss him let alone dislike him He utterly changed my debating style from “hard hitting in your face” to “here are my facts what do you have to say let’s discuss it” He is the epitome of the old saying “you get flies with honey than you do vinegar”I had every intention of purchasing this book In fact I preordered it I read the first chapter when he sent it to his fans and I loved it I purchased the kindle version for myself and a hardcover copy for the Reverend of my church When I saw how nice the book looked I decided to purchase a hardcover copy for myself to proudly display in my home bookcase of “chosen books” I have since purchased an additional copy for my best friend I’ll likely purchase a copy for any of my family and friends who express interest in reading it It is that profoundI attended a private Catholic school from grades 1 through 8 and I then went to a private Catholic school through high school Simply put I learned from this book about Exodus than I did from all those years in school Mr Prager is a brilliant man who has debated at Oxford University on several occasions He has been studying the Bible for decades and his wealth of knowledge is evident in the book He goes line by line through Exodus and offers his explaination in layman’s terms I believe what makes this book invaluable is Mr Prager is not trying to convert anyone to any specific religion One does not feel that buried within his commentary is a certain degree of political correctness out of fear of offense His only desire is to explain the book of Exodus to you To as the title says explain just how rational the Bible is when you know it in it’s full context I have learned so much To say that this book has strengthened my faith is a gross understatement Simply put I wish he would offer his insight on the entire Bible both Old and New TestamentIn closing who can benefit from this book Certainly any practicing Jew or Christian Absolutely any Jew or Christian who is struggling with their faith Any agnostic who is truly only uncertain becasuse heshe has not read anything compelling enough for himher to say “I can believe that” An atheist who is open to debate and would like to hear a fair learned man’s point of view Finally anyone would like to read something that can only be described as an excellent perspective on a section of a book over 2000 years and why it’s still a great if not THE BEST source of wisdom for human behaviorBravo Mr Prager And from the bottom of my heart thank youLouis C