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free read The bargain ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ✴ The bargain Epub ✷ Author Veronica Sattler – THE DUKE OF RAVENSFORDThe aging nobleman had decided that the only thing his grandson needed to complete his education was a woman with a reputation and he would provide one ASHLEIGH SINCLAIRAnAn orphaned kitchen maid in an English brothel she was tricked into taking the post as a governess to the duke's grandson LORD BRETT WESTMONTHandsome and heartless Brett had known every kind. Lord Brett Westmont is the grandson and heir to the duke of Ravensford His parents had divorced when he was young and his mother is persona non grata to say the least His father and step mother are killed in an apparent accident and he grows up under the influence of his grandfather who hates women and passes his misogyny on Unknown to the Duke Brett becomes a notorious rake but for some bizarre reason the Duke convinces himself that Brett is a virgin and asks his solicitor to arrange for a whore to be provided so that she can teach Brett the ways of the world Ashleigh Sinclair is well born but her parents died in a fire and the cook rescued her by bringing her to London Unfortunately her brother was presumed lost at sea by the Navy and there was no other family available to take her in Accordingly she remained with the family retainer who was now working in the kitchens of a famous brothel and Ashleigh worked as a maid The Madame starts to plot to bring Ashleigh into the business but they eventually agree that she is not suited to the profession and arrangements are made for her to avail of a post as a governess At the same time the Madame is also making arrangements to send one of her girls to Brett Of course the obvious mix up happens and Ashliegh finds herself installed in a room at Ravenswood Hall Brett decides to make immediate use of her and is immediately attracted to her He refuses to believe her explanation that she is a governess and not a whore He carries her to the bed She struggles but he pretty much rips her clothes off She tries to explain but he simply dismisses this and gets undressed She starts to enjoy it but he hurts her when he takes her virginity Brett is taken aback that she was a virgin but considers that since he has already deflowered her it really doesnt matter too much any Depite her complaints he takes her again she enjoys this He then orders her to dress and then strip for him Ashliegh is ashamed and starts to cry He makes her lie on the bed face down and he touches her intimately before having her again We are told that he spends the night in her chamber taking her again and again and that she is full of shame and anger By this stage as a reader I am also thinking that she must have been in a state of considerable discomfort and that the hero was a self centred insensitive b He locks her in the room He tells her that he will give her the honour of making her his mistress She doesn't take this well It finally occurs to him that Ashliegh appears to be well spoken and respectable and that there may have been a mistake So he locks her in the room again The old duke dies Brett keeps Ashliegh locked up However she escapes taking a horse and makes it back to London He follows her and makes a deal with the Madame for Ashliegh's return Ashleigh realises what's up and makes it clear she will not be his mistress Out of guilt Brett says he will employ her as his hostess pretty feeble her friend Megan gets him to agree a wage of 1000 pounds pa so that there is no debt owed to the Madame Megan a dog and the comic pig called Lady Dimples which they have adopted accompany Ashleigh on her further adventures to Ravenswood hall Brett meets up with an old friend Patrick St Claire at Whites Patrick is searching for his lost younger sister Brett's aunt Lady Margaret lives at Ravenswood and urges a marriage with the neighbour Lady Elizabeth Hastings She has a weird thing about the Hastings family Elizabeth and Margaret are vile to Ashleigh and make it clear that they view her as a whore Elizabeth is so petty that she actually deliberately destroys the h's gown in the drawing room Brett returnsto the estate and finds Ashleigh trying to train a horse Initially she is afraid of him but after some time camaraderie developsGuests arrive including Brett's former mistress There is some speculation about his new 'ward' There is a meeting with the debonair Percy Shelley and his mistress Elizabeth continues to be obnoxious to the h in public Ashleigh meets Mrs Hastings and there appears to be some mystery surrounding her In the interim Patrick discovers that his sister is still alive Back at the party Brett becomes jealous of the fact that other men are interested in Ashleigh and he eventually kisses her Patrick arrives and in conversation Brett tells him about his ward and the circumstances through which he wronged her That evening Patrick and Ashleigh come face to face and of course it emerges that they are long lost brother and sister When she tells him that she is the Duke's ward he turns and says the great line ' your grace I think I shall have to kill you' Patrick insists on the pair getting married and a betrothal contractis signed Brett is reconciled to this course of action and does appreciate Ashleigh's goodness but because of the attitudes with which he was brough up is convinced that she will soon change and become as poisonous as the rest of her sex They marry and spend the evening in the dowager cottage The balcony breaks nearly hurting Asheigh and Brett is concerned that it was sabotaged They make love throughout the night Enter the pre reuisite misunderstanding Poisonous Elizabeth visits Ashleigh and tells her that Brett will never be faithful that the marriage will end in divorce and she will be waiting in the wings For some bizarre reason the h takes this as gospel truth and decides she must leave the hero She gets her brother and Megan to take her to London without speaking to Brett Brett is pretty devastated by her betrayal and views this as another sign of the horrors of women He kidnaps her ties her to the bed locks her up naked berates her for the perfidy of all women etc In all honesty I have some sympathy with him here as obviously Ashleigh does not give any explanation for her actions and even then they were pretty shoddy and irrational He does spoil it a bit by being openly unfaithful at this stage coming back into the bedroom each night reeking of alcohol and perfume Evil Aunt Margaret also comes to pour poison into everyone's ears encouraging Brett to get a divorce Brett and Ashleigh appear to be about to resolve their differences and make love However when he leaves the house evil aunt Margaret tells Ashleigh that he had already determined to divorce her There is a lot of talk about everyone getting a divorce in this book and this was problematic as it appeared that the author had no concept of how hard it was to get a divorce at the time act of parliament the social stigma involved and the fact that this was extremely rare and was in no circumstances something that would be discussed in the manner suggested in this novel Ashleigh runs away again and goes to Italy with Megan and Patrick who are in love They stay with Brett's birth mother who it turns out was also driven away by evil aunt Margaret et co Ashleigh is pregnant has not alerted Brett to this but is expecting to be divorced despite the fact she is carrying the legitimate heir I know it does not make any senseBrett eventually finds them and comes after her The villa goes on fire Ashleigh informs Brett that the Contessa is his mother and he rescues her They get on board ship and Ashleigh goes into labour giving birth to a girl Ashleigh and Brett reconcile When they get back to England Brett is briefly arrested as his ship sailed near the time Bonaparte escaped He is released and turns up at a ball to meet the h Elizabeth tries to pour poison in the heroine's ears but this time Ashleigh stops to think before she does anything stupid They make love and declare their love There is a return to Ravenswood a further attempt on the h's life the villain is revealed and it turns out that they pretty much murdered almost everyone I enjoyed the first half of the book but the heroine's flight the day after her wedding due to spiteful comments made by someone she knew hated her was unjustifiable The misunderstandings and trials that beset the parties thereafter were fairly annoying and I felt that the hero was pretty put upon Overall a book of two halves I would have been happier If the author had brought the matter to a neater conclusion soon after the wedding as I felt that much of what happened subseuently was pretty messy fairly tedious and generally unnecessaryThis has been described as a bodice ripper but I am uncertain as to whether that is the case The first bed room scene is ambiguous in some respects and certainly the h doesn't put up too much of a protest resistance and she appears to co operate thereafter despite claiming rape later I would describe this as of a forced seduction than rape

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THE DUKE OF RAVENSFORDThe aging nobleman had decided that the only thing his grandson needed to complete his education was a woman with a reputation and he would provide one ASHLEIGH SINCLAIR. In short Robert I want you to find me a clean whoreThe girl Ashleigh Sinclair Daughter of a minor baronet her family was killed in a fire when she was a young girl so young that she doesn’t remember being the daughter of a baronet The servant who rescued Ashleigh took her to her sister and then promptly died leaving Ashleigh in the sister’s care said relative works in the kitchen of a high end bordello Ashleigh has now grown into the most beautiful woman ever and the madame has plans to move her up from backstairs maidThe guy Lord Brett Westmont grandson of the woman hating Duke of Ravensford Brett's father and step mother died in a mysterious accident when he was a young boy and was told that his own mother ran off with a lover so he's as much a woman hater as dear old granddadThe gist of all this is the old Duke is dying and he thinks Brett's such a woman hater he's never done it with any woman fool and he gets his lawyer to hire a high class prostitute to break him in There's a bit of skullduggery at the bordello and Ashleigh gets sent instead of another of the girls and poor Ashleigh thinks she's been hired to tutor the Duke's young grandsonBrett's pretty hot for the young woman his grandfather procured for him and he's too hot to trot to listen to her pleas that there's been a big misunderstanding Even after he's provided with proof she's a virginal miss view spoiler he keeps at her all night long and isn't about to let her go hide spoiler

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The bargainOf woman but one and now his grandfather had seen to it that his collection was complete All were caught in a deception that could cost a young woman her virtue and a notorious rake his heart. Sexy riveting breath stopping mind blowing work of art